Smackdown Thoughts & Review [11. 12. 10]


They open with a package about David Otunga’s fate if he loses on tonight’s episode of Smackdown. Wow. That’s tons of focus and hype on David Otunga’s match with Edge.

Manchester, England

Edge comes out to a huge ovation. Seriously, this was probably as big or bigger than any ovation he’s gotten from his native Canada. He has a mic:

  • He talks about being TEN TIME World Heavyweight Champion.
  • He begins to talk about Otunga – which brings out the Nexus.

The Nexus surround the ring – which brings out Vicky Guerrero.

She tells the Nexus to stand down or else Otunga loses his match and gets booted from the band.

Vicky states that Edge vs. Otunga will be somewhat of a lumberjack match with the Nexus and the Smackdown roster surrounding the ring.
She asks them to shake hands like “fine Englishmen”.

They shake hands and as soon as Otunga walks away, Edge spears him off the ring apron onto the rest of the Nexus members.

–Odd that Edge came out looking quite normal without any rock star gear nor the swanky black leather motorcycle jacket.

It was refreshing to see Vicky play it straight without the over-the-top screeching. Good segment that made you feel like the first hour main event is really going to mean something.

Alberto Del Rio is driving into the arena.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Kofi Kingston

  • As much as I dig Kofi, dude needs to put ADR over.
  • ADR pushes Kofi into the corner and gives him dickish pats to the face.
  • Kofi with a very dope suicide dive! Very nice.
  • In a dope sequence: Kofi counters a backbody drop and balances himself on the ring apron, ADR hits his springboard enziguiri that blasts Kofi to the outside. Very very sick!
  • ADR moves out of the way of Kofi’s Trouble in Paradise.
  • ADR pulls Kofi’s arm into the corner post.
  • ADR dropkicks Kofi’s arm against the post. Ouch.
  • ADR rushes back in, slaps on the Cross Arm Breaker and its ovah.

WINNER: Alberto Del Rio

ADR looks like he may or may not attack Kofi while he’s down.
Rey Rey, in a White Stripes colorway, comes out, rushes into the ring, enziguiri’s ADR and hits the 619 to a HUGE POP.

–Nothing like seeing two of the more talented wrestlers in the company go at it for the first time. Seriously, they’re both as talented as any of the guys at the top. Loved the dueling “Let’s go Del Rio/Let’s go Kofi” chants.

The Nexus are in the back stressing the main event. Otunga begs them to try their best and reminds them of their solidarity. It sounded like a lame pep talk in a playground football huddle. Go Nexus.

Natalya vs. Layla

  • A brief period of some very nice mat work at the beginning.
  • Hanging vertical suplex by Natalya! Colour me impressed.
  • Sick kick and drop kick by Layla. Layla has her wrestling boots on tonight.
  • Natalya grabs Layla hanging off her back and hits a backbreaker.
  • VERY STRONG tornado clothesline by Natalya. Looked great.
  • Natalya catches Layla’s kick and slaps on the Sharpshooter. Done.

WINNER: Natalya

–Hot damn. Layla looks amazing. This was the best divas match I’ve seen in a long time. It wasn’t lengthy or anything but both women put in a solid effort with a decent finish. They might as well put the strap on Natalya since she’s arguably the best female worker right now in the company.


  • Kane and Bearer are in a hall with an eerie orange-hue. Cheesy horror sounds are in the back.
  • Kane talks about Edge and the Big Show and that he’s the champ. Period.

–I wouldn’t mind seeing Edge take the strap since Kane’s momentum is all but gone since Urn-Flashlight Gate. Seriously, seeing Barrett, Edge or Miz leave Survivor Series with the major singles titles would be nice to see.

