WWE Bragging Rights Review


Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler vs. United States Champion Daniel Bryan

Vick starts off the show intro’ing Dolph saying he can have any woman but choose her. Nice wrestling hold exchange by the two to open the match. Nice running knee by Bryan from the apron to Ziggler. Solid “Daniel Bryan” chant while Ziggler tried to lock in the sleeper. Striker spends most of the time defending Bryan while Cole keeps trying to talk shit. Ziggler keeping the advantage in the match so far. Great back and forth moves with both landing stiff kicks to each other. Bryan goes for the back suplex from the top but Ziggler turns in mid air for the roll up pin attempt only to have Bryan reverse the roll up for a two count. Ziggler hits the Famasser and looks to have won the match but Bryan had his foot on the ropes. Ziggler then goes for the sleeper and locks it in but Bryan is back in the ropes again. Ziggler then gets caught in the LaBell lock for the submission. Ziggler and Vicki are yelling at the ref when he kicks them out of the ring, match is over but its cool that they make the point that the refs still have power after matches.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Miz and Riley in the match talking about RAW when Sheamus comes in and says he isn’t listening to Miz. Punk then walks and clowns Miz for getting chokeslammed. They all argue until Santino comes in (to a dope pop) looking for snacks and beverages. Haha Punk says he knows the Smackdown team since he was there for a year so he’s leading. Santino wants Sun Chips. Haha Sheamus storms off. Miz trying to talk sense into Punk but he isn’t having it either and walks off. Miz makes it sound like this is part of his plan.

The WWE Tag Team Champions Dashing Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre come out to talk about how they’ve dominated the last month since becoming champions. All of a sudden we get a fucking email from the GM. The GM says there is a worthy team on RAW. Wade Barrett then comes out and says this will be the night for Nexus. He then intros what he calls the new tag team champions David Otunga and someone who Wade told had to bring the titles home… JOHN CENA!

WWE Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre vs. David Otunga & John Cena

Otunga starts off by telling Cena to hit the corner. Right off the bat Otunga is cornered by the tag team champions. Otunga finally makes the tag to Cena who reluctantly comes into the ring. Good delayed standing suplex by Cena but he aint the Bulldog. The champions finally take the advantage while the crowd chants “lets go cena/cena sucks”. Cena finally gets the UCSM knuckle drop and Otunga wants in but Cena isn’t having it. Cena then gets the STF on Cody for the tap out and the win. Otunga takes the belts like he did all the work. He gets on the ring post while Cena smile. Otunga comes down and catches an AA for his troubles. Cena takes off with both titles. Nexus is taking all the titles tonight AND now Nexus can make a trip to Smackdown.

Winners David Otunga & John Cena

Josh in the back with DiBiase and Maryse. Ted tells Josh Goldust doesn’t belong in his tax bracket but he was clever on how he took the MDC belt. He’s taking his title back tonight and deporting Aksana.

Ted DiBiase w/Maryse vs. Goldust w/Aksana

Good lord Ted’s new music is HORRIBLE. Fast paces back and forth match. Cole wants to make fun of the relationship between Aksana and Goldust asking what they talk about when they are alone. Maryse ends up attacking Aksana and she ends up in the ring with Ted rolling up Goldust for the win. Aksana attacks Maryse and takes the title from her. She then comes on to Ted which set up for Goldust to hit his spinning suplex. Looks like Goldust keeps the MDC belt.

Winner: Ted DiBiase

Unified Diva’s Champion Layla vs. Natalya

LayCool come out talking shit and make fun that they are getting text messages from Bret Favre. Weird placement of this match seeing as this should be ring before the main event to bring the crowd back down before they come back up for the main shit. Natalya is getting the best of Layla which leads to Layla to walk out of the ring and take the title Nattie brings her back in the ring only to get served behind the ref for the pin.

Winner: Layla

Josh is now in the “grave” to talk about the match and how someone is going to get buried alive tonight. He calls this the final chapter but I doubt that shit.

Buried Alive Match

World Champion Kane w/Paul Bearer vs. The Undertaker

Its not long before Taker and Kane fight into the crowd with Taker on the chase. Typical “fighting in the crowd” shit until Taker brings Kane back over the guard railing. Taker starts to throw chairs and all kinds of other shit into the ring. Taker picks up a chair and Kane takes off back into the crowd again with Taker pounding on Kane. Moron in the crowd yells “I saw you on the UFC last night!” haha! Back to the ring we are and Kane takes a chair to Takers back. “YAY/BOO” punches between the two all the way up to the grave site now. Kane tries to put Taker in the grave but Taker puts on the Hells Gate. Kane is passing out while he taps. Taker lets him out of the move and rolls Kane into the grave. Bearer is behind the tombstone and Taker sees him. He goes after Paul and is rubbing his face in the dirt. He looks to chokeslam Paul into the grave when Nexus attacks Taker! They beat down on Taker while Kane climbs out of the grave. Nexus holds up Taker and Kane hits him with the urn. Taker falls into the grave and Nexus is grabbing shovels and burying Taker. Kane tells Nexus to get out of here. Kane then does “magic” to make the construction truck dump all of the dirt onto the grave burying Taker for the win. After the match Takers music and lightening hits…

Winner: Kane

Josh with Orton in the back. Blah blah blah.

