TLC Preview: John Cena faces Wade Barrett in a Chairs Match


John Cena vs. Wade Barrett (Chairs Match)

Their Last Three PPV Matches

John Cena
Officiated Orton vs. Barrett at Survivor Series November 21, 2010
Lost to Wade Barrett at Bragging Rights October 24, 2010
Lost to Wade Barrett at Hell in a Cell October 3, 2010

Wade Barrett
Lost to Randy Orton at Survivor Series November 21, 2010
Defeated John Cena at Bragging Rights October 24, 2010
Defeated John Cena at Hell in a Cell October 3, 2010

Since the Survivor Series, John Cena was ‘unemployed’ for three weeks thanks to being fired by Wade Barrett. Barrett succumbed to peer pressure and brought Cena back on last Monday’s Raw. Cena has vowed to take the Nexus out one by one but has only succeeded in temporarily injuring them with sneak attacks in hallways and hotel rooms. Cena is now a former member of the Nexus hell bent on revenge.

Barrett has had many opportunities to capture the WWE World Title but has failed miserably. His position as leader of the Nexus is on shaky ground and his authority is constantly challenged by outspoken Nexus member, David Otunga. Since they’ve wrestled twice already on pay per views this year, this appears to be a blow off match to his feud with Cena. History tells us that Barrett cannot defeat Cena one on one and that his only chance is a little help from his stable mates along with help from a chair or two.

Great Puma
Winner: John Cena
I doubt the WWE would let all the Cena fans down at the end of the year. The best way to sell more merchandise around Christmas time is to send the mamas and their little snot-nosed brats home happy knowing that their hero, John Cena, finally got his revenge on Wade Barrett. I don’t see any other scenario happening. I hope I’m wrong.

Mascara De Fuego
Winner: John Cena
I’m only choosing Cena here because I want this feud over with! The WWE has taken something that was working and could have been a better angle and shit all over with their inconsistencies. Cena is “fired”, gives a heartfelt promo but then shows up not only at the end of that show but every other show basically no-selling this angle. Not only did this kill off any believability you want us to have with this but made Cena look weak (and kind of like a heel) because he basically when back on everything he said in his good-by promo. So Cena goes on to jump Nexus members week after week to the point where Nexus wants Wade Barrett to re-hire him so he can leave them alone. Barrett re-hires Cena and what do they do? JUMP CENA?! You just jumped the guy are looking to leave you alone, doesn’t that mean he’ll want revenge on you. Stupid. I am over this shit and I hope Nexus can move on from this and go pick on someone else before the WWE fucks them up even more and then breaks them up. Sigh.

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