Edge vs. David Otunga

  • It’s a shame that Nexus hoodie has some stupid slogan on the back. I’d almost rock it if it was plain in the back. Almost.
  • The Smackdown roster heads out to a nice pop. They intimidate the Nexus and push them back to the ramp.
  • Edge throws Otunga out of the ring and Rey actually gets a little kick in the belly. Interesting since it’s almost out of character for him.
  • Otunga gets thrown out again and gets STOMPED on by Finlay, Reks, Goldust and others. Nice.
  • Edge gets thrown out of the ring and lands on the “heel” side of the ring occupied by Swagger, ADR and Drew McIntyre. ADR pulls his legs off the apron and does some damage. Otunga takes control.
  • Otunga’s short ass tights start going all Lex Luger on him. Pull them down, bro!
  • Edge hits a nice baseball slide to the back of ADR’s head. This erupts the Smackdown roster.
  • Edge goes for the spear but hits Lil Perfect.
  • Kane comes in and chokeslams Edge. Nice.
  • Otunga goes for the cover. Uno, dos, tres.

WINNER: David Otunga

–Pretty pleased with the outcome since I still think Otunga can develop more as a Nexus member than being Darren Young Part 2.

Nice to see that the heels still act like heels even though Nexus is the common enemy for everybody.

Intercontinental Championship: MVP vs. Dolph Ziggler

  • Sick pump kick to Ziggler’s head while he was kneeling down.
  • Ziggler hits for a close two count.
  • Ziggler jumps off the top turnbuckle and his face runs into MVP’s boot. Brutal.
  • Ziggler hits a VERY SLOPPY Zig Zag out of nowhere and gets the three count despite MVP’s foot being on the ropes.


–Nice, hard-hitting match that didn’t deliver at the end. It’s a shame that the finish ruined what looked to be a promising match. MVP kicked the hell out of Ziggler’s dome throughout the whole match and he never let up. Hopefully, there will be a rematch. I sense some good chemistry between the two.

Dashing Cody Rhodes comes out with a mic:

  • He talks about relations between England, himself and America.
  • He then goes on to diss English teeth.
  • “Summer Teeth”. Some are yellow. Some are rotten…
  • He gives some dental hygiene gifts to the crowd like a toothbrush and mouthwash.

He runs a video:

Dashing Cody Rhodes Grooming Tips
DCR talks about flossing and knowing is half the battle. He practices his smile, which got me laughing out loud.

“God save the queen and God save your teeth.”

–DCR just hit a homerun here. That is all. Push DCR now….well, after you push ADR.

Kane is furiously looking for Paul Bearer throughout the halls of the arena.

Kane vs. The Big Show

  • I hate it when champ comes out first. Boo.
  • Kane dropkicks Show’s left leg and goes to town on it.
  • Show hits a Vader bomb for a two count.
  • Both men go for chokeslams and Kane clotheslines Show and himself out of the ring.
  • They show Paul Bearer tied up to a chair watching the match on a monitor in the back.
  • Kane hits his flying clothesline for a two count.
  • Kane gains momentum and then…


  • Edge comes out with the tied up Bearer on the stage.
  • Edge threatens to roll Bearer off the stage.
  • Kane is obviously distracted and is caught in a chokeslam and we’re done.

WINNER: Big Show

Edge tells Bearer to say goodbye to his son and takes him away as Kane watches in torment.

End of show.

–Nothing to say here really. The big men did a classic big men battle with a soft finish. I’ll assume they’re saving a real finish between Kane and Show for a PPV encounter. I guess.

The Show Overall

The first main event with Edge and Otunga was way more compelling than the kidnap angle. This is the type of thing that separates Pro Wrestling/Sports Entertainment from Mixed Martial Arts and not in a good way. Why can’t Edge and Kane fight because Edge is the number one contender? Why does the WWE have to tarnish a future World Heavyweight Title defense with such a carny ass angle?

The wrestling was strong but some of the finishes were weak tonight. From the Divas match to the Intercontinental Title defense everybody seemed to be wrestling on all cylinders. MVP vs. Ziggler can certainly be done again.

I actually look forward to Natalya’s handicap match at Survivor Series. Hopefully, McTaker will bring her A-game and bring Natalya her first womens title in a good match. I know Layla will bring it like she always does.

ADR and DCR are the two unsung heroes of this show. Both men have great mic work and their ring abilities are just as strong. I look forward to the day when both men are in the main event scene consistently.

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