Smackdown Thoughts & Review [11. 19. 10]


Richmond, VA

Alberto Del Rio promo

  • ADR comes out in a classic European Rolls Royce.
  • He’s going to be the superstar of Survivor Series.
  • He’s going to lead Team Del Rio to victory.
  • He’s going to teach Team Mysterio a lesson like he did to Sgt. Slaughter on last Monday’s RAW.
  • He called Sgt. Slaughter a little action figure.
  • He’s the people’s real hero.

Cue MVP’s music.

  • MVP comes out in a very TRON-ish body suit.
    He says the WWE Universe wants him to punch ADR in the mouth.
    MVP name-drops some legends that paved the way for ADR. Huge pop for MVP.
    ADR says that MVP is never going to be a legend like ADR is now.
    ADR says the only person he’s fighting is Rey Rey and it doesn’t matter since MVP couldn’t handle him anyways.
    ADR calls out Drew McIntyre to face MVP.

Drew McIntyre vs. MVP

  • Never thought I’d root for Drew but he’s cool by association with ADR for the time being.
  • Sick overhead throw by MVP to start the match.
  • Nice sequence where Drew avoids a boot by holding onto the ropes, MVP spins and hits him with another boot. Lovely.
  • Sick exploder suplex by MVP.
  • Drive By Kick to Drew’s dome while he was kneeling. It’s over.


–I love that finisher. I haven’t seen it a while and I look forward to seeing it more. Drew held up his end of the match and looked solid.

EDGE Promo
Edge is talking to his hostage, Paul Bearer. Tormenting him with a plethora of mind games.

–A funny and diabolical Edge is pretty entertaining. Edge is showing off his acting chops here.

Chavo is talking to Teddy Long. Kane barges in. He’s furious. He wants to know where is daddy is. He thrashes the set as Teddy gets out of dodge.

Chris Masters vs. Jack Swagger

  • Swagger with a lovely guillotine takedown to start the match.
  • Swagger with a Swagger bomb for a two count.
  • Swagger jumps over the top rope to escape the Master Lock. Very cool counter.
  • Swagger drags Masters’ leg and slams it against the ring post.
  • Chop block by Swagger into an ankle lock. Masters fights for a little bit but it’s over.

WINNER: Jack Swagger

–Love that Matt Striker dropped Hercules Hernandez’ name. Decent match and the two Survivor Series teams are 1-1.

EDGE Promo
Edge says they’re gong to play a game of dodgeball. Edge taunts Bearer by throwing a soccer ball against the wall. Edge then starts hitting Bearer with the ball…hard – as the audience cheers.

Kaval vs. Dolph Ziggler

  • Damnit. Last thing I want to see is Kaval getting put to sleep or being pinned by Ziggler. Crap.
  • Ziggler has a mic and says he’s on a RAW and that Kaval’s chances of beating him are zero. I smell an upset.
  • Kaval with a handspring cross body. Dope.
  • Kaval counters a Zig Zag by holding on to the ropes.
  • Kaval with a Brooklyn Roll for a two-count.
  • Ziggler and Kaval exchange pin attempts and Kaval gets the last counter with a bridge for the three count. FIRST WIN FOR KAVAL! Let’s Dance!


Kaval gets on the mic:

Hey, Dolph. Remember that no-one you were talking about? Well he just beat you. And not too long ago he won that show called NXT and a championship match at a pay per view of his choice. Well guess what? I think I’ve made my decision. This Sunday at the Survivor Series it’s going to be me and you. I’m going to beat you once again and I’m going to become the brand new Intercontinental Champion!

Huge pop!

–Heh. Dig Kaval’s head rub into the logo gesture.

  • Striker called the purple-clad Vicky, “Barney”. Ouch.
  • Super short match but I’m glad Kaval got his first W.
  • Loved Kaval’s celebration. He actually hugged the ref! How can you not root for this dude?
  • Really like Kaval’s promo. It was brief and to the point and it got the crowd amped for his challenge. Who knew that a simple angle to build an IC Title defense would make so much sense?

EDGE Promo
Edge is giving Paul Bearer a joyride in his wheelchair. Yay.

Kofi Kingston vs. Dashing Cody Rhodes

  • Hard ass slap on DCR. DCR sells it hardcore and even runs out of the ring to check his face in his walkout jacket mirror. Classic!
  • Hard knee to the gut by DCR.
  • Kofi with a high cross body off the top turnbuckle for two.
  • Kofi with a Boom Drop.
  • Great sequence: DCR ducks Trouble in Paradise, Kofi dodges DCR’s Beautiful Disaster kick. Then DCR rolls up Kofi for a quick two count. Nice.
  • Kofi tried to escape a waist lock but DCR pulls his tights to set up and hit the Cross Roads for the W.