Team RAW vs. Team Smackdown Elimination Match

Tyler Reks gets NO reaction when he comes out, everyone got something. He got shit. Reks and Morrison start the match. Cole admits during his banter that he IS on both shows now… oh great. Reks pins Santino, motherfucker. This brings in Jackson who out shows Reks, he then tags Show which leads to tags to Rey and Kofi. Jackson finally tags in Sheamus who beats on Kofi and although Kofi fights back Sheamus hits the razors edge for the pin. Rey is back in and Sheamus tags in Punk. Punk gets a solid chant from the crowd. Punk hits a strong powerslam on Rey and tags Sheamus. He comes in for a sec but ends up tagging Punk back he, he gets a chant again. Rey tags in Del Rio who ends up pushing him off the apron. He then goes to the outside and send Rey into the railing. Show is fucking pissed. Rey is taken to the back. Solid belly to back suplex by Del Rio who then tags in Swagger. Punk fights off Swagger and Morrison is in hitting a series of clotheslines and punches on Swagger. Swagger goes for the ankle lock but Morrison fights out of it. Morrison then hits Starship Pain and pins Swagger. Reks is back in for Smackdown. Sheamus is back in to hit the Broh kick on Reks for the pin. Show now in and he and Sheamus fight on the outside after Sheamus paint brushes Hornswoggle. Show and Sheamus are counted out, there goes your captain. Truth and Edge are in they fight back and forth until Edge hits the spear for the pin. Morrison is back out but he gets speared for the pin. Punk is out trying to hit the G2S but Edge fights it off and hits the impaler DDT. Edge goes with the spear but he misses and Del Rio tags himself in only to get rolled up by Punk for the win. Its not Edge vs. Jackson, Miz and Punk. Rey hits Del Rio on the way back to the ring and its 2 on 3! Miz is now out and punching Edge right in the face. Is that a “Miz is awesome” chant?! Edge is cornered in the RAW side of town, this brings in Jackson who hits Edge with a few power moves only to tag Miz back in. He hits his backbreaker/neckbreaker combo on Edge then tags in Punk. Edge makes the HOT tag to Rey and he and Punk are at it again with a series of dope exchanges. Rey hits the 619 then the slingshot splash to pink Punk! 2 on 2. Jackson is overpowering Rey but Rey fights off and hits the 619 and the splash but Rey landed wrong on his leg. He could be injured. Rey hits a Hurricaneranna on Miz and goes for the 619 but Riley tries to sweep the legs. Rey ends up hitting the 619 on both Miz and Riley. Miz fights back and goes for the SCF but Rey rolls through and tags in Edge who spears Miz for the pin and the win! Rey and Edge win the match for Smackdown! They pose with the trophy in the ring for the second year in a row. Cole is celebrating now cause he’s on Smackdown as well. Lawler hasn’t said shit even though he was taunted by Striker.

Winners: Smackdown

WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett w/John Cena

After the intro’s Wade gets on the mic and says that if he doesn’t win the title he will fire Cena tonight. Match starts off slow and methodical with both exchanging the advantage. We’re getting sad face Cena at ringside looking on. The wind has been knocked out of this crowd with the last match. Wade gets in Cena’s face which leads to Orton hitting Wade from behind, taking him to the ring steps before getting rolled back into the ring. Wade finally fights back hitting a second rope elbow drop. Wade takes Orton to the outside, hitting a big boot to his head. Annnd we have a ref bump! Wade calls for Cena to come up to the apron Orton sends Wade into Cena and Nexus is out attacking Orton. Cena comes out pushing Nexus off of Orton and throwing them out. Wade is pissed. Cena reminds Wade that if the refs sees this shit he will lose. Wade picks up Orton for the Fireman’s Carry slam by Orton fights back, hits a powerslam and hits his horizontal DDT which is setting up for the RKO. Cena crawls in the ring and FU’s Wade!?! So fucking Wade wins the match but not the title. Cena goes to give Orton the title but Orton RKO’s Cena! Orton celebrates then hits an RKO on Wade. Lame and very anticlimactic.

Winner: Randy Orton

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