11-29-10 WWE King of the Ring RAW REVIEW


Show starts with a recap of Barrett vs. Orton… which then turns into Miz vs. Orton with Miz cashing in the Money in the Bank briefcase and winning the title. Oh yeah John Cena stuff too… Still annoyed the way they did that. You have Cena cut an emotional promo only for it not to mean shit when Cena shows up and costs Barrett the title. This is why no one believes your “fired” angle and figures Cena will be back sooner than later.

Ok I am figuring that someone in the first KOTR match tonight is taking it so let’s see who we get here…

Alex Riley… lets get this tournament going dammit! Riley builds up how big a moment it was last week when Miz won the title. Punk makes reference to Riley knowing how to “party”. Haha Oh shit Punk straight up makes mention of his DUI, good!

CM Punk is wearing a I LOVE (but with Star of David) COLT shirt! Dope!

King of the Ring Tournament Match

Alberto Del Rio vs. United States Champion Daniel Bryan

Ricardo Rodriguez has a pretty painted up shiner from the Big Show’s punch. Ok so this tournament in my opinion will be won by one of these two. Match starts with chain wrestling and Bryan chants. Bryan almost gets the LaBell lock but Del Rio ends up in the ropes. Slower paced match so far but good none the less. Bryan might have hurt his shoulder with the dive to the outside, good opener for Del Rio and it pays off when he locks in the armbar for the submission win. Punk mentions how Bryan does this every week. So lets see if Del Rio ends up winning the tournament tonight!

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

The highlight Edge, Stone Cold, HHH, Bret Hart and Brock Lesnar. Interesting last choice for you to highlight don’t you think? Lawler mentions that we all know what he’s gone on to do… hmmmm. Planting seeds?

R-Truth comes out again doing the old song and guess what? The crowd is back in it. He brings up Cena being fired how he’s still his friend and how he went out like a champ… no he did not! He sucks up to the fans while he shills Cena. This fool challenges anyone in Nexus. Josh in the back when Hennig says he’s going to show Truth what happens when you challenge Nexus. But then someone in jean shorts beats up Hennig. They don’t show anything but the shorts… sigh. Stupid.

While Rhodes is coming down to the ring Cole mentions he had a facial today to which Punk says “I bet he did”. Haha Punk is saving RAW’s commentary so far. Punk says he won a King of the Ring in Rio. He then says that famous people have worn his current comb over hair style… Ted Turner and a guy in a coma. Ha!

King of the Ring Tournament Match

Dashing Cody Rhodes vs. John Morrison

Cody has a fit short after the match starts when Morrison hit him in the face. Cody and Morrison go for spring board kicks at the same time but Morrison gets his for the pin and the win. Short match.

Winner: John Morrison

There’s a guest host tonight!? Miss USA ok way to wait for the last minute to let us know.

King of the Ring Tournament Match

Drew McIntyre vs. Ezekiel Jackson

Did Punk just give away the outcome of this match when he said there was an exposed turnbuckle when there isn’t!? Slow match so far and now they are brawling on the outside and BOTH of them get counted out. FUCK I hate when they do this shit in tournaments! They continue to fight after the match like it matters until Jackson clotheslines Drew over the top.

Winner: Double countout.

So this is looking more like Sheamus will win this since he or Kofi get a bye and they aren’t having Kofi beat Sheamus

Daniel Bryan in the back when Bre comes in followed by Nicki. Riley is now out giving the Bella’s shit until Miz calls him on his Bluetooth. Riley then gives Bryan shit for missing out on Miz mentoring him and says welcome to Miz-Fest 2010.

I hope with as much as they are building up Miz coming out to celebrate that they give him a new WWE Title belt. Anything better than the fucking spinner belt.

