TLC Preview: The Miz © vs. Randy Orton in a Tables match


WWE Champion The Miz vs. Randy Orton (Tables Match)

Their Last Three PPV Matches

The Miz
Didn’t wrestle on Survivor Series Nov 21, 2010
Lost to Team Smackdown in a 7-on-7 match at Bragging Rights Oct 24, 2010
Didn’t wrestle on Hell in a Cell Oct 3, 2010

Randy Orton
Defeated Wade Barrett at Survivor Series Nov 21, 2010
Lost to Wade Barrett via DQ at Bragging Rights Oct 24, 2010
Defeated Sheamus at Hell in a Cell Oct 3, 2010

Miz is just coming off of his shocking WWE World Title win at the November 22nd Raw. He barely got by Jerry Lawler in a TLC match thanks to Michael Tool Cole’s interference. Miz also gave Orton a Skull Crushing Finale on the December 6th Raw to give Orton a DQ win over Miz’s sex-slave, Alex Riley. Miz has been destroying all opposition with the microphone and given new life to a stale and very Cena-centric Raw.

Randy Orton was curb-serving all contenders to his WWE Title reign until the Miz cashed in his MITB contract. He soundly handled Wade Barrett in their last two pay per view encounters and easily disposed of Sheamus in their plodding Hell in the Cell match. When the Miz beat Orton for the title, Orton was destroyed and pillaged by the Nexus prior to Miz cashing in. At TLC, if nobody attacks him in the back, Orton should be close to 100 percent when he meets the Miz.

Great Puma
I feel as though the WWE isn’t totally behind Randy Orton since they’ve been pussy-footing around the ‘Cena is Fired’ angle and keeping Cena’s over-exposed ass on TV week after week. The WWE gave Orton a trial run as the top guy and they dropped the ball by softening the Rattlesnake Viper character. Now, Cena is back and hopefully Orton can do what he does best and that’s ruthlessly destroying everybody in his path, including John Cena.

I see Miz keeping the Title all the way up to Wrestlemania. I’m probably wrong but the kid really knows how to promote a big fight and that’s exactly the kind of champ the WWE needs in these dire times. The Miz will probably scrape by here and Orton will get the last laugh after the bell rings as usual.

Masacara De Fuego
The Miz is on FIRE right now and with the build they have done on this guy all the way to the top, it would be insane to take the title off of him any time before WrestleMania! The Miz is the perfect spokes person for the company because of his cross branding and that could be key from here to the biggest show of the year. TMZ loves him, the general media loves him, older wrestling fans get him and little kiddies hate him. He is the perfect heel that the company needs at the moment with a story to boot. The reality TV show star that no one thought would make it and now here he is – the top guy in the company. You can’t ask for a better ambassador for the WWE right now. Ok I’ll move onto Orton now since I’m starting to sound like fucking Michael Cole.

Orton… man I don’t know. This guy had something and this face turn as killed it. This turn should have been simple, he continues the heel-like feel but while having the crowd cheering him on. I don’t want to say like Stone Cold because he isn’t even close to Austin but in the vein of. Now he smiles and reacts differently to shit which makes him fall back in line with all the cookie-cutter faces. This turn and his most recent title run didn’t do shit for him or the company and a lot of work needs to be done again on Orton to make people give a shit again but giving him the WWE Title right now isn’t it.

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