Jim Ross on CM Punk, John Morrison, Lawler vs Miz and more


As usual, Jim Ross shares his profound insight with the fans in his latest blog. In his latest post, Good Ol’ Jim Ross discusses the importance of getting a degree, the impact of Josh Koscheck, CM Punk’s announcing, Michael Cole and whole lot more. Here’s an excerpt after the jump:

On Jerry Lawler vs. The Miz from last Monday’s RAW

For any young wrestler or wannabe who wants to learn how to pace a match, tell a story, do less with more and to invest the audience, I strongly suggest that you re-watch the Jerry Lawler vs. Miz WWE Title match from this past Monday’s Raw.

King Sheamus

‘King’ Sheamus works just fine for me. WWE continues to evolve their antagonists and Sheamus is one of the best young villains in WWE. He’s big, strong, rugged, and hungry.

John Morrison

John Morrison, even in a losing effort, had a memorable night on Raw with three, solid outings. Morrison is showing more toughness in his bell to bell outings which I personally like.

CM Punk

Punk adds a unique element to the broadcast which is always a positive. I’m happy for the Chicago native and enjoy his wit.

The King of the Ring participants

It felt like that the 8 men we saw compete in the KOR tournament are all on WWE’s ‘unofficial’ watch list of talents to keep an eye on for the future. As I continue to say, and it’s what I believe, how talent’s grow, improve, and evolve is largely up to them.

Let’s hope so, Jim Ross. Let’s hope the WWE is considering Alberto Del Rio, John Morrison and Daniel Bryan as main eventers in the near future.

And finally he waxes about TUF Madvillain, Josh Koscheck

Without question Josh Koscheck has done a marvelous job of becoming, if he wasn’t already, a stark contrast to the squeaky clean perception that is GSP. Their upcoming UFC PPV fight in Montreal will be an emotional presentation without question.

I highly encourage you to make a trip to J.R.’s blog, become enlightened and buy some Main Event Mustard if you got the coin.

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