Hello loyal Fighter Hayabusa followers! Sorry for the delay on the NXT report. I have a function every other Tuesday and yesterday ran late. So here we go…

First noticeable change is the original NXT song is back which is good considering how annoying the Diva NXT song was.

Striker starts off the show as he usually does in the middle of the ring, he intro’s this seasons Pro’s R-Truth to the stage. Truth brings out Johnny Curtis.

Oh shit thank god! Its Mathews and Grisham, no COLE!!!

DiBiase & Maryse come out and intro Brodus Clay who they mention was a former body guard for Snoop Dogg.

Masters intro’s Byron Saxton who the mention was a commentator on NXT.

Ziggler intro’s Jacob Novak. Dude comes out in all white. Not good.

Bryan comes out to a nice pop, he intro’s his “manly” rookie Derrick Bateman.

Ricardo Del Rio comes out and intro’s Albertooooo DEL RIIIIO.  He drives into the arena with a convertible Benz. He then has Rodriguez intro his rookie and it sounds like he say Conan O’Brian not Conner O’Brian.

Striker welcomes the rookies to season 4 and goes what they usually do on NXT which will lead to one of them being the next breakout star. They are intro’ing themselves in 30 seconds.

Johnny Curtis – he wants to do shout outs to the WWE, a 4th grade teacher and how a vote for him is a vote for freedom… so we have our first smartass of the season.

Brodus Clay – he cuts a decent promo, not bad. A little generic but it’s a good start.

Byron Saxton – he wants to build a bond with the WWE fans to become the next break out start. He’s instantly a heel with the way he delivers his promo like a weathercaster and his facial expressions.

Jacob Novak – he asks the crowd if they played board games. He likes Monopoly because just like that game, he’s going to own the entire board. Eh.

Derrick Bateman – he shills the Ohio crowd cause he’s from there. He says this day will live in infamy because he is man-tastic just like we like it….?

Connor O’Brian – he says he looks like a rat but like one he is a sole survivor. He’s uh, a little strange. Not what I expected out of the mouth of this dude…

Del Rio chimes in and says Connor needs to do a better job and how that was boring just like Daniel Bryan. Bryan says he did a good job even though he looks like a rat. He says Del Rio has a lot of shit but he’s never won a championship. Del Rio gets heated but Striker beats it up. Striker makes a match (is he the NXT GM all of sudden!?) Bryan & Bateman vs. Del Rio & O’Brian.

Video package on Saxton. He plays the privileged heel. They show footage of him as a kid cutting wrestling promos. Also footage of him being a newscaster and ECW commentator. Good heel stuff in the video package.

Johnny Curtis w/Truth vs. Jacob Novak w/Ziggler

Starts off with a short chain wrestling exchange. Josh says Novak looks like Jacob on LOST. Grisham has no idea what he is talking about. Curtis almost fucks up the back slide but recovers. Crowd actually gets into it even though no face has been established just yet. I guess they are behind Curtis because he’s with Truth. Curtis gets the win with a top rope leg drop. Basic match for the most part but much better than anything from last season.

Winner: Johnny Curtis

Brodus Clay video package. He’s from Pasadena, local boy! He was in an out of foster homes. He talks about his time as a body guard and how he’s in it for himself here. This dude is different enough where I’m picking him to take it all…. That is as long as he isn’t horrible in the ring.

Striker has the rookies on the stage for our first rookie challenge, its capture the flag which consists of bringing a ladder into the ring and getting the flag down.

Curtis – 28.6

O’Brian – 28.2

Clay – 33.5

Saxton –  56.8 Fool falls off the ladder from trying to be funny.

Novak – 26.9

Bateman – 27.3 Bryan gets Bateman chant going.

Novak wins although their timing here in the WWE is fucking off.

DiBiase and Maryse in the back arguing about last nights loss. Ted wants to turn his presence into power, Maryse wants to do a makeover. This isn’t going to a a lovely situation.

Saxton oiling up when Masters comes in, they have a gay moment about this shit. Master tries to give him work out trips but he does P90X. Saxton brushes off  Masters but he kind of likes it..!? sexy time.

Derrick Bateman & United States Champion Daniel Bryan vs. Alberto Del Rio & Connor O’Brian

The rookies start off and Connor takes the advantage off the back with a series of kicks to the back of Bateman. Bateman tries to fight off between the quick tags between Connor and Del Rio but they keep the momentum thus far. Connor does a airplane spin which backfires and Bateman makes the tag to Bryan. Bryan gives him an airplane spin of his own and he spins for days! The crowd pops for it… fuck he goes a while and comes back fast over it with a dropkick which sends Connor to the outside, Bryan than hits ADR which sends him down as well. Bryan then tags in Bateman and HE does the Daniel Bryan dive to the outside! Nice! We come back from break and Bryan is going for the dropkick in the corner but ADR moves his rookie out of the way and makes the tag and lands a solid running kick to the back of the United States Champion. Back to the quick tags for Team Del Rio. Ziggler chimes in from the stage and says “this match sucks”… ok we don’t need you opening your mouth dude just shut the fuck up and sit up there. Bryan makes the hot tag and takes down ADR with a series of clotheslines and dropkick in the corner ala Bryan. He gets a 2 count but then hits a spinning neckbreaker for another count, this one gets stopped by Connor who is then taken out by Bryan on the outside. Its only moments later when ADR gets the armbar for the tap out victory.

Winners: Alberto Del Rio & Connor O’Brian

I am really glad they are going back to a serious approach to this show and not having Michael Cole to make fun of this shit helps make that happen. I have a feeling this could be a decent season of NXT.

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