NXT Season 3 Thoughts & Review [11.23.10]


It’s Great Puma here, MDF is on vacay…or perhaps he couldn’t stomach this show anymore.

Striker introduces the ladies to the ring.

It’s WWE Trivia time.

There were two parts; NXT questions followed by WWE questions. Yes, one of the questions was “Which WWE Superstar is known as “The Game”? I’m not making this up.

*AJ wins as usual. They should hire her based off being such a great fangirl alone.

Nikki Bella defeats Kaitlyn via X-Factor

*Decent match. Nice to see someone, as in Nikki Bella, improve over the past year. She’s officially watchable in the ring and can definitely hang in a match. However, what I remember most is Kaitlyn’s HARD clothesline. Kaitlyn is still green but I’m sure the powers that be can see Kaitlyn’s HUGE upside…as well as (insert a-hole creepy pervy comment here).

AJ submits Naomi via Standing Octopus Hold

*Sick sick match. Sure there were some awkward moments but these two are the two best workers in NXT Divas right now. Naomi hit an awesome looking Bow and Arrow hold on AJ but the little lady didn’t tap. Moments later AJ came off the ropes and it looked like she was going for a headscissors but she stopped her momentum and locked on the Standing Octopus Hold, which looked like a modified head triangle with an arm bar. Sick. Naomi struggled at first but then collapsed on her knees and tapped. Very dope ending to a solid match.

AJ gets eliminated

AJ gives a great speech on how she’s not a supermodel, nor wasn’t a prom queen, but she’s that girl that you could chill out and play video games with. She says that she won’t give up her dream and that we haven’t seen the last of her.

*Let’s hope so. If this contest were based on personality, AJ would win it with Kaitlyn coming in at a close second. This outcome doesn’t surprise me since AJ and Kaitlyn have both established that they’re stars in the making. They don’t need to win NXT, while Naomi sort of does. Naomi has all the physical ability but there’s not as much charm. I’m predicting that Naomi will win NXT, while AJ and Kaitlyn get the spoils.

Whatever happens, I hope the WWE totally changes the format of this show. All they have to do is look at their fiercest competitor in The Ultimate Fighter and take ideas from that. This whole slapstick, piece of turd routine that Michael Cole and company give us every week is just downright embarrassing.

*pics courtesy of wwe.com

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