When Paul Met Brock


Paul Heyman posted a new blog today on how he and Brock Lesnar became friends.  Here’s an excerpt:

I was only behind-the-scenes in WWE. I had successfully navigated my way off television after Survivor Series, but was about to go back on-air as “agent” for Chris Benoit, who was going to turn heel (villain) at Wrestlemania in Toronto.

It was actually Taz who introduced us. Brock was being given lame advice by jealous and envious veterans, and Taz knew it. Even though he was 5’8”, 248 pounds, Taz had convinced the public he was what only Brock could legitimately claim to be. The man with most legitimate claim to being the best fighter in the world.

That meeting changed my life.

I ended up being switched from Benoit to Brock. It turned out to be the biggest on-air break of my career. With the possible exception of the notoriety and recognition that comes along with being the “man behind the curtain at the Original ECW,” the on-air association with Brock Lesnar has been what most people know me for.

Hey, that’s my Hustle.

*picture courtesy of the awesome cagesideseats

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