Ariel Helwani Flawlessly Interviews The Undertaker


Real talk. Ariel Helwani interviews The Undertaker with Michelle McCool at his side.  This shit right here was surreal and very cryptic. The transcript is after the video and it’s the most intriguing interview I’ve ever seen Ariel Helwani give. Here’s an interesting tweet from Ariel after he posted the video.

The interview:

The transcript:

Ariel Helwani: What are your thoughts on what we just witnessed?

Undertaker: I’m a little bit shocked you know? I thought Brock was gonna come out strong like he did. I thought Cain’s chances would be better if they went into the fourth or fifth round. I’m a little bit shocked. I thought Brock might have got to him early but…Cain’s a helluva fighter and he did a helluva job.

Did you think considering the size difference he’d be able to manhandle him like that?

Undertaker: No I didn’t think so. I think Brock’s size and strength would over match him. I thought he would have to go into a cardio battle and um I’m actually very surprised.

It’s almost like you’re at a loss for words here.

[Brock walks by and Undertaker says something like “You wanna do it? Brock nods his heads and walks off with his trainers.]

What did you just say to him?

Undertaker: I…It’s kind of a personal thing. I think he needs to train a little harder…

Are you guys, cool?

Undertaker: It’s personal.

Who were you rooting for tonight?

Undertaker: You know what, I got background with Brock. You know that just showed you something right there.

Are you a fan of this sport?

Undertaker: Oh I’m a big time fan.

You’re one of the first guys that actually introduced MMA to pro wrestling; the gloves, the gogoplata.

Undertaker: Oh yeah, I’m a big fan and the things that I can bring from MMA to what we do. Obviously, there’s not many people prepared for it. You know, I’m a big fan.

Twenty years ago if this sport was as popular as it is today you think you would have done it?

Undertaker: Safe bet. Real safe bet. Yeah it’s a little late in the game for me to start now but twenty years ago but I’d be all over it.

*video courtesy of MMAfighting and Ariel Helwani.

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