Live Survivor Series Updates


Join us as we give live match by match updates for Survivor Series!

Show opens with a dramatic ‘What Will Cena Do?’ package.

First Match…

United States Champion Daniel Bryan vs. Ted DiBias

  • Huge axe handle by DiBiase from the top turnbuckle to Bryan’s head on the ring apron.
  • Huge dropkick to DiBiase that sent him to the turnbuckle.
  • Awesome suicide dive by Bryan. Bryan sells an injury to his shoulder from a hard landing.
  • Missile Drop Kick for a two count.
  • Both men get some solid offense in and exchange close pin attempts. Huge Bryan chants from the crowd.
  • Bryan counters Dream Street but gets spinebusted before he can rally.
  • Huge belly to back SUPERPLEX by Bryan! Two count.
  • Bryan tries to slap on the Lebell Lock but DiBiase sling shots him into the ring post for a two count.
  • Bryan finally gets on a solid Lebell Lock. DiBiase hangs on for a moment but taps.

WINNER: Daniel Bryan

Miz smashes Daniel Bryan on the stage with his briefcase. He grabs a mic:

  • He’s a proud citizen of the Cleve.
  • He compares the Miami Heat to the Nexus. They’re overrated and mediocre.
  • LeBron is the Wade Barrett of the NBA and D-Wade’s little sidekick.
  • LeBron will never be champion.
  • The Miz is tired of carrying the briefcase and it’s a matter of when he cashes it in.

John Morrison vs. Sheamus

  • Sick tope by Morrison to Sheamus on the outside.
  • Sheamus dominates the beginning of the match.
  • Sheamus rolls through a flying cross body into a powerslam. Two count.
  • Morrison dodges a Bro Kick and hits an enziguiri of his own.
  • Sheamus hits this odd inverted flapjack by pulling Morrison’s leg over his shoulder. Cool.
  • Sheamus misses a bro kick and gets caught up on the ropes. Morrison then destroys Sheamus’ head with a springboard roundhouse.
  • Morrison hits Sheamus with a flying knee to the dome. Pin attempt. One two three.

WINNER: John Morrison

Kaval vs. Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler

  • Back and forth match in the beginning.
  • Kaval hits his springboard cross body for a two count. Nice.
  • Kaval fights back and gets his signature kicks in.
  • Amazing springboard moonsault by Kaval for a two count.
  • Kaval hits his Muta-esque Tidal Crush Kick.
  • Ziggler gets Kaval in the Sleeper on the top turnbuckle.
  • Kaval knocks him off which leads to…
  • Kaval missing his Phoenix Splash but he lands on his feet.
  • Ziggler hits the legdrop bulldog for a two count.
  • Sleeper hold again but it’s countered by Kaval.
  • Kaval gets thrown to the ring post but LANDS on the top rope and hits a springboard roundhouse for a two count.
  • Both men exchange roll ups and packages for two counts.
  • Ziggler counters a forward roll by Kaval and pins him.
  • There goes Kaval’s title chance.

WINNER: Dolph Ziggler

Survivor Series Elimination Rules
Team Mysterio vs. Team Del Rio

  • HUGE pop for MVP!
  • Team Del Rio controls the beginning of the match with quick tags and cutting off the ring.
  • HUGE “We want Big Show” chant. Is Show Cuban or something?
  • MVP hits a nice exploder suplex into a Ballin’ Elbow.
  • Drew eliminates MVP with help from Del Rio holding MVP’s feet from the outside. Cheap. (Team Del Rio leads 5-4)
  • Chris Masters taps out to ADR’s Cross Arm Breaker. (Team Del Rio leads 5-3)
  • Big Show is tagged in to a huge pop.
  • ADR tags Drew in out of fear but gets KNOCKED OUT anyways.
  • Nice double team move by Show and Kofi with Show slamming Kofi’s leg on Drew’s head.
  • Big Show KNOCKS OUT Cody Rhodes. (Team Del Rio leads 4-3)
  • Swagger plays Superman and almost makes Show and Rey tap out.
  • Tyler Rek’s is eliminated by Kofi. (Tied 3-3 *Del Rio is still KO’d in the back)
  • Kofi is eliminated via Swagger’s Ankle Lock. (Team Del Rio leads 3-2)
  • Swagger is eliminated via Big Show assisted splash by Rey. (Tied 2-2)
  • Big Show chokeslams Drew. (Team Rey leads 2-1???)
  • They call for the bell even though Alberto Del Rio wasn’t the legal man when he was knocked out.

WINNERS: Team Rey Mysterio (Survivors:  Rey Mysterio and Big Show)

Co-Diva’s Champions LayCool vs. Natalya

  • LayCool takes control early.
  • Natalya suplexes BOTH of them.
  • Natalya holds her own against both ladies outside of the ring.
  • Natalya gets McCool in the Sharpshooter…and it’s over.

WINNER: New Diva’s Champion, Natalya

LayCool attack Natalya, which leads to Beth Phoenix returning to the ring and saving Natalya.
Beth Phoenix carries Natalya on her shoulders as they celebrate.

World Champion Kane vs. Edge

  • Back and forth match in the beginning.
  • Edge slams Kane’s leg against the pole and starts working Kane’s left leg.
  • Edge hits a flying cross body off the top rope for a close two count.
  • Edge counters Kane’s flying clothesline with a nice dropkick.
  • Kane boots Edge on a Spear attempt.
  • Edge KICKS OUT of a Kane Chokeslam. Wow.
  • Edge SPEARS Kane. One two three.

WINNER: New World Heavyweight Champion Edge

Wait, the ref waives it off since both men had their shoulders down. The title stays with the champion, Kane.

WINNER: Draw?!?

WWE Tag Team Champions Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel vs. Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov

  • Santino controls the beginning of the match to the crowd’s delight.
  • Koslov with a vicious headbutt to the belly of a flying Justin. Ouch.
  • Santino breaks out the Cobra but McGillicutty distracts him, which leads to Heath Slater hitting his Jumping Neckbreaker finisher for the win.

WINNERS: WWE Tag Team Champions Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel

Free or Fired
Wade Barrett vs. WWE Champion Randy Orton w/John Cena as Guest Ref.

  • Cena plays it straight in the beginning.
    Orton and Wade trade offensive flurries in the first half of the match.
    Wade gets some close two count pinfalls and tension starts to increase.
    Orton falls out of Barrett’s finisher but is greeted with a Big Bossman Slam.
    Orton hits his hanging DDT.
    Barrett slides out of the ring to avoid the RKO.
    Barrett hits his Wasteland finisher. Two count. Orton grabs the bottom rope.
    Barrett pushes Cena.
    Cena punches Barrett and Orton RKO’s Barrett. Cena makes the 3 count.

WINNER: Randy Orton and John Cena is fired.

The Nexus comes in and Randy and Cena fend them off.

  • Cena gets the WWE Title and presents it to Randy Orton and they hug.
    Orton raises the title and walks to the back.
    Cena takes off his wrist bands and lays them in the ring.
    Some of the crowd boos and some of it chants for Cena.
    Cena walks to the announcers and gives Cole a hug.
    He heads towards the entrance ramp and hugs a few fans/family along the way.
    He walks into the crowd, walks around the arena and hi-fives his fans as the camera stays on him.
    He makes it back to the entrance ramp and walks towards the back.

The show ends.

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