Super Fresh Accoutrements: Colt Cabana “Star Colt” T-Shirt


We here at Fighter Hayabusa are always looking for the fly pro wrestling shit for you to rock as a proud pro wrestling fan.  This is one:

If you saw RAW last night, you noticed CM Punk, arguably the WWE’s best announcer, sporting a Colt Cabana “Star Colt” T-Shirt under his fancy blazer. Although it’s not my favorite t-shirt at it certainly expresses any fanboy’s love for Colt Cabana very well.

Its simple and clever design stands out in a marketplace over-saturated with over-designed, tough guy t-shirts that are usually worn by  douchelords, hipsters and wannabes. Now I’m not sure if the “Star Colt” T-Shirt will get you a RAW announcing gig but it will help support one of pro wrestling’s underrated wrestlers, Scotty Goldman Colt Cabana.

If you don’t know who Colt Cabana is, youtube one of his matches right now or head on over the NWA Hollywood website and see the man cut one of his awesome promos or make someone submit with his Billy Goat’s Curse, an inverted Boston Chicago Crab.

Colt Cabana “Star Colt” T-Shirt

COST: $20









BTW – If you were wondering what my favorite Colt shirt is, check out the “Vintage Poster” T-Shirt at ColtMerch!

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