UFC 121 Hype: The Hunt for Red Brocktober Part 2


Umm yeah…sorry about the cheesy title.  Hear are some UFC 121/Brock Lesnar joints from around the internets.  Enjoy.

MMAfighting’s Mike Chiappetta writes:

Still, it seems clear that Lesnar is going to have to take Velasquez down at some point. I think it’s likely he will do so. Remember, Velasquez’s striking style is heavy on kicks, and kicks are usually the visual cue for a takedown for fighters like Lesnar with wrestling backgrounds. Lesnar’s double-leg takedown is downright explosive.

So Velasquez will have to abandon his kicks altogether or use them much more sparingly — something that will certainly affect his overall game — or he’ll put himself in danger of being taken down, something he definitely does not want. As good as Velasquez is, I have a hard time seeing him escaping from positions that have done in guys like Couture and Mir, experienced veterans who know every trick in the book.

For a long time, Lesnar has faced some resentment from people who felt he didn’t have to earn his way to a title shot. Slowly but surely, he’s won some of those folks over. And if he beats Velasquez, he will become the first UFC heavyweight champion to successfully defend the belt three times.

MMAfighting’s Ray Hui discusses the 20-pound difference between Brock and Cain:

During the weigh-ins Friday afternoon, Velasquez stepped on the scale first, registering at 244 pounds, while Lesnar weighed-in (with massive beard) just one pound under the limit at 264 pounds.

Blake Oestriecher at the bleacherreport has a nice piece on why UFC 121 will be Brock’s toughest test to date:

Brock Lesnar will be facing a fighter who doesn’t like to go the distance.

In eight career MMA fights, Cain Velasquez hasn’t spent much time outside of the first round.

Five of his fights have been stopped in the first round, and all five of them ended with a technical knockout by Velasquez.

Bleacherreport’s Ryan Papaserge breaks down Brock’s Top 10 Moments:

After taking Heath Herring to a decision at UFC 87 on Aug. 9, 2008, Lesnar controversially earned a title shot against Randy Couture at UFC 91.

Like he did against Mir, Lesnar proved he belonged inside the Octagon with a second-round knockout of the UFC Hall of Famer.


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