All the rookies come out in Halloween outfits… AJ as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle… Naomi and Hamburger Helper… Kaitlyn as Vicki…Maxine in a wintery outfit…Aksana as the devil. Striker has them explain their costumes as the challenge…

Aksana explains she’s a devil and then poses to music!?

Maxine explains she’s the ice queen. She tells Striker that he knows what cold water does to a man.

Kaitlyn does her best “excuse me” and goes into her official consultant of Smackdown bit and has a Vicki tantrum.

Naomi she explains how she is hamburger helpful, a tasty meal…

AJ explains she’s a Ninja turtle and Striker says he has a “splinter”.

Kaitlyn wins as Vicki.

Striker calls Cole and Josh, Todd Pettingill and Shawn Mooney. Hahaha!

Ted and Maryse are in the back for some reason.

Naomi /Kelly Kelly vs. Maxine w/Alicia Fox

The rookies are going to wrestle in these Halloween costumes… this is weird. They end up fighting over by Cole and Josh. This is more of a cat fight than a match. Not as big a cluster fuck as last week but not good.

Winner: Naomi

Goldust and Aksana in the back when the INS agent comes in and warns Goldust he’s going to take her ass away.

Bre Bella w/Nicki vs. AJ w/Primo

AJ is still a turtle, hot. Bre ends up on the outside to argue with her sister, Primo comes over and tells him she knows what she is doing. AJ for the most part stays on top of Bre not giving her breathing room. The Bella’s do the switch and Nicki hits the X Factor for the pin.

Winner: Bre Nicki

Ted and Maryse are in the back and Maryse doesn’t want to be there. But he wants to get his belt back. She said he can buy another one but he wants the one that’s been in the family for 20 years and he wants her to help him

The next contest is an eating contest with Halloween candy.Hornswoggle comes out to get in this shit too. He’s dressed a cowboy… someone’s going to throw up. Maxine finally wins some shit, such a little piggy. She starts shit with Hornswoggle only to get pushed by AJ. Kaitlyn is choking so Hornswoggle does the Heimlich and ends up spitting up on Vicki. She aint happy and walks off. Cole calls NXT the “shortest episodic show on television history” haha funniest shit he’s ever said.

Vicki’s in her locker room giving Dolph an ear full and Kaitlyn comes to the door and Ziggler takes time to hit on her saying she looks good in this outfit.

Next week Goldust and Aksana get married…

Goldust & Aksana vs. Ted DiBiase & Maryse

Cole and Josh must NOT be mic’d cause they are talking some straight up shit this week, saying this shit might not be on the air next week and Cole calling it a “wrasslin” show. We’re starting off with Aksana and Maryse… oh man. Aksana has her “dukes up”. This is kinda hot. Ha. Kinda sad that Aksana is making Maryse look like a vet of 15 years. Finally Goldust and Ted tag in and we get a high paced exchange by both. Cole and Josh hope there is an open bar for the wedding last week, now THAT would be amazing. Aksana pins Maryse with a small package. After the match Ted takes the belt and hands it to Maryse only to have it taken away by Aksana. Goldust and Aksana then take off will in possession of the title.

Winner: Goldust & Aksana

The end… oh and we have an elimination next week by the way.


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