Dana White on Brock’s future, The Undertaker and more


The best MMA reporter in the business, Ariel Helwani, interviewed Dana White after the UFC 121 press conference.  A transcript of Dana White’s response to Helwani’s question about the WWE possibility of putting a match between ‘Taker and Brock is after the video.

The Transcript:

Ariel Hewani: I just wanted to ask you an interesting question. There’s a pro wrestler by the name of The Undertaker in attendance. I don’t know if you know who he is, very tall fellow. They had a little bit of an exchange after the fight. And then some people were alluding to the fact that WWE is trying to make a match between them at Wrestlemania. Have you heard anything of this?

Dana White: First of all I don’t know if he is or isn’t. I find that kind of hard to believe. But, The Undertaker has been coming for a long time. He’s a fan of mixed martial arts. And Brock is one of his guys – those guys wrestled together. I went up and put the belt on Cain, talked to Brock and went right out. So I didn’t hear any exchange. But if those guys were going back and forth, it’s because they’re friends.

*video courtesy of MMAFighting and Ariel Helwani

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