Wade Barrett lead Nexus to the ring, the crowd is giving them shit from the get go before Barrett could say a word. This crowd is hot and wont let him get in a word. He finally says he didn’t have a fighting chance since Cena had already made up his mind that he wasn’t going to win the title last night.

He brings up Cena putting his hands on him which set up for Orton’s RKO and the injustice of these events. Barrett wants another match with a neutral ref against Orton. The GM emails… the rematch will happen tonight. Wade is happy and says he’s let Cena show up tonight one last time to say his final words.

KING OF THE RING TOURNAMENT NEXT WEEK!!! So glad this is coming back but I still think this should still have its own ppv!

Cole gets on the mic at ringside and intros CM Punk as part of the RAW commentary team….!? I know this dude is injured but calling him an official part of the RAW commentary team? Odd.

Qualifying Match for the King of the Ring Tournament

Sheamus vs. R-Truth w/Eve

Instantly, you get the obvious sense who’s going to win this one even IF Truth comes out

doing “What’s Up”. Truth starts off fast taking advantage early and sending Sheamus to

the outside before we go to break… We come back and Sheamus as taken the advantage

in the match by sending Truth into the turnbuckle shoulder first. There is actually battling

chants of “lets go Sheamus/lets go R-Truth”!? Truth gets a couple of close pin attempts,

one of which came after a top rope clothesline. Sheamus gets the slowest roll thru pin

attempt in the history of wrestling. He finally hits the bro kick and the High Cross for the

pin and the win.

Winner: Sheamus

Cole and King play up Cena’s DVD and Punk says to get it because its going to be the only way to see Cena after tonight. haha. They cut to behind the scenes footage of the DVD from WrestleMania. Why does Cena walk like he’s got something stuck in his ass?

LayCool shows up to the arena bitching how they want the title. The security guy stops them from getting in the arena since they aren’t on the RAW brand. Natalya shows up and says she’s never seen those two in her life and LayCool is kicked out of the building. Wah, wah wahhhh.

Santino and Kozlov in the back talking about how close they were to winning the tag titles last night and how Santino is so depressed. Tamina is playing a ukulele song for Santino which cheers him up and gets him a kiss. She tells him to call her. Oh Santino, the pimp of the WWE.

Josh comes into Orton’s locker room asking him if he can beat Barrett again. He shills Cena and his actions at the ppv. He guarantees Barrett isn’t leaving with the WWE Title tonight.

Qualifying Match for the King of the Ring Tournament

The Miz w/Alex Riley vs. Ezekiel Jackson

Riley comes out instead of Miz and says he isn’t coming out because he just had an anxiety attack so he will qualify for him. Jackson makes short work of Riley with the Uranage for the pin.

Winner: Ezekiel Jackson

They show Cena in the back talking to Truth and Eve when Gail Kim, Yoshi Tatsu and Santino come by to say good riddance bye.

John Cena comes out all happy n shit for his “last goodbye”… Too fucking happy for a guy who’s suppose to be having his last day in the WWE. Man, wouldn’t it be awesome if it REALLY was the last time we saw this dude for a long ass time?! Too bad that shit isn’t going to happen… ugh. There’s a Cena chant… He goes over the fact that Orton is still champion and he is fired. He gets all shaky voiced and says he respects the WWE and the guys who’s paved the way for him to be here like Stone Cold, HBK, HHH and The Undertaker. In the end, he just wanted to gain their respect. He’s lived out a fantasy so it wont ruin the last 9 years for him. He goes on and on about how the WWE was his life. He talks about his family and how they have been so patient with him and his life. He is going home to be with his family. This fool tries to pull off an HBK style emotional moment but he’s trying too hard and its not genuine like HBK’s. He tries to cry but it ain’t flowing. He wants to hear for one last time, all the women and kids to say “lets go Cena” and any dude over 18 “Cena sucks”. The crowd buys into it and gives him what he wants. He then has some final words for Wade Barrett saying he has some talent and to do himself a favor and stop taking shortcuts and the easy way out. He says karma is a bitch which gets bleeped. He says something about Billy Kidman?? He thanks the fans for everything they’ve done for him for the last nine years. He says all of this is because of them (us) and makes his way up the ramp while the crowd chants his name. He stops at the top, looks back and does the fucking military salute that never made sense. They stay on people in the crowd looking all sad faced. Ok already, its over.

