Jim Ross on GSP vs. The Kos, UFC 124 and more


In his latest blog post, Good Ol’ Jim Ross gives his insight on UFC 124 and other great nuggets of knowledge. Here’s a small excerpt:

GSP vs. The Kos

Is Koscheck, who’s amateur wrestling skills are stellar, going to be able to execute better take down defense against the man who has earned folk hero status particularly in Canada but through the world of MMA?

When fighters wear four ounce gloves, the competitors are always just one, good clean shot away from losing. Any thing can happen in UFC which is one of the reasons that their events are so compelling.

A Suggestion for Brock?

The fact that GSP did some stand up/boxing training at famed trainer Freddie Roach’s gym in recent weeks is impressive. Would this be something that Brock Lesnar would consider going forward?

The Rattlesnake and The Viper

While there are attitudinal similarities between the two, Austin had the benefit of the Attitude Era and was the first, truly defiant, global, fan favorite mega star. Orton has comparable traits… he’s a loner…unpredictable…as edgy as he is allowed to be in his product’s current form…and of all the WWE Superstars actively competing at this time, Orton comes closest to be somewhat ‘Rattlesnake-like.’

Jim Ross also discusses on the WWE’s PG rating, the UFC 124 undercard, the importance of announcers having experience in different companies and so much more. I strongly suggest you scoot on over to J.R’s website, read his blog and order some Main Event Mustard for the people you watch pay per views with.


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