Smackdown Thoughts & Review [11. 26. 10]



Kane comes out to the ring with a mic:

  • He recaps his feud with Edge, Paul Bearer’s horrific experience with buffalo wings and dodgeball.
    After all that craziness, Kane is still your World Heavyweight Champion.
    He’s not such a monster, he has feelings and that he only wants to be with his family.
    He loves all the holidays, like Kwanzaa and that he just wants his father back.

Cue Edge’s music as Edge comes out with a wheelchair. Edge has a mic:

  • He likes the holidays too.
  • He says Kane doesn’t have any manners since he yelled at him.
  • He says Kane didn’t say ‘please’.

Edge continues to make Kane beg for his father. He says Kane is insincere and leaves the stage. Kane is flustered and humiliated.

King of the Ring Qualifier
Kofi Kingston vs. Jack Swagger

  • The Swagger Soaring Eagle is in the house.
  • Nice early mat wrestling to start with Swagger dominating Kofi on the mat.
  • Kofi follows with a nice series of rollups and pin attempts for two counts.
  • Swagger catches Kofi on a possible leapfrog or dropkick attempt, thinks about an ankle lock but decides to slingshot Kofi into the corner instead which leads to…
  • Kingston counters the slingshot and springboards off the second rope for a high cross body for a two count.
  • Kofi turns awkwardly on a reverse leapfrog that grazes Swagger’s shoulder. Swagger then chop blocks Kofi’s leg.
  • Swagger takes control with heelish weardown holds.
  • Kofi hits a nice Boom Drop on Swagger while he was suspended on the first rope in the corner.
  • In a great feat of strength, Swagger catches Kofi off the top turnbuckle on a high cross body attempt and powerslams him.
  • Kofi gets a HUGE boot to counter a Swagger bomb.
  • Swagger catches Kofi’s leg and goes for an Ankle Lock but Kofi rolls forward to make Swagger run into the turnbuckle.
  • Swagger staggers around and runs into Trouble in Paradise. Done, son.

WINNER: Kofi Kingston

–Good match that built up nicely to a strong finish. Jim Ross had the right idea when he said that Jack Swagger is so much better without the Soaring Eagle. Swagger is good as a comedy wrestler but he’s GREAT as a serious contender to the World Title. Liked how Striker mentioned Don Muraco’s King of the Ring reign.

Kane is trying to apologize Teddy but Edge comes on the monitor to torment Kane again. Edge says they’re on the other side of the ring.
Kane reaches the bathroom and there’s a sign that says “Gone Fishing” next to an empty wheelchair.

Josh Mathews interviews Alberto Del Rio

  • Josh tells ADR that he’s the underdog.
  • ADR says that Big Show is not his equal.
  • ADR says that he’s going to be King Alberto Del Rio next Monday Night.

They show a commercial for the History of the WWE Championship book and I think it’s a GOD DAMN shame that the stupid spinner belt is on the cover. A goddamn shame.

King of the Ring Qualifier
Alberto Del Rio vs. Big Show

  • ADR shows up in a convertible Rolls. Classy.
  • They start off with big man vs. little man gags.
  • ADR drop kicks Show but does little damage.
  • Show dominates with giant chops and headbutts.
  • ADR finally gets Show down with a dropkick to his left leg.
  • ADR hits his trademark springboard enziguiri.
  • ADR tries to lock on the Cross Arm Breaker but Show just lifts him up and drops him.
  • Show goes for the KO but ADR goes out of the ring.
  • Show chases him, Ricardo Rodriguez stalls Big Show for the countout victory.

WINNER: Alberto Del Rio via countout

–Cheap win and I’m not sure why the ref didn’t see Rodriguez holding on to Big Show on the outside. Was Rodriguez that short that the ref didn’t see him? Weak ending to an otherwise good match. The story of ADR not being able to manhandle Big Show was told by both wrestlers to perfection.

Edge is in the rafters with Bearer. He calls Kane to come out.

  • Edge threatens to push Bearer down the steps. He surveys the crowd and the crowd screams for him to push Bearer down. Cruel.
  • Kane agrees to give Edge a rematch.
  • Edge pushes Bearer behind a curtain and into the arena concession area.
  • Kane goes up there only to find an empty wheelchair. Drama.

