Jim Ross post-UFC 124 Thoughts


Good Ol’ Jim Ross waxes about UFC 124 and more in his latest blog post. Here’s an excerpt from the insightful one and only true voice of the WWE:

The Crowd

The Montreal crowd is to be saluted. Their passion helped make the event an ‘experience.’ Any one can promote an event. Great promoters who match compelling fighters in front of emotionally invested audiences produce ‘experiences.’

Thiago Alves

Thiago Alves redeemed himself by being in shape and putting forth great effort. That’s never too much to ask a guy who does what he does for a living. The Pit Bull entertained me and I will want to watch him fight again.

Improving the UFC Product

The announcers could provide me more basic, background info on the non stars fighting on the under-card as those guys are likely to be the main eventers of the future. I did find out that Joe Stevenson had four sons just before Joe went to sleep. Quick, sound byte, bio info helps the casual fan invest.

The Art of GSP

GSP was Rembrandt. His jabs were lethal…essentially toxic. Koscheck’s right eye looked like pulled pork (O.K. one BBQ reference…get over it.) St. Pierre had the crowd and the fight in the palm of his hand.

The Power of the Crowd

Nothing an announcer can say during those magical moments can replicate what the crazed audience such as filled the Bell Centre did on Saturday night.


Jim Ross goes on to discuss the possibility of GSP vs. Anderson Silva in Toronto, the greatness of Bruce Buffer, the latest Heisman Trophy winner and so much more.

I always encourage you to head on over to his website, check out his awesome blog and perhaps order a personally autographed JR’s Cookbook for only $18.88, which includes FREE SHIPPING in the land of the free!


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