TLC Preview: Kane defends the World Heavyweight Title in a 4-Way TLC Match


TLC Preview: 4-Way Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Kane vs. Edge vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio

Their Last Three PPV Matches

Rey Mysterio
Defeated Team Del Rio in a traditional Survivor Series match at Survivor Series November 21, 2010
Defeated Team Raw in a 7-on-7 match at Bragging Rights October 24, 2010
Didn’t wrestle at Hell in a Cell October 3, 2010

Alberto Del Rio
Lost to Team Mysterio in a traditional Survivor Series match at Survivor Series November 21, 2010
Defeated Team Raw in a 7-on-7 match (Del Rio actually walked out and abandoned his team) at Bragging Rights October 24, 2010
Didn’t wrestle at Hell in a Cell October 3, 2010

Draw vs. Edge at Survivor Series November 21, 2010
Defeated Undertaker at Bragging Rights October 24, 2010
Defeated Undertaker at Hell in a Cell October 3, 2010

Draw vs. Kane at Survivor Series November 21, 2010
Defeated Team Raw in 7-on-7 match at Bragging Rights October 24, 2010
Defeated Jack Swagger at Hell in a Cell October 3, 2010

In their last match at Survivor Series, Kane and Edge wrestled to a draw in a very disappointing finish. Since the November 12th Smackdown, Edge has kidnapped Kane’s father, Paul Bearer, and has tormented Kane week after week. The majority of wrestling fans over the age of 9 absolutely hate this angle. Kane will still have to deal with the Undertaker when he comes back while Edge is on the cusp of winning his tenth World Championship.

Overall, I think Kane’s heat has died down since the summer and Edge’s popularity has been on the rise since he’s come back to Smackdown. Starting a new year off with an old feud with average heat just doesn’t make much sense critically and financially.

Rey Mysterio has been holding his spot at the top half of the card valiantly. His fanbase seems to continue to grow and his in-ring work is still at a very high level. Rey is coming off of a Survivor Series win over Alberto Del Rio and his teammates. Rey is the last person to “draw blood” when he interfered with Del Rio’s match in the King of the Ring semifinals.

Alberto Del Rio defeated the Big Show via countout to advance to the King of the Ring quarterfinals. In the quarterfinals, Alberto Del Rio made red hot Daniel Bryan submit to his Cross Armbreaker to advance to the semifinals. In the semifinal match against John Morrison, Del Rio was distracted by Rey Mysterio, which caused him to lose the match to Morrison via pinfall.

On the December 5th episode of Smackdown Rey double-legdropped ADR through a table. Del Rio is extremely frustrated due to Rey’s involvement in his King of the Ring semifinals match and has been beaten by Rey at every turn since then. Alberto Del Rio will certainly want revenge at TLC.

No matter what John Cena or Nexus fan will tell you, Rey vs Alberto IS the marquee feud in the WWE. Most of the matches between these two wrestlers have been solid, entertaining and were told with great meaning. This is exactly what happens when you put two wrestlers with great promo skills and even greater in-ring talents against each other. They’ve simply created pro wrestling magic and we look forward to seeing them wrestle on the Smackdown main event at TLC.

Originally it was only suppose to be Edge vs. Kane. On the last Smackdown, Teddy Long changed the match and included Alberto Del Rio and Rey Mysterio. We’re expecting a phenomenal main event here from four of the company’s best workers.


Great Puma
Winner: Alberto Del Rio
What can I say? Being the Del Rio mark that I am there’s no other prediction I can make. Making Del Rio champion opens the doors to so many compelling title match ups. As much as I want to see Edge win his tenth World Title I’d rather see Del Rio win his first.

Rey has reached icon status and he needs another World Title win like John Cena needs another movie role. Having two heel World Champs in the Miz and Del Rio can only make the Royal Rumble and the Road to Wrestlemania a lot more interesting in the long run. I’ve always felt that a face being the challenger to the title is always the best pro wrestling angle for any era. This match should be the main event of the pay per view.

Mascara De Fuego
Winner: Alberto Del Rio
Usually I hate when matches (especially main event matches) get changed last minute but in this case I think this made things more interesting. They took a main event match, which we’re tired of seeing and mixed it with one of my favorite feuds of the year, genius. I’m not sure what the thought is in combining these matches but I am glad they did and I definitely see a title change happening here. Edge, nah. Rey possibly but I just don’t see it. Del Rio? BINGO!

This guy is the hottest heel not only on Smackdown but in the WWE and only second to Miz. The thing about Del Rio is that he is a better worker than Miz and once again you are keeping the Hispanic viewers interested in Smackdown by having another Mexican World Champion. The guy has it all and luckily the WWE has been keeping him strong, which helps to make him a believable and credible champion.

My only concern with another heel champion on Smackdown is that there aren’t a lot of faces on Smackdown that are believable enough contenders except for Edge and maybe The Big Show. They do need to spend a lot more time building up more faces but I don’t think that will keep them from putting the title on Del Rio. This pay per view got more interesting.

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