12-02-10 Edition of TNA IMPACT! Thoughts


Not sure why I am going to spend my Sunday morning watching this if I’m sure its going to annoy the shit out of me but here we go…

Recap of the Thanksgiving edition where Bischoff and Hogan get slapped by an injunction which stops their shenanigans for now.

No intros just straight to the middle of a 4 team match!? Too much going on, its all over the place and a little hard to follow. Ink Inc beat Beer Money, Generation ME and The Motor City Machine Guns when Moore pins Roode. After the match Fortune roughs up Bischoff’s kid who’s a ref. Morgan comes out and threatens Fortune while he chokes out Flair. Why is Morgan saving ref’s?

Didn’t Eric Young quit? Stupid country segment with Young, Jordan and Mickie James.

So Matt Morgan is going to reveal who the ref is for his title match at the ppv… geez this is a mystery!?

Mickie James performs which is bad. To make it worse, Young comes out looking like a Village People reject playing the cowboy. Tara breaks this shit up when she jumps James during her performance. Thank you Tara.

In the back this ref kid stops Morgan and wants to ref the match at the ppv. Morgan is the voice of reason and tells him to basically pay his dues. Sigh. We all know you’re picking him…

Flair in the back busting a vein over Morgan.

Video package of Doug Williams turning on Fortune. They cut to him in the back and this yells of a beat down… but it doesn’t happen. He ends up beaking Kazarian, good match and Kazarian sold the shit out of Chaos Theory in this one. Too bad these styles of matches in TNA was the bread and butter, not its just an afterthought to bullshit angles.

Morgan and Williams are in the back talking and AJ Styles jumped Williams. For the first few seconds of this beat down, Morgan is just standing there like a retard. He finally goes to pull Styles off but then he gets jumped as well. Shit gets broken up by the agents.

Devon comes out to talk about what’s going on with Ray. Ray comes out and they argue. Taz then gets involved when Ray talks shit about him. Taz eggs on Ray to go into the ring and his bitches out. The WWE tried this and it didn’t work and this isn’t going to work. Just leave Team 3D alone, shit would have been better if these dudes would have left. Ray calls Devon Marty Jannetty… ya know, this would work with newer/younger teams breaking up but you’re the fucking Dudleys!! Don’t you think you’re past using the HBK/Jannetty analogy?!

The Pope and Samoa Joe in the back they don’t like each other but they are tagging tonight.

Hot mess of a triple threat Knockouts match between Angelina Love, Madison Rayne and Sarita. Tara comes out with Rayne but Mickie James comes out and they brawl again. Sarita who wasn’t in the match at all wins the match.

Flair in the back talking to someone about their contract and their future but you cant see who it is.

Angelina Love is all pissy about losing 2 matches in a row and here comes Katie Lea Winter to tell her she’s perfect and they will never lose.  Love leaves with her. Fish taco time!

Morgan beats Rhino by DQ when Fortune attacks. I really don’t care about any of this.RVD attacks Rhino which takes them out of this equation. Hardy comes out and is about to hit Morgan in the back of the head with a chair but Mr. Anderson makes the save.

They come back from break with Anderson and Morgan have a love fest. Anderson cuts a decent promo on what he has gone through with the concussion and how he wants to be the ref at the ppv. Morgan accepts.

Well, they could have ended the show here but we still have 30mins left…

Tara and Mickie are still fighting. This time they are outside the building. Just fuck and get it over already. This goes on WAY too long.

Borash intros Robbie E w/Cookie and Jay Lethal for a Jersey fist pump challenge…. Fuck you TNA. This segment got a fast forward job. Looks like it ends up in a brawl that goes all the way to the back.

Abyss and Double J in the back having an Immortal love fest. Jarrett is going to make Joe tap out at the ppv with his own hold… sigh.

The main event is Abyss & Jeff Jarrett vs. Samoa Joe & The Pope. Didn’t bother watching is because the outcome of the match will happen on TNA Reaction which I don’t record so I have no idea how this ends nor do I care honestly.

TNA does a really shitty job of making me care about their product.

There are so many dope guys out there between TNA, WWE and guys who’ve walked away from both companies that need a decent place to perform and it’s a god damn shame that doesn’t exist on this level.


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