WINNER: Dashing Cody Rhodes

–Very good match. These two definitely have chemistry together. I hope they get some time in the ring together at Survivor Series and actually have a feud after the pay per view. Team Del Rio leads 2-1.

Kane bitches and moans about his daddy to Eva Mendez. Boo hoo hoo. I know this sounds sick but she looks really cute all terrified. Wait…

LayCool vs. Kelly Kelly & Natalya

  • I wonder if Kelly will even get some burn in the ring.
  • Wow. Kelly starts the match off in the ring and hits a nice Thesz Press on Layla.
  • Natalya hits a nice wheelbarrow suplex on McCool.
  • Double boot by LayCool for the W.


–Okay. That was seriously short. Not sure how that’s suppose to build up the Diva’s match at SS.

Edge Promo
Edge is eating a feast in front of a starving Paul Bearer. Edge starts slapping Paul with food. Edge is a big meanie.

Kane is in an abandoned room seething. He roars and yells and then starts to break down. I’m surprised he didn’t start laughing.

Big Show vs. Tyler Reks

  • Riiiight. There’s no way Reks is beating Show. Nice way to make the score even at 2-2.
  • Reks with strikes and knocks Show down with a drop kick to his left leg.
  • Show catches Reks’ boot and clotheslines him.
  • Show with a hip slash and a shoulder block.
  • Chokeslam. Over.

WINNER: Big Show

–Yep. The teams are tied 2-2.

Josh Mathews interviews Alberto Del Rio:

  • ADR says everybody is going to witness his greatness at Survivor Series.

They cut to the garage and Edge is there with Paul Bearer in a wheelchair.

  • Kane finds him in a white van.
  • Edge jumps off the white van with a flying cross body.
  • Edge jumps into the van and takes off as Kane chases them.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Rey Mysterio

  • Rey comes out in a Silver/El Santo colorway.
  • I smell some run-ins and a pier six brawl coming.
  • ADR with a nice kick to the belly.
  • Rey with a sick short roundhouse to ADR’s head.
  • ADR rolls away from a 619 as his teammates come down to attack Rey. There ya have it.
  • Rey’s team comes down to make the save.

Bell rings, no contest.  Teddy comes out and declares it a Battle Royal. Boo.

Ten Man Survivor Series Showdown Battle Royal

  • Masters punches DCR out first. (Team Rey 5-4)
  • Reks pulls the ropes down on Masters. (Tied 4-4)
  • Kofi sends Reks to the floor with a bodyscissors-‘rana. (Team Rey 4-3)
  • Drew kicks Kofi off. (Tied 3-3)
  • ADR throws MVP out. (Team Del Rio 3-2)
  • Show throws Drew out. (Tied 2-2)
  • Rey headscissors Del Rio out of the ring. (Team Rey 2-1)
  • Swagger pump kicks Show’s head and then gets Rey into an Ankle Lock.
  • Show boots Swagger in the 619 position, which Rey hits. That sends Swagger into a chokeslam, which sends him out of the ring.

WINNERS: Team Mysterio

–That was quick. I almost wish they did a finisher rally like they did a month ago when the Raw stars came over. This finish should mean that Team Del Rio wins at Survivor Series.

I hate Battle Royals unless it takes place in January and it’s called the Royal Rumble. Even Ricardo Rodriguez is playing his part perfectly. His annoyed expressions are classic. Hopefully he’ll be given some ring time in the future.

The Show Overall

Not to keen on the quick LayCool squash. Let’s hope they’re saving a lot more for their pay per view handicap match.

Good show that packed in a lot within two hours. Everything had a purpose and Kaval won, which is always a win in my opinion.

I love that Del Rio’s roll is now a major part of Smackdown. He was pretty much the focal point of tonight’s show besides Edge and Kane. I’m not comparing Del Rio to the Nature Boy just yet but I can see the WWE making a lot of money creating house shows and pay per views based around who can beat Alberto Del Rio for the title if he ever becomes champion. ADR is someone people love to root against and is officially a top 3 heel in the company minus anybody who trains and hangs with HHH.

I’m thinking the belt goes on Edge just so ADR can take it off of him. Make it happen, WWE!

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