King of the Ring Qualifier
MVP vs. Drew McIntyre

  • MVP with a SICK running knee to the back of Drew’s head while he was kneeling. Dope!
  • Drew stomps on MVP’s arm against the steel steps.
  • Drew slams MVP’s arm over and over against the steps.
  • MVP sweeps Drew’s leg and he bumps off the apron to the outside.
  • MVP hits the Ballin’ Elbow.
  • Drew counters an Overdrive attempt.
  • MVP rams his injured arm on the top turnbuckle.
  • Drew hits the Future Shock DDT. It’s over.

WINNER: Drew McIntyre

–Decent match that told a great story. I liked how MVP sold the hell out of his left arm.

Swagger is scolding his Eagle and Hornswaggle gets ready to eat a Thanksgiving dinner. Rosa Mendez presents a burnt turkey. Swaggle is pissed. A dejected Soaring Eagle takes off with Swaggle’s drink. Swaggle goes Eagle hunting with a bow and arrow. Call PETA.

Michelle McCool vs. Kelly Kelly

  • McCool hits a nice belly to belly for a two count.
  • Kelly rolls McCool up on a reversal for a pin.

WINNER: Kelly Kelly

LayCool start beating on Kelly.
Beth Phoenix comes down for the save and hits the Glam Slam on McCool.

–Layla looked lovely.  That is all.

King of the Ring Qualifier
Rey Mysterio vs. Dashing Cody Rhodes

  • Rey comes out in a very sharp powder blue colorway.
  • ADR comes out unexpectedly to join the announcing team.
  • DCR dodges a roundhouse kick to his face and he goes out to check his mirror. Awesome.
  • DCR with an awesome Beautiful Disaster kick to Rey’s face on the outside.
  • DCR with an Alabama Slam for a two count.
  • Rey hits a nice springboard cross body for two.
  • Rey counters the Crossroads into a pin attempt for two.
  • Rey hits a HARD roundhouse to Cody’s dome for two.
  • DCR is set up in the 619 position. ADR tells him to go to the outside.
  • Rey hits a senton on ADR from the apron to the outside.
  • Rey hits a senton on DCR that hits the ref and knocks him out.
  • ADR pulls Rey’s legs and rams his groin into the steel post.
  • DCR hits the Cross Roads. It’s over.

WINNER: Dashing Cody Rhodes

–Awesome match despite ADR’s interference. DCR proved again that he can hang with the main event crowd. ADR didn’t do much on the commentary side but did enough to get the match and his long lasting feud with Rey over.


  • Kane is yelling at Teddy and blaming him for his frustrations with Edge.
  • Edge comes on the monitor and they’re outside in a parking lot.
  • Kane comes out to save his dad but a car runs over a stuffed version of Paul Bearer.
  • Edge pulls up and says “whoops” and drives off. Uh-huh.

End of show.

The Show Overall
This was almost a dream episode for me since all of my favorite wrestlers were featured in singles action throughout the show. Most of the matches had decent endings and the last qualifying match pushed the epic feud between Rey and Alberto Del Rio even further.  There was no Kaval tonight but I’m glad they allowed the King of the Ring qualifiers a lot of time to develop.

The Kane-Edge storyline is okay but seems to slow the show down. I can always count on Edge to give a great PPV match but this feud with Kane is taking a lot of patience. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m over Kane being the World Heavyweight Champion. He’s certainly earned it but Urn-Flashlight Gate still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. I’ve gone to therapy and I just can’t let it go damnit.

So King of the Ring looks like pretty solid with a good group wrestlers that can all carry their own weight in a match.

RAW wrestlers:
John Morrison, Daniel Bryan, Ezekial and Sheamus

SMACKDOWN wrestlers:
Kofi Kingston, Dashing Cody Rhodes, Alberto Del Rio and Drew McIntyre

Knowing the WWE, the brackets are already determined by the participants’ match order. If that’s the case, here are my predictions:

I’m hoping we get a Daniel Bryan vs. Alberto Del Rio final.  Nothing but greatness can come from that match.  The Bryan vs. Morrison quarterfinal is an interesting match up as well as Del Rio vs. Kofi in the Smackdown quarterfinal.  If Raw ends with King Alberto Del Rio, I’ll be a happy wrestling mark Monday Night.

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  1. Mascara De Fuego Says:

    Kane loves the holidays! haha

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