11-04-10 TNA IMPACT! Thoughts…


The show starts with a recap of this concussion angle, not sure how I feel about this being an angle especially in TNA. Are they really going to build a ppv main event around Matt Morgan?! God I hope not.

Opening segment saw Eric Bischoff and Ric Flair kick Morgan out of Fortune, THEY, The Immortals, whatever the fuck you wanna call it. Bischoff pulls some same ol’ shit calling out Mr. Anderson who they play off isn’t there, if he beats Bischoff he’s back on the ppv. Bischoff beats up the ref to prove a point and fires him. YAWN.

ECW EV2 argue in the back, Fortune comes in and AJ yells a lot about the ppv. He’s hanging with Flair too much. Oops RVD takes a gore on accident.

Recap of Hardy (the “normal” one) taking out Anderson. Tenay and Taz do a phone in with Anderson, he plays it up.

The Beautiful People in the back, Velvet wants to do this shit alone tonight. Gee, I wonder how this will end. Katie Lea Birchill stalks Angelina again. When does this go Single White Female?

Serita beat Velvet Sky with a Powerbomb. So strange to see a woman’s match go this long but then again that isn’t a bad thing.

Bischoff throws punches and he and Jarrett talk about Angle or some shit, I wasn’t paying attention.

Flair makes Douglass and Kazarian wrestle tonight. Douglass wants to cut a promo so he tells Kristy. This was kind of cool and innovative until they drop Anderson’s (who isn’t there) mic from the sky. Sigh.

Inc. Ink and Mickie James beat Generation ME and Tara. I like the look of “country” Mickie but that’s it. Don’t like the music or them playing up she’s country. Tara is wearing shirt that says Cougar on it, fuck is Tara even old enough to be a cougar!? Mickie hit a Hurrancanranna off the top rope on Max Buck which was cool. The good guys get beat up after the match.

Stupid segment with Orlando Jordan and Eric Young seeing a relationship therapist to fix their tag team woes.

Team 3D in the back talking to the MCMG’s about their match at their ppv. It’s a love fest, get a room.

Jarrett come out in his cool guy skeleton t-shirt. He talks shit about Angle and apologizes to Samoa Joe from throwing him off the stage and of course he apologizes it wasn’t a higher stage. Jarrett then basically recycle’s Hardy’s comment saying he didn’t sell out, he sold in. The Undertaker Samoa Joe then comes from under the stage and beats up Jarrett and he security dudes.

RVD is baked in the back not knowing who he can trust. Well, stop smoking weed… dude.

TV Champion AJ Styles beat RVD and Rhino in a triple threat. Ok match, seemed a little sloppy.

RVD and Rhino argue after the match and ECW EV2 come out to break shit up but Dreamer and RVD argue more about this not trusting anyone shit. Dreamer wants RVD at the ppv… whooopeeee.

Abyss breathes and grunts a lot in the back on The Pope.

Kazarian rolls up Douglass Williams for the pin with Flair on commentary and Beer Money at ringside which leads to the pin when Douglass and Storm accidentally bump into each other when Storm’s dumb ass was on the ring apron. Flair makes peace between his crew after the match.

Pope cuts a backstage promo in the back, dude has always been solid. Even when he ain’t saying shit.

Back to the Young/Jordan therapy session… Jordan says he’s bi… Eric says polar. Sigh.

The Pope beats Abyss by DQ when Abyss starts to beat up on “fans” from the crowd. Pope wants to do this shit again at the ppv in a Lumberjack match…. The fans are the lumberjacks!? Not a good idea.

Robbie E and Cookie promo in the back about their X Division title match at the ppv. Fuck I hope this doesn’t win the title. I don’t watch that show for a reason and I don’t want to watch it in wrestling.

Bischoff comes out for this challenge against Anderson, it obviously doesn’t happen which leads to Bischoff beating on Jeremy Borash. Matt Morgan jumps Bischoff and signs the contract for the ppv so he IS wrestling Hardy at the ppv. So you build up this ppv with Anderson in the commericals yet at the last minute you put Morgan in it instead!? Stupid.

Peace out.


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