Survivor Series Thoughts & Review


United States Champion Daniel Bryan submits Ted DiBiase

Lights went out for a moment.

Loved the early chain wrestling from Bryan in the beginning. Nice counter to Dibiase’s leap frog with a quick boot. Huge axe handle by DiBiase from the top turnbuckle to Bryan’s head on the ring apron. Really cool and effective leg trip by DiBiase.

DiBiase brought his A-game tonight. His counters to Bryan’s offense looked crisp and believable. Awesome curtain jerker and it was arguably DiBiase’s best match to date since he’s been in the WWE.

John Morrison pins Sheamus

Morrison bumped his ass off for Sheamus here. I really wasn’t expecting this awesome finish. Sheamus still came off strong as hell here and Morrison looked like a budding contender to the WWE World Title. I thought the first match was excellent but Morrison and Sheamus matched it in intensity and excitement move for move. Bravo to both wrestlers.

Dolph Ziggler pins Kaval

I officially hate Ziggler’s quick pin after his snap fireman’s carry. This match was almost perfect with an exception of a lethargic crowd and cheap finish. Kaval did everything he could to get the crowd into it but Ziggler would KILL any sort of momentum or heat with boring offense, like weak ass strikes like elbows and headbutts. Kaval impressed but this sorry crowd didn’t appreciate him at all.

Awesome promo by Del Rio with his team in the back.

Survivor Series Elimination Rules
Team Mysterio defeats Team Del Rio
Rey Mysterio and Big Show survive

Dashing Cody Rhodes is gold. Kofi slapped DCR’s face and he went ballistic and went to assess the damage in his jacket mirror. Awesome. ADR was knocked out by the Big Show even though he wasn’t the legal man. The finish didn’t make sense since ADR didn’t come back to the ring. It’d be weird if he was legit knocked out by the Big Show. Decent match but it won’t crack anyone’s top ten Survivor Series matches lists.

Natalya defeats Co-Diva’s Champions LayCool

Short match that put Natalya and Beth Phoenix over in the end. I’m glad the title is on a woman that can truly wrestle with the best of them.

World Champion Kane & Edge wrestle to a draw. Kane retains.

Plodding match with a lame finish. Whatever mojo Kane had around Summerslam is now gone. The match was okay with some cool spots like Kane doing his flying clothesline while Edge was crotched on the rope. Not sure why they felt they had to have such a meaningless and disappointing finish.

WWE Tag Team Champions Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel defeat Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov

It served its purpose of keeping the titles on the Nexus. The Nexus interference was no surprise but it was a necessity.

Free or Fired
WWE Champion Randy Orton defeats Wade Barrett

I think this kills the Nexus unless Wade Barrett wins the title tomorrow night on Raw. Who cares about a faction that can’t produce a legitimate threat to the WWE Championship? I’ve officially lost interest in the whole Nexus storyline since they’re not going to deliver a Wade Barrett title run anytime soon. I hope they prove me wrong.

Cena is fired which means he’s going to come back in the Royal Rumble to win it and get a title shot. Where does this leave the Undertaker or the Miz or even HHH? How do they even get John Cena back into the WWE? Do you even care? Because the writers at really don’t. A title change would have made the most sense and been the most interesting outcome tonight. A finish that gets over Cena and Orton at the same time doesn’t really do much for anybody else on the roster.

I liked the Bryan and Natalya wins. And I really liked the way DiBiase came out of his shell tonight and proved he could hold his own in the ring. Color me impressed and I’m looking forward to what he’s going to get into in the future.

Overall, this ppv left a lot to be desired. The opening matches were great but the quality in wrestling decreased as the card approached its main event. Kudos to Bryan, Kaval, Ziggler, DiBiase, Sheamus and Morrison for working their asses off tonight. All three of their respective matches were good despite the lackluster crowd who were obviously there solely for Orton and John Cena.

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