Bragging Rights [Live Updates]


Stay tuned and keep refreshing. We’ll be updating after every match or every quarter hour, whichever comes first! Hopefully, there will be a great match or two that will help us forget Brock’s loss last night. 5 minutes to go!

Dolph Ziggler vs Daniel Bryan
Great Puma: Loved the mat wrestling at the beginning and early sub attempts by both wrestlers. Really liked Bryan’s use of strikes. The kicks looked frikken brutal…in that Tajiri way. Great match until Ziggler started whining in the end.

Mascara de Fuego: I really enjoyed this match. Great exchanges by both. I think that was a well sculptured match even though I’m not a fan of Ziggler. Job well done.

Team Nexus (David Otunga & John Cena) defeats Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre
Mascara de Fuego: Smart to put the titles on Nexus even though its John Cena. Otunga playing like he did all the work was a good touch. This of course sets up Nexus to invade Smackdown now.

Great Puma: Okay handicap match in reality. Cena basically won this by himself. Otunga barely did anything. I’m hoping 3 of the major title belts go on to the Nexus. 2 down with this win.

Goldust defeats Ted DiBiase via Spinning Vertical Suplex
Great Puma: Decent match and I’ll leave it at that. I think Goldust deserves a frikken World Title run before he retires. The dude is at his peak right now. Not much else to say – Umm I was drinking beer and trying on my El Gallinero mask.

Mascara de Fuego: Good “superstars” match between DiBiase and Goldust. Goldust is wrestling like he’s in his 20’s. So dope.

Layla defeats Natalya via pinfall
Mascara de Fuego: Layla retains the Diva’s title. All I could think about during this match was that the placement of the actual match was all wrong and should have been before the main event.

Great Puma: McCool does something shady behind the ref’s back. Layla get the duke. Not sure what happened. I started hearing Brett Favre jokes and I started tuning out.

Buried Alive Match: Kane defeats ‘Taker via Nexus interference
Great Puma: Odd match. Wayyy too many maggot references used for this match. I can’t figure out why the Nexus got involved. I guess this is a precursor to their Smackdown appearances since Otunga and Cena won the tag titles.

Mascara de Fuego: Typical fighting in the crowd style match. Not sure why you involve Nexus in this shit. I like Great Puma’s booking as he would have gone with Brock attacking Taker. Haha! Ok, ok we know that shit isn’t happening but it still better to thing that shit than what happened.

Team Smackdown defeats Team Raw via Edge’s spear on The Miz (Edge and Rey survive)
Mascara de Fuego: They need to start building this pay per view like the WWE’s all-star game. As Puma mentioned, it was an interesting mix of guys in the ring here. Seeing Del Rio against Punk was cool. Good match for the most part, I enjoyed it.

Great Puma: Very entertaining match. Don’t like how they chumped Santino to Reks. Kofi got bitched out by Sheamus and I can’t figure out why he’s never pushed at all. Punk got a nice pop and chant from the crowd. I wish Alberto Del Rio lasted longer but that’s just nitpicking. Rey’s Paul Pierce comeback was nice and the crowd made this match super hot.

Wade Barrett defeats Randy Orton via DQ (Cena gives Wade an Attitude Adjustment)
Great Puma: All that build up for a lame finish. No thank you. Decent PPV with a lame main event. However, the Bragging Rights trophy match lived up to the hype.

Mascara de Fuego: You can say this match was slower paced and methodical but I think we were all just waiting to see the outcome which wasn’t what we all thought. Lame and very anticlimactic. The only thing this did was plant the seed when Orton RKO’d Cena after the match.

Stay tuned for MDF’s Bragging Rights Review!

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