Smackdown Thoughts & Review [10. 22. 10]


They advertise Orton vs. Kane in a champ vs. champ match.

The Smackdown and Raw participants in the Bragging Rights main event are in the ring. Teddy Long says he’s going to allow the wrestlers make the matches. Miz and Big Show start the match making process:

6-Man tag team match: Miz, Ezekiel and Sheamus vs. Kofi Kingston, Rey Mysterio and Big Show.

Edge gets on the mic and says he wants a one and one match with CM Punk. Lovely.

John Morrison says he wants to take on Alberto Del Rio. Interesting.

Jack Swagger says he wants a match with Santino. Cobra vs. the Soaring Eagle?

Michael Tool is part of the announcing team, which is very unfortunate.

Miz, Ezekiel and Sheamus vs. Kofi Kingston, Rey Mysterio and Big Show.

  • Rey is sporting this obnoxious psychedelic zebra print. It’s hurts my eyes.
  • Sheamus and Rey start the match off.
  • Sheamus dominates Rey in the beginning with his usual power moves.
  • Kofi is tagged in and hits a nice springboard flying cross body for a two count.
  • Rey hits a busts a sick seated senton off the ring apron onto Sheamus on the outside.
  • Ezekiel is tagged in and he cleans Kofi’s clock with power moves.
  • Did I mention Rey’s colorway gives me a frakkin’ headache?
  • Show is tagged in and destroys Miz with HUGE back body drops.
  • Miz comes off the top turnbuckle but gets caught by Show and is blasted with a giant chokeslam.
  • Show tags Rey in and Rey launches of Show’s shoulders and splashes on Miz for the duke.

WINNERS: Kofi Kingston, Rey Mysterio and Big Show

–Entertaining match for what it was. It’s sad that Ezekiel Jackson is reduced to a grunting muscle head. He comes off pretty well-rounded and smart on Twitter and it’s a shame they don’t allow him to show that side of him. I won’t even discuss the misfortune of Kofi Kingston. It’s a damn shame someone so talented and with strong fan support is held down in the midcard.

Huge big ups to Striker for the “Avengers Assemble!” and Secret Wars references. Glad he’s a Marvel fan. Does this loss mean that Raw is going to win at the Pay Per View? I say why not and I think it’s a perfect opportunity for Miz to cash in. More on that later.

Josh Mathews is with Dolph Ziggler and Vicky Guerrero. Josh replays Dolph’s beatdown at the hands of Daniel Bryan from the lastest Raw. Dolph slings a lame diss or two at Daniel Bryan and takes off. Cool beans.

Jack Swagger w/ the Swagger Soaring Eagle vs. Santino

  • Swagger toys with Santino and kills him mat work.
  • Santino is thrown out of the ring. The SSE threatens to pounce but Hornswaggle Smurf comes out to the rescue.
  • Santino gives the SSE the COBRAAAA! Hornswaggle Smurf splashes the SSE from the top of the ring steps.
  • Santino rallies but is caught in the ankle lock. Tap out.

WINNER: Jack Swagger

–Wow. Swagger, a former World Heavyweight Champion is now relegated to mid-card comedy match duty. Glad to see the Cobra on a Friday night. I think an eagle would win in real life though. Just putting it out there.

Dashing Cody Rhodes Grooming Tips
Chapped lips. The solution? Lip balm…and moisturizing lip gloss (if you’re by yourself). Lip gloss is rejuvenating and it opens the doorway to your own success and happiness. And knowing is half the battle.

Alberto Del Rio vs. John Morrison

  • ADR kills Morrison’s back with a nice round house kick.
  • ADR concentrates mostly on Morrison’s back with wear down holds and hard knee drops.
  • ADR does a nice falling bump when Morrison sidesteps him in the corner.
  • ADR hits a beautiful bridging German Suplex for a two count.
  • ADR counters Starship Pain by getting the knees up and goes into the Cross Arm Breaker. Tappy tap.

WINNER: Alberto Del Rio

–Very solid short match. I wish this were longer since both of them could definitely go. I was surprised to see him come out in a regular ass blue Smackdown t-shirt. I’d imagine he’d have some blinged out silk version of the Smackdown tee. Oh well – that’s just random nitpicking.

