Anthony Pettis’ Ninja-Matrix Kick, otherwise known as “The Showtime Kick”



From / Scott Petersen

WEC ended on the greatest of notes Thursday night. In the closing moments of the final round in the last match in WEC history, Anthony Pettis performed perhaps the greatest kick in MMA history. Pettis and his opponent, Ben Henderson, were practically dead even going into the final round. It’s arguable that Anthony Pettis swayed the judges with the spectacular kick off the cage wall that landed on Henderson’s chin and knocked him down. Pettis won the fight and became the new WEC Lightweight Champion and future number one contender to the UFC Lightweight Title.

Pettis officially named it “The Showtime Kick” at the post-fight conference. Pro wrestling fans probably have seen it executed before off the ropes in the form of Kaval’s Tidal Wave Kick, John Morrison’s Flying Chuck Kick and Dashing Cody Rhode’s Beautiful Disaster Kick. Thanks to the internets, gifs were available about ten minutes after the fight was over. Warning: there are two large gifs of the kick after the jump.

At the WEC 53 Post-Fight press conference, Ben Henderson was asked if he ever saw something like that before.  His response?

“I saw it on Mortal Kombat once.”

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I saw this posted by Bloody Elbow reader, nastyem, via drewsiph on The UG:

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