Its elimination night!

Striker brings the rookies down to the ring as usual and we’re off to the first challenge… how well do you know your WWE Pro… if the pro and rookie answers match they get a point or some shit. Striker asks, When I first say my rookie I thought she was _____.  Rate your rookie and Who does their rookie think should be eliminated tonight… AJ wins this one.

Naomi w/Kelly Kelly beat Kaitlyn w/Vicki. Vicki comes out before her rookie and talks shit about her while she intro’s her. Cole and Josh talk shit to each other the whole time and Cole talks shit about JR from last night. Vicki and Kaitlyn argue during the whole match. As for the match, wasn’t the wrong match of the season, it was ok for a rookie match. Vicki and Kaitlyn argue the whole way to the back.

Aksana in the back trying to apologize to Goldust and she compares their relationship to Gollum in Lord of the Rings! Haha She gives him daisy’s and says she needs his help in her match tonight. Goldust reluctantly says ok but he aint happy.

AJ w/Primo beat Aksana w/Goldust. Goldust was coming down with Aksana but then throws his flowers down and has a seat with the rest of the pros. Aksana played up the heel roll dumping AJ to the outside then holding the ropes for her only to throw her back to the outside. Cole takes a call at ringside again. Aksana with an interesting submission, check it out pulling shit out on her last night. AJ gets the armbar for the tap out victory.

The next competition is Diss the Diva… they all take turns talking shit on each other while Cole chants boring. Kaitlyn and Aksana fight. Kaitlyn calls this shit a train wreck, hun you aint lying. Cole is now talking to people in the crowd… Naomi wins this one.

But AJ gets immunity as she has the most wins since the last elimination. The pros huddle to make their choice.

We get a promo for the Orton vs. Barrett match which has a lot of footage of sad faced Cena.

Striker says the pros questions about the rookies and what they look for. The Bella’s argue and Nicki talks shit about the rookies. Fox feels like she’s an employee at Diva Daycare. Bitch says its not Disney but the WWE and fumbles over her words… Christ give this chick a script.

Striker has the rookies at ringside and reminds us that AJ is save and the eliminated rookie is… to the surprise of no one… Aksana. Bitch pretends to faint at ringside. She says it was a mistake and how she’s going to go to Vince’s office and some other shit about being back. Goldust stops her before she leaves and serves her with divorce papers.

Ok I take back what a said a couple of weeks ago but not to worry this shit it ALMOST over.


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