They cut to the back where the entire locker room is clapping for him has he walks through them, he stops at Orton and shakes his hand. Cena leaves out the back and Wade is looking on at him doing the “you cant see me” hand gesture. GOD wouldn’t this be the ultimate heel turn for Cena to come back after all this sappy shit and help Barrett win the title tonight!?! Guys would chant “lets go Cena” and the chicks and kiddies would chant “Cena sucks!” Wishful thinking…

Qualifying Match for the King of the Ring Tournament

Ted DiBiase w/Maryse vs. United States Champion Daniel Bryan w/Bre Bella?

What the fuck is Bre Bella doing at ringside with Bryan!? Punk calls her a 4 at best. Haha Good quick moving match that is back and forth, its only a matter of time before Bryan has the LaBell Lock on and gets the tap out win. After the match Niki comes into the ring and me makes them hug each other. Perv! haha

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Diva’s Champion Natalya vs. Alicia Fox

I hope this goes quick. Fox pulls out Natalya’s extension and she goes bat shit crazy on this bitch after that. Solid standing vertical suplex by Natalya. She gets the Sharpshooter on for the tap out victory.

Winner: Natalya

Melina and Morrison talking in the back when she smacks his ass… uh that had to be awkward considering their past and Batista’s involvement with it…

Qualifying Match for the King of the Ring Tournament

John Morrison vs. Tyson Kidd

Tyson gets new music, I wont help they wont let him win this shit tonight. Cole calls Morrison the Parcore King… geez. Nice swinging neck breaker by Kidd. Punk plays up the KOTR tournament and is doing a good job putting the event over. They didn’t let these guys go very long and Morrison hits Starship Pain for the pin.

Winner: John Morrison

Barrett and Orton do the split screen walk to the ring.

The King of the Ring Tournament will be an eight man tourney with four Smackdown superstars qualifying next week.

WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett

While Orton was coming down to the ring Nexus jumps Orton and beats his ass before the refs pull them off and move them to the back. During this Orton is laying on the ground holding his leg. He finally makes it back to his feet but then Harris comes in and kicks the knee from under Orton. Huge “Nexus sucks” chant and we go to break. We’re back from the break and Cole, King and Punk are talking about what just happened. Barrett then makes his official ring entrance. The GM emails Cole’s Blackberry and states that Nexus has been banned from ringside. Barrett is arguing with the ref and wants the bell rang if Orton doesn’t come back out but he does after a little bit struggling to put pressure on his leg while he walks down. They do the intros and Wade is smiling the whole time. Barrett goes to work on Orton’s leg right off the get go. Orton tries to fight back but Wade continues to focus on the injured leg. Orton finally gets his modified back breaker but Barrett gets Waist Land and goes to for the pin by Cena stops the ref and beats on Barrett and hits him with the AA. Nexus runs off Cena and Wade gets hit by the RKO for the pin and the win. God dammit.

Winner: Randy Orton

THE MIZ’S MUSIC HITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE IS CASHING IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. The Miz

The bell rings and they circle Orton tries to battle Miz off a few times but Miz goes for the leg and focuses on it. Miz rams Orton’s leg into the ring post several times. Miz goes for the SCF but Orton fights it off and lands a stiff uppercut. Orton then hits his rolling powerslam and is setting up for the RKO! He goes for it but Miz turns it into the SKULL CRUSHING FINALE!!!! 1…..2…THREEEEE!!!! THE MIZ IS WWE CHAMPION!!!!

Winner: The Miz

After the match The Miz celebrates with the WWE Title on the ring post while the crowd looks on shocked! Miz and Riley walk up to the ramp to celebrate and we are OUT!


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