This is it!.. no really, I hope this is IT because Michael Cole has helped put the nail in the coffin of this show. So let’s hope that IF they do another season it will be Cole-less.

FUCK! Firefox quit on me just as the show was starting! Ok its back on and Vicki Guerrero is out and intro’ing Kaitlyn and how if it wasn’t for her she wouldn’t be on the season finale. Striker then intros Naomi to the ring.

Damn this shit has been on for 13 weeks???

Cole is starting with his shit already.

Striker says Kelly Kelly cant be here but sent a special message. She’s overseas visiting the troops. Kelly says she’s going to win. Naomi says Kelly was a welcoming pro and she’s privileged to have had her. Striker then goes to Kaitlyn and Vicki. Kaitlyn says… she gets cut off by Vicki who says she fired her original rookie and handpicked Kaitlyn and how she regrets picking her. Kaitlyn tries to get in a word but Vicki keeps cutting her off. Vicki is pissed and says she tries to steal Ziggler from her. The crowd is HOT for Vicki. Kaitlyn says she gave thanks for having Vicki as her pro at thanksgiving but Vicki gave thanks for that second helping of mashed potatoes. Vicki goes to leave and Kaitlyn trips her and Vicki has a tantrum before she bounces. Cole kisses Vicki’s ass.

Season 4…. Fuck… ok its guys this season! Phew.

R-Truth talks about his rookie for Johnny Curtis. Kid looks legit.

They are bringing Maxine, AJ and Aksana for a match tonight. If this was any other time in WWE history they would be prepping Aksana for a run in Playboy…

The Bella’s and AJ vs. Alicia Fox, Maxine & Aksana

Cole and Josh argue how long it takes to get a divorce in reference to Goldust and Aksana. Cole says that it’s a 6 Diva match because its quantity over quality… wow. Cole then goes off about this season of the show completely ignoring the match. I mean I get why you’re ignoring it but its your job to call this shit assholes! The rookies make the Bella’s look like Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels. AJ gets the win with the splash from the top rope onto Maxine. Cole yells how this win means NOTHING since she’s off the show. AJ and Primo make out after the match, dick.

Winner: The Bells & AJ

Chris Masters is a pro!?…his rookie is Bryon Saxton. This guy has been on WWE TV as an announcer.

Ted DiBiase and Maryse, he a pro this next season. His rookie is Brodus Clay. He looks like a One Man Gang/Big Daddy V.

Cole saying some shit about a suplex machine about Clay. Then says he knows someone who’s going to be mad about that comment… cough, cough Taz.

Naomi and Kaitlyn are going to trash talk each other… Kaitlyn says Naomi wow’d at first but then flatlined and how she was a last minute replacement and had her first match on NXT and look at her now. Naomi says she is Diva-ready NOW.

Naomi vs. Kaitlyn

They start off with a broken robot contest but then Kaitlyn goes for the quick roll up for a 1 count. Kaitlyn bringing back the airplane spin although she’s dizzy as fuck now. Whistling Cole, really!? Cole then says Gordon Solie is rolling in his grave right now. Wow. Cole censors himself finally saying some things you can say here and some you cannot… wonder where that was going!? Kaitlyn with the small package for the win.

Winner: Kaitlyn

Vicki back on the mic and says no one cares about Kaitlyn’s win tonight. You suck chant for Vicki. She intro’s Ziggler as a pro for next season, he kisses her ass. His rookie next season is Jacob Novak….uh… isn’t that former WWE Tag Team Champion Kurt Hawkings!?

Daniel Bryan is a pro next season!!! His rookie is Derek Bateman. He looks like a muscular Andy Sandberg. Maybe this means more Ziggler vs. Bryan matches.

Striker as the 4 eliminated Diva’s… even Jamie. She says Naomi is winning it because she brings more to the table she then shills the crowd. AJ obviously picks Kaitlyn. Maxine chooses Naomi 100% because she works hard. Aksana asks if Striker is single… Goldust tells her to shut up cause no one understands her. She picks herself even though she got eliminated. Isn’t she pretty…

And the last pro is… Alberto Del Rio!!!! Oh shit somewhere Great Puma pooped himself! His rookie is… Conor O’Brian…. No Seth Rollins this season!?!?

Ok its time, the NXT Diva winner is….. KAITLYN!!!! Break out the lube it’s a “special” night for Mr. Wiener-Doodle!

Naomi says she is happy for Kaitlyn but wishes it was her tonight. Kaitlyn says she promised herself she wont cry and says she was asked to do the show 2 days before the season started and thanks Vicki even though she wont be known because of her forever.

Vicki doesn’t look happy while all the other pros come in to congratulate Kaitlyn.  AJ comes in and jumps on her in celebration. Cole checks out even before the show ends.

Well that was an interesting season…

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