10-25-10 WWE RAW REVIEW (Guest Host Toby Keith)


Show opened with Nexus and Wade Barrett boasting about taking out Taker last night and how they have their “reasons” on what they did. Wade then has Cena explain what happened in his match with Orton. Cena makes light of what happened but Wade isn’t happy about that shit or what happened. Cena and Barrett banter back and forth which leads to an email… the GM says Wade gets a rematch and sets a guest ref but that spot is chosen by the winner of Orton and any member of Nexus. Wade picks Cena. Otunga gets on the mic to bitch about how they won the tag titles and wants Cena fired for it. Barrett sets up Cena & Otunga vs. Slater & Gabriel for the tag titles…!?

WWE Tag Team Champions John Cena & David Otunga vs. Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel

Before the match starts Wade stops them and says Nexus doesn’t fight amongst themselves so someone needs to do the job, and he said that person is David Otunga! Otunga is pissed about that shit. He finally talks David into the ring but he keeps arguing. He reluctantly takes a knee before Slater pins him for the titles. I MUCH prefer this team as tag champions.

Winners: Slater & Gabriel

After the match Slater & Gabriel celebrate while David stays in the corner pissed and Cena walks off.

Vicki Guerrero comes out with Kaitlyn. She’s pissed that the only loss by Smackdown last night at the ppv was Ziggler’s because of the shit ref. So Ziggler gets a rematch.

Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler w/Vick & Kaitlyn vs. United States Champion Daniel Bryan

Before the match can start CM Punk comes out! Yes, please let this lead to the Bryan/Punk feud! Cole kisses Punk’s ass and he says he’s there to scout talent. Punk is impressed that Lawler knows the name of the Surf Board maneuver that Bryan had on Ziggler. Punk then says Regal was the only real person who trained Bryan, all HBK did was take $3,000 from him, damn. Haha. Great dive from Bryan to the outside onto Ziggler. Good match so far but still seems like last night was the stronger match. Lots of near falls by both, solid shit and the crowd is into it. Ziggler finally gets the sleeper on but Bryan turns it into the LaBell lock! Vicki moves Zigglers foot under the ropes and Ziggler taps! Vicki is pissed because the ref wont listen to her that his foot was out. Bryan turns his back to see Punk clapping for him and Ziggler tries to attack Bryan but the ref stops him. Man they are really pushing this ref in control shit.. finally. Would dig seeing another match with Ziggler and Bryan but Bryan vs. Punk is the shit we’ve been waiting for here at FighterHayabusa.com!

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Redneck Toby Keith in the back with the Bella’s who exchange gifts. Santino comes in with a leather vest and a sheriffs bag and a cowboy hat. Haha he does a country song about his “past WWE loves” and spaghetti haha Sheamus walks in and says Santino is a disgrace. Sheamus challenges Santino tonight… oh man. Santino calls it a showdown.

Wade in the back with Cena yelling at him for what happened earlier. Wade yells back about the shit Cena pulled off at the ppv and how HE is in charge and he must do whatever he says. Cena is sad face about this shit and looks like he’s gonna quit but Wade says he’s got an offer for sad face Cena IF he can beat Orton tonight.

Co-Diva’s Champions LayCool vs. Melina & Alicia Fox

Short sloppy-ish match. That’s all I got on this shit.

Winners: LayCool

The Miz w/Alex Riley come out to the ring. Miz says he isn’t a miracle worker and blames his team for losing. He brags about being on the cover of the SVR2011 game and how he should have been the center of the cover. He continually blames his team, Smackdown and Rey Mysterio. He then challenges him. Did Miz totally fuck up saying “Monday Night RAW”? haha Eve comes out for some fucking reason. Miz says he knows she’s there to apologize for all the diva’s but that’s ok she should apologize for her company she keeps and her hair. She calls Miz a 15min flash in the pan and a frog faced loser. He questions the crowd on being called that but then clowns the Green Bay Pacers. Eve then shuts Miz up talking shit but the Riley starts to clown Eve and says Miz can beat any of the dudes on Team RAW. This brings out R-Truth, yeah no shit. This shocks no one. Truth takes longer than he should to get into the ring doing his stupid new song. Truth wants a piece of ‘Miz-de-Kermit’… sigh. We get an email… The GM says “ding, ding, ding” and we got a match.

