Show starts with Cena in the ring behind a Nexus podium, he reads from an old timey scroll which intro’s Wade Barrett who gets a mixed reaction. Josh in on commentary with Cole, King has a knee injury. Nexus comes out with Wade and he says he couldn’t have said this any better since he did write it for Cena. Wade wants a championship celebration tonight but first he needs to deal with some shit that happened last Friday on Smackdown. He’s pissed Otunga went into business for himself when he took Nexus to Smackdown and they got served. Wade then gives Cena shit for not seeing the blind tag between Wade and Otunga. Cena makes light of what happened but Wade brings up the serious shit that’s going to happen at the ppv.

Cena says he will beat some ass no matter what happens at the ppv but Wade isn’t having it and Cena’s going to do what Wade tells him to do. Wade then tells Cena to tell the crowd that HE is the new WWE Champion as practice. Before he can open his mouth again Randy Orton shows up. He don’t give a shit about what happens to Cena he just wants to make sure Wade doesn’t get the title…. We get a fucking email… the GM says Wade’s celebration has been canceled. Also the ppv match is now a submission match and Nexus is banned from ringside. The GM also says tonight will be Team Barrett vs. Team Orton in a 10 man tag team match, the GM is picking Orton’s team. Cena is the ref, shocking I know. We get pissy Cena when he pushed over the podium and then Otunga. Tired of seeing Cena as ref before the ppv. End of lack luster segment.

Eve & The Bella’s beat Maryse, Tamina & Alicia Fox with the Bella switch-a-roo. All of them are wearing soccer team outfits. Josh says he hates soccer, preach on brother. I much prefer Josh in this role right now than the King.

Nexus in the back and Otunga’s all pissed off trying to play the role when Wade comes in and tells Otunga he’s wrestling against Cena and not in the main event with the rest of Nexus. Wade wants to know if the shit David said last week about being the best is true… not so much.

Has anyone heard how much Knucklehead did while it was in theaters for two days? Look that shit up, its hilarious!

The Uso’s beat The Hart Dynasty with a big splash off the top rope for the pin. Finally the Uso’s get a clean win on the Harts.

Tea Time with Santino tonight… his guest… Sheamus. Anyone smell another John Morrison save here?…

Old school WWF WWE next week.

Striker in the back with Orton, he’s asked about his team tonight. He cares who his team is when the Miz walks in and says HE is on Team Orton. Orton is annoyed.

Nexus in the back when Otunga walks back in but they just looked annoyed with his ass. He yaps about them having his back tonight. Gabriel wants to know if Wade knows about this shit. Otunga says its all good and he’ll see them out there later. Good luck with that shit.

Goldust beats Ted DiBiase w/Maryse again. Maryse tried to take the belt but Aksana shows up, smacks the shit out of Maryse and jacks the MDC belt and runs off. The saga continues…

John Cena beat David Otunga w/Nexus. Before the match Wade comes out and calls Nexus back to the locker room, this fool was alone and tries to bounce but Cena brings his ass back to the ring to beat him up, AA him and make him tap with the STF.

Otunga in the back icing his neck when Wade comes in and gives him shit about last week losing this match on RAW, then losing on Smackdown and now losing tonight. Wade says he wants Otunga to take Nexus back with him to Smackdown. Otunga will wrestle Edge and if he cant beat him he is OUT of Nexus. Lets go Edge, lets go… clap, clap!

Santino comes out Tea Time, he and Kozlov are dressed up in English style suits. There is a table in the ring with linens, tea and desserts. Sheamus comes out but he isn’t dressed for this, he must have not read the evite all the way, geez Sheamus. All three sit down and Santino tells Sheamus that they got off on the wrongs foots and how they have ginger tea… oops. Sheamus tells Santino he’s just misunderstood and compares him to someone back home that people called the village idiot. Santino pours tea and makes jokes about Sheamus’ skin color. Looks like Sheamus is trying not to laugh. Santino says either Sheamus was exposed to gamma rays or he was excluded from playing with other kids because he’s a ginger, but Santino isn’t going to exclude him so he wont treat him like a ghost cause ghosts aren’t as white as he is. Kozlov chimes in and says Sheamus doesn’t like Santino because he beat him. Thanks Kozlov and we get a KOZLOV chant. Santino spills tea on Sheamus nervously and not Sheamus is throwing tables over… we get a fucking email… the GM says its Sheamus vs. Santino right now and Kozlov has to hit the bricks.

Sheamus beat Santino by DQ when Santino nut shots Sheamus. Santino, who was wearing his ring gear under his suit but still wrestles in dress pants and shoes. There was an email during the match when Santino was trying to escape saying wrestle or be suspended. It didn’t go well for Santino after the match even with John Morrison making the save.

Cena in the back watching the WrestleMania commercial, fool you haven’t seen this shit enough!? Wade is now behind Cena, he plays up WrestleMania like he’s been there and says it would be a shame for Cena not to know what that feels like anymore but he can as long as he does the ring thing at the Survivor Series.

Rerun of the Stand Up For WWE of the second generation guys.

Wade Barrett and The Nexus beat WWE Champion Randy Orton, R-Truth, United States Champion Daniel Bryan, Mark Henry and The Miz w/Alex Riley with John Cena as the ref when The Miz turns on his team, has Riley hit Orton in the stomach with the briefcase and hits the SCF for the Wade pin. Cole gets all huggy n shit with Riley before the match, it was creepy. Shit break down during the match which leads to both teams regrouping and David Otunga coming down to ringside.

After the match Nexus carry Wade on their shoulders on the stage, notice the look on Otunga’s face while he’s doing this, not happy.

Calling it now, Wade Barrett’s title reign will be the shortest when Miz comes out and cashes in on his ass…

Another lack luster RAW that only focused on pushing Orton vs. Barrett and nothing on the undercard so far for the Survivor Series.

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