ADR’s bump from jumping feet first into the corner was very solid. Most great wrestlers have a go-to/signature bump off the turnbuckle. I look forward to seeing ADR doing that bump again. I’m a bit surprised to see ADR dominate most of the match. I think Morrison’s character has gotten a nice little reboot and it’s surprising to see him get beat so clean.

Edge vs. CM Punk

  • Both men give the fans a short but very nice chain/mat wrestling at the start.
  • Huge “EDGE” chant from the crowd. Odd and also refreshing to see/hear.
  • Punk avoids Edge’s rope splash. Damn it. I like that move a lot. Hopefully it’ll surface again in this match.
  • Edge catches Punk off a springboard with a rolling powerslam. Nice.
  • Great crowd participation with the exchange of blows. How ECW of them.
  • Edge counters the GTS into an Edge-O-Matic.
  • Punk counters a possible spear with a knee to the gut.
  • Edge stops Punk on the second part of his knee in the corner-bulldog combo with a nice short-arm DDT.
  • Edge pushes Punk off the top rope from the superplex position.
  • Edge gets the crazy eyes and preps the spear.
  • Miz and his gimp run in, pull Edge out and slam him into the barricade.

WINNER: No contest?

In a very cool sequence of events:

  • Tyler Reks comes in and gives Miz his inverted F-5.
  • Morrison runs in and hits Reks with his tilt-a-whirl DDT.
  • ADR interrupts and smacks Morrison with his enziguiri in the corner.
  • Big Zeke enters hits his finisher.
  • Swagger runs in and hits the ankle lock on Zeke.
  • Santino tries to be Captain Save-a-Ho but gets Swagger Bombed for his efforts.
  • Sheamus busts in and hits a bro-kick on Swagger.
  • Big Show comes rumbling down and takes care of Big Zeke with a chokeslam.
  • Sheamus blasts Show out of the ring with a Bro-kick.
  • Rey streaks in and smashes Sheamus with a 619.
  • Punk catches Rey with the GTS.
  • Edge. Spear. Huge pop.

–The Edge vs. Punk battle was okay. I’m positive they held back a lot to build to entertaining Bragging Rights finisher sequence. I’m hoping the Bragging Rights match lives up to that finisher sequence. That shit was super predictable but entertaining as hell. The only thing missing was a plancha off the top rope lucha spot. Perhaps they’ll save that for the PPV.

LayCool are in the ring looking like the Hart Foundation. Layla is the Anvil and McTaker is the Hitman. Wow.

LayCool vs. Natalya & Kelly Kelly

  • LayCool wrestle WITH their Hart Foundation gear!
  • Natalya with a nice butterfly suplex.
  • Natalya slaps on the Sharpshooter. Layla taps.

WINNERS: Natalya & Kelly Kelly

–Interesting – Kelly Kelly didn’t do anything at all. I consider this a handicap match win for Natalya. Layla’s Anvil beard must have been held with super spirit gum. It stayed attached the whole match.

Kane vs. Randy Orton

  • Kane counters the RKO with a huge boot.
  • Kane threatens with chokeslam but the GONG sounds and the arena goes dark.
  • The lights come back on and Orton is in the RKO pounce position.
  • RKO. One. Two. Three.

WINNER: Stone Cold Orton

Kane goes apeshit and looks frustrated.
The Gong sounds and the rung turns blue with ‘Taker lighting effects.
Taker CLIMBS out from under the ring and pulls Kane down to hell. Dope.
The arena goes dark again and the show ends.

–Very cool way to end the show. As long as we never see the Urn flashlight again I actually think the Kane-Taker feud still has legs.

I didn’t expect the Orton-Kane match to have a proper ending. Both wrestlers have way too much momentum in their own storylines and on their brands to drop a match to each other clean.

The Show Overall

Smackdown is a very entertaining wrestling show as long as Alberto Del Rio, Edge, Rey Rey and Kofi are involved. Throw in some great RAW talent like CM Punk, Santino and John Morrison and you’re bound to strike gold somehow.

That Bragging Rights finisher sequence had to have been the highlight. They booked Tyler Reks perfectly by keeping him from wrestling a full match and allowing him to take out the Miz. I really hope the guy can do more than his F-5-like finisher. Big Zeke looks powerful but I’m afraid the WWE is going to push him as a one-dimensional big man. The WWE rarely creates compelling Black wrestlers and I don’t see them doing anything interesting with Ezekiel either. I hope I