11-11-10 TNA IMPACT! Report


And the name of tonight’s episode… Night of the Immortals…

Immortal start the show coming to the ring gloating about their wins at the ppv. I don’t get this Fortune hand gesture, it doesn’t make sense. Emo Hardy said the ppv match was his coming out party!? He get calls called overrated by the crowd, so maybe the heel turn IS working…? Hogan gives Hardy is new TNA World Title belt that looks just as the Diva’s butterfly Title?! Looks like a create-a-belt with Hardy’s cartoon face on it. Christ. Hogan dumps the old title in the trash. The Pope, Samoa Joe, RVD and Matt Morgan all show scattered in the crowd. They are all pissy. Hogan’s crew is gonna set up matches. This segment ran too god damn long and really accomplished nothing but bring out this Hardy-centric title belt.

Flair, Bischoff and Hogan chit-chat in the back about tonight’s matches. Can’t they just announce the matches while the guys come out TO wrestle!?

Robbie E and Cookie in the back but I don’t understand a think they said.

X Division Champion Roddie E & Cookie beat Jay Lethal and Knockout Tag Team Champion Tyler Wild. I’ve come to realize that I hate mixed tag matches. Remember when Lethal was cutting dope promos with Flair? Yeah, it wasn’t that long ago but it sure feels like it…

Team 3D cut a heartfelt promo about retiring and in typical Russo booking Brother Ray beats on Brother Devon… What a huge fuck up. WWE tried to split these dudes before and that shit did NOT work…

Samoa Joe beat TNA Security Gunner and Murphy in a handicap match. Fucking TNA doing the wrestling security angle… AGAIN. At least this two aren’t fat fucks. Jarrett jumps Joe with a nightstick after the match and Kurt Angle makes the safe.

The Pope jumps Bischoff and Aybss in the bathroom. Shitty.

Kazarian beat RVD when Rhino turned on RVD and gored him. Ok shit in this one, Kazarian sold the whole time but looked good in doing so taking back body drops into the sky. Dreamer comes out to check on RVD and he gets a chair to the back from Rhino for his troubles. Does a Rhino turn matter at this juncture? TNA hasn’t had him any shit in a long ass time. Shit, there are times I forget Rhino is in TNA.

And that’s TWO heel turns so far on this show…

Pope keeps beating up Bischoff and asking him questions but then keeps telling him to shut up. He then dresses him up like the Pope with glasses, a rag on his head and a rope chain. Pope now wants Bischoff to rap. Hogan is pissed in his office and wants Abyss to fix this shit.

TNA Television Champion AJ Styles beat Stevie Richards with a botched Styles Clash. Richards didn’t land good on that. Good match, its funny how you can see the aging on the ECW guys but Richards still looks sharp in the ring and still looks the same as back in the day. Solid superkick from Stevie onto AJ who was coming off the top rope.

Pope had Biscoff in the casket. After the break Pope wheels Eric out only get to stopped by Abyss. They brawl for a while before Pope gets the best of Abyss. This goes on until Eric nut shots Pope. Abyss then puts Pope in the casket and rams him against the stage.

Douglass Williams & Beer Money w/Ric Flair in a handicap match to get a rematch with Hardy. Match #2 of this style. During the match Bischoff gets on commentary and is all pissed n shit. Beer Money and Flair walk out on Williams leaving him to lose the match. Hardy shows up on the screen but then he comes out while the video is playing and beats up on Morgan hitting a Twist of Hate and a Swanton.

Why do these TNA shows feel like they are 8 hours long!?


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