NWA Hollywood Thoughts & Review [Dec 3 2010]


The announcers hype up Adam Pearce’s World Title defense against Willie Mack with Colt Cabana as the guest referee. One of the announcers plays the heel and says that Pearce will keep the title.

Rico Dynamite walks out. He’s from Redondo Beach, CA. Local guy!

Adam Pearce walks out with a mic and tells Dynamite to get the hell out of his ring.

  • He complains about being ordered to defend the title tonight and the people don’t deserve it.
  • He calls himself the Scrap Daddy and puts down the crowd some more.

Skull Krusher Rache Brown comes out and Pearce slowly retreats out of the ring.

Rico Dynamite vs. Skull Krusher Rache Brown

  • Brown hits a standing vertical suplex for a two count.
  • Rico hits a dropkick and sends Brown to the mat. The announcers mention that is the first time Brown has been knocked down.
  • Brown hits some huge chops on Rico’s chest.
  • Rico slams Brown in the corner. Brown lifts his knees to counter what looked like an awkward inverted springboard senton?
  • Brown looks at him in disbelief, comes back and KILLS Rico with a devastating Spear.
  • Brown rocks Rico with a sitout Chokeslam. Very cool.

WINNER: Skull Krusher Rache Brown

–Colour me impressed! Brown came off really strong and looked like a monster since he’s taller and just plain bigger than Adam Pearce. He’s also very agile for his size and all of his work was crisp and impactful. Rico did the job well in making Brown look awesome. Perfect squash match.

Jonny Loquasto interviews Austin Aries

  • Aries disses Loquasto and talks about his played out double-breasted suit.
  • They discuss the December 8th taping.
  • Aries says he won’t be at Pinks because he’s vegetarian.

They show a package about the battle for the Western Heritage Tag Team Titles. Very old school and very cool.

Los Luchas give a backstage promo en espanol and English.

Willie Mack taped interview.

  • Mack discusses his start since he was 14 years old and his why he’s driven to wrestle.
  • He says he’s doing this for himself and his mother, who passed away.

–Solid piece that makes you want to root for Willie Mack in his title match tonight. It almost looked like he was going to cry at the end of it.

The Navaho Warrior vs. Nick Madrid

  • Nick Madrid starts off like a ball of fire.
  • Warrior controls with body slams and power moves.
  • Madrid does a slingshot sunset flip for two.
  • Madrid also does an awkward Springboard/Barreta DDT off the ropes but Navaho drops him.
  • Warrior chops him in the head and then nails the running hip attack in the corner for the win.

WINNER: The Navaho Warrior

–Can’t say much about this match but I’m sure Nick Madrid will improve his craft and get better. I think the Navaho Warrior is okay but he could have sold a lot more and helped out on some of the spots. It’s an outdated gimmick but I guess someone has to do it.

David Marquez comes in and interviews The Navaho Warrior.

  • He talks about the injustice and lack of attention on he and his tagteam partner.
  • He and his crew are going to make a big statement in the future.

–Simple and to the point.

Joey kAos promo

  • He talks about being of Guatemalan/Mexican descent.
  • His first break and wrestling for XPW.
  • He’s not going to say why he attacked Joey Ryan.


Colt Cabana does a picture in picture promo while they show footage of him going to the ring. He talks about how he’s going to make the title match fair.

NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match
Scrap Iron Adam Pearce vs. Willie Mack with Colt Cabana as referee

  • Mack gains control with a back body drop.
  • Mack does the ten blows to the head in the corner spot. Good crowd participation. Nice.
  • Mack does Miz’s clothesline in the corner turnbuckle into a slingshot legdrop.
  • Mack smacks Pearce’s face with a nice running flying roundhouse on the ring apron. Cool.
  • The announcers say that Scorpio Sky has been attacked backstage. They cut to refs running to Scorpio’s aid in the back.
  • Pearce actually lands a hurricanrana from the top turnbuckle, which Mack just rolls through and returns to give Pearce a…
  • HUGE T-BONE SUPLEX by Mack for a two count!
  • Mack hits a flying splash in the corner.
  • Mack then does Samoan Drop into a kip up to a standing moonsault for a two count. Awesome.
  • Pearce then does the chickshit beg for mercy/please shake my hand deal. Mack just punches him.
  • The match goes to the outside and Pearce gains control.
  • Cabana gets knocked down outside.
  • Pearce gets ready to hit Mack with the belt.
  • Cabana grabs it, Pearce spits on him, Cabana hits Pearce’s face with a huge right and Mack covers Pearce for a close two count.
  • Pearce knocks Cabana out with the title belt and takes out Mack with it as well.
  • The refs come in and get clobbered by Pearce.

WINNER: No Contest

–Decent match that pushed the eventual rematch between Cabana and Pearce.

Mack has surprising athleticism and is a good worker. I think his solid ring work and honest promos make him a fan favorite.

The Show Overall

I can’t say enough about Willie Mack’s touching interview. This just goes to show how emotionally impactful a ‘promo’ or interview can be if the wrestlers just be themselves. If that was just a script, Willie Mack nailed it.

I love the old school picture in picture promos they have in the production. Hopefully they do it at least once every episode.

The Navaho Warrior vs. Nick Madrid match left little to be desired but the rest of the show was entertaining. NWA Hollywood’s straightforward approach to storytelling is probably its calling card to emerging as a wrestling company on the rise.

I think the best part of this show was the stare down at the beginning between Rache Brown and Adam Pearce. It set up a possible confrontation and made a Rache appear to be a true threat to Pearce’s World Title.

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