Miz then comes out… with the fucking spinner title. Fuck. He’s all dressed up for the occasion as is Riley if I didn’t mention that earlier. He said he had a huge celebration tonight but canceled it. He then shows pictures of kids in the audience last week like that brow beating little girl and calls her the “Miz Girl”. He brings up how no one at MTV, the locker room, JBL, HHH and Cena thought he could do it but he has and now he is WWE Champion. He says Orton isn’t here because of a knee injury but its really because he is ashamed at what happened. He then says he will be the longest reigning WWE Champion in history… and by that he means no more than 3 months. He then says that no one can live up to their dreams like he can and how none of us can accomplish shit. He brings up Piper from a couple of weeks and how the old school use to make things happen but he didn’t do shit nor did he win a WWE Title, not him not Steamboat. Jerry Lawler then stops Miz…!? He says he isn’t a former WWE champion either but what he did last week he just took advantage of an injured champion and that’s not awesome. Miz just says Lawler is a bitter old man. Cole then tells Lawler to stop and tells him to let Miz celebrate since its his night. Lawler goes to sit but says Miz should give someone a title shot tonight to which Cole said Lawler needs to sit down or Miz will make an example out of him. Lawler says he’s never had a title match in the WWE…!? I don’t think that’s true. He then challenges Miz for a match tonight. Miz isn’t interested in that. Lawler then calls Miz a coward. Miz runs down Lawler again until we get an email… The GM says the main event tonight will be Lawler vs. Miz for the Title. A “Jerry” chant breaks out. Also the match tonight is a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match… this is just Jerry Lawler right that’s getting this match?! This is an odd end to a segment. Not sure what they will gain with Lawler in the main event.

King of the Ring Tournament Match

Sheamus vs. Kofi Kingston

Slow to get started and just when it was picking up steam, bro kick to Kofi who was coming off the top rope for the pin. Kofi did get a Trouble in Paradise kick but come on, no one way picking Kofi. WWE loves themselves Sheamus way too much.

Winner: Sheamus

NXT Season 3 finale tomorrow night. Naomi or Kaitlyn?

Mark Henry & Yoshi Tatsu vs. WWE Tag Team Champions Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel

Is it just me or is Gabriel looking more and more like Scott Lost!? Its not too long before John Cena with his tickets in hand come through the crowd and takes his ringside seat. Don’t they know that they just made this dude look like a hypocrite after his promo last week?! Punk clowns him saying he gets seats in the camera side so he can show up on TV. No one is pay attention at the match anymore. Slater mocks Cena which set up for the World Strongest Slam for the pin.

Winners: Mark Henry and Yoshi Tatsu

After the match Cena jumps the barricade, takes Slater and AA hims into the announce table. Nexus then runs Cena off. Punk is pissed that Cena spilled his diet soda, what a dick! Does he not know how expensive soda is now!?

Nexus in their new shirts are pissed about this Cena shit. Otunga is venting until Barrett comes in and says there are no restrictions on what they can do to him and they are ending this tonight.

Lawler in the back when “Double A” Arn Anderson comes in and brings up how dangerous these TLC matches are. Lawler says he cant pass up a title match even if it’s a TLC match. Arn wishes him luck.

Cole says there is no way Lawler is walking out WWE Champion tonight. Punk is a little more optimistic.

King of the Ring Tournament Match

Albert Del Rio vs. John Morrison

We get another dose of Ricardo Rodriguez intro’ing ADR. Punk says something about his in-ring career being over, fuck you man it better not be. Punk says Regal is on a sabbatical!? Odd. Del Rio takes the early advantage in the ring leading to him hitting the running kick. All of a sudden someone is ringing the horn of his car and its Rey Mysterio. Predictable. Morrison hits a springboard kick to the distracted face of ADR for the pin.

Winner: John Morrison

Punk calls Rey a car thief on the side. Haha. Rey poses on the car while Morrison celebrates in the ring.

King of the Ring Finals: John Morrison vs. Sheamus. I was completely wrong but this match can go one of two ways, unfortunately both lead to Triple H. Either Sheamus wins setting up the King of the Ring 2010 vs. the self proclaimed King of Kings. OOOR Triple H returns tonight and costs Sheamus the match. God damn I hope I am wrong on both counts but I don’t see how its avoidable with this match.

Wade Barrett comes to the ring he says he goes right through Cena’s plan. He says he is the only person to give Cena his job back so Cena will come in attack the Nexus to the point where Barrett has Cena reinstated. Barrett promises Cena will never work in the WWE ever again. How Cena doesn’t have the element of surprise anymore which this brings Cena on the Titantron and how he promised he would take out all the guys in Nexus and he is keeping his word. Barrett calls for security to escort Cena out but he says security aint doing shit for Nexus. Nexus then surround Cena but then a bunch of RAW guys jump Nexus. Cena sends Gabriel into a row of folded up chairs then AA’s Gabriel on the hood of a car. Cena yells that this doesn’t stop until all of Nexus is taken out. Lame.

Maryse, Alicia Fox & Tamina vs. Diva’s Champion Natalya, Gail Kim & Melina

It looks like Tamina is wear either her comfy clothes or her jammies. Punk clowns this match like he’s commentating on NXT. Cole and Punk start clowning Tamina on her ring gear, see its not just me. Alicia Fox is horrible. All of a sudden Santino comes out with a guitar singing “I think we’re alone now” by Debby Gibson. Haha She walks up to him kisses him and walks off with him while he is still singing and this match…continues?? Natalya makes Fox tap out to the Sharpshooter.