R-Truth w/Eve vs. The Miz w/Alex Riley

Fast paced, back and forth match that saw both Eve and Riley get involved but Miz hits the SCF on Truth for the pin. Sorry, for down playing on this one it was decent just wasn’t into it at the moment.

Winner: The Miz

Toby Keith comes out to the ring, he’ll be guest ring announcer for the next match. He’s ranting about some fucking shit and the Green Bay Packers. Ugh.

Sheamus vs. Santino

When Santino comes out he sticks his head out from the back. Haha He’s apprehensive like a motherfucker. Keith tries to pump up Santino and it seems to work for a hot second before Sheamus is kneeing the shit out of Santino. John Morrison then comes out and tries to stop the match as he can barely stand up. Sheamus goes to run at Santino in the corner and Morrison pulls Santino’s feet so he falls, Sheamus takes the corner and Santino PINS Sheamus! Morrison and Santino take off to the stage to celebrate.

Winner: Santino!

Stand Up for WWE video, this time with WWE Superstars talking about how they felt as kids watching WWE and being a part of WWE. Show says he’d do this shit for free. HA! Good feel-good video.

Nexus in the back celebrating their tag title victory when Otunga wants to talk to Barrett. He’s pissed he had to lay down and feels humiliated. David brings up Barrett’s loss and says maybe he’ll tell the world why they really beat Taker up. Wade brings in the new Nexus members Hennig and Harris and reminds Otunga that they are Nexus or against us. David says he’s Nexus. Good segment that also points that what Nexus does is calculated, dope.


John Cena w/Wade Barrett vs. WWE Champion Randy Orton

Not looking forward to this match either… why? Because I’ve seen it a 1,000 times before. This match is slow, focusing more on rest holds the whole time. Finally Cena goes for the FU AA but Orton fights out and DDT’s Cena. They finally pick up steam with Cena hitting his stupid you cant see me fist punch. They finally hit fast forward in this shit and exchange a series of high impact moves. Orton gets dumped outside and Wade is about to attack but Cena pushes his ass away so he doesn’t get DQ’d. Cena hits is sloppy leg drop from the top! 1…2.. TWO and a half! Crowd though that shit was OVA! Crowd chants for Cena and he goes for the AA again but Orton grabs the ropes, he comes back into the ring only go get caught in the STF! Orton tries to go for the ropes but Wade is pulling on the rope. Cena comes out and yells at Wade again and gets caught with a dropkick when trying to get back into the ring. Orton then hits his horizontal rope DDT and gets ready to hit the RKO, Cena pushes him away and hits the AA..1…2…TWO! Cena picks up Orton again and gets hits with an RKO! But Cena rolls to the outside. Orton goes out and drags Cena back into the ring. Orton looks like he’s going for the punt! But Wade pulls out Cena and clotheslines him on the outside! Wade gets his payback from last night! Cena wins by DQ.

Winner: John Cena by DQ

Orton then attacks Barrett on the outside, throws him back in and is punching the shit out of him. Nexus attacks and he tries to fight them off but its too many for Orton. Cena back in fighting off Nexus. Wade gets on the mic and kicks Nexus out of the ring but tells Cena to stay in the ring. Wade says the ref at Survivor Series will be… John Cena. Wade says that if he doesn’t win the WWE Title at the ppv he will fire Cena on the spot. Wade then says when he wins the title Cena is OFF the hook with Nexus! Great swerve!

Overall, I think it was an “eh” show highlighted by Ziggler/Bryan II, Santino winning a big match and Barrett’s revelation for the ppv.

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