Winners: Natalya, Kim and Melina

They do a retrospective video package on Jerry Lawler. Is this dude retiring tonight or something!? I know they aren’t going to put the title on him, they don’t think like that in the WWE. Although they could do a Ric Flair style run for Lawler… but they won’t.

Ted DiBiase in the back holding a toy WWE belt when Maryse comes in and makes fun of him and how he tapped out to someone even smaller than her. He finally tells her to shut up and storms off.

Harris and Otunga in the back. Harris says no one in Nexus is safe until Cena gets his job back. Otunga says he has a plan.

Josh in the back with Morrison and Sheamus who stare at each other. Josh brings up the last time they wrestled and how Morrison beat Sheamus. Sheamus he’s going to ravage Morrison tonight. Morrison says at the end of the night one of them will be King. Yeah no shit dude.

Justin Roberts intro’s Miss USA. She’s guest ring announcer and says this match will determine the finals… no dumbass this IS the finals. They should have just left her off the show.

King of the Ring Tournament Finals

Sheamus vs. John Morrison

Both come out hitting hard. Cole is playing up an arm injury that Morrison got in one of his previous matches tonight. Morrison goes for the springboard kick but Sheamus cuts him off and sends him to the outside for a commercial break. We’re back and Sheamus is working on the arm. Punk is pissed cause his chair is broken and no one will come out to fix the announce table. Ha. Sheamus with a series of punches to the chest of Morrison. Morrison finally fights back to get a quick 2 count pin attempt. Morrison ducks the bro kick but gets caught with a double axe handle that he super sold. Sheamus goes for the high cross but Morrison fights out of it and hits a spinning DDT for a 2 count with Sheamus in the ropes. Sheamus goes back to the arm with an armbar on the injured arm, Morrison tries to fight out of it but gets locked into it again. He’s finally out of the hold and Sheamus gets caught with a kick to the face and goes for Starship Pain but Sheamus puts up the knees and hits the bro kick. He then goes for the high cross…he hits it!!!! 1….2….THREE!… GOD DAMMIT! They give this dude the KOTR just to build him back up so Triple H can knock him back down. Fucking WWE.

Winner and NEW King of the Ring: Sheamus

Sheamus then takes his place on the throne, puts on the cape and the crown. He says long live the king.

WWE Championship Table, Ladders and Chairs Match

The Miz w/Alex Riley vs. Jerry “The King” Lawler

Why is Riley holding the Money in the Bank briefcase? Its Lawler’s birthday tonight and he’s all in black. Is that a winning color for Lawler? Both start off the match cautiously, each one upping the other. Miz finally starts to beat on Lawler with kicks and punches. They go to the outside where Miz takes a chair to Lawler’s back. Miz tries his back breaker/neck breaker combo on a chair but kind of misses. Miz then calls for a ladder from Riley which sets up Miz getting hit from behind several times with a steel chair. Lawler forces a ladder into the chin of Miz and ends up taking a back body drop onto a ladder. Riley then gets onto the ropes and closelines Lawler’s head off. Riley then tries to suplex Lawler out of the ring but Lawler lands a right hand to the chin of Riley which send him crashing through a table set up at ringside!! Lawler then sets up a ladder and starts to climb to the title. Miz stops him and lands a big boot to Lawler’s head. Punk is calling Miz stupid for not climbing the ladder. Miz hits a suplex onto a steel chair, he then uses the chair on the back of Lawler. Lawler fights back and tries to hit a super plex onto Miz but he fights it off, double axe handle from Lawler and Miz GOES THROUGH A TABLE! The crowd is chanting “Jerry” as he starts to climb up the ladder. Michael Cole then tries to wake Miz up?! Lawler is almost to the title! Cole comes in and holds the legs of Lawler?!?! Lawler is fucking pissed as Cole tries to apologize, how he didn’t mean it… Lawler finally cold cocks Cole and starts to beat his ass while Miz climbs up the ladder! Lawler and Miz are fighting for the title belt on the ladder! Miz uses the belt to hit Lawler and Miz takes down the title to retain!

Winner: The Miz

Well this is now a strange relationship between Cole and Lawler. Might be a good time to switch up the announce teams and keep Cole off of ALL the other shows.

I’m tired. The real King of the Ring tonight? CM Punk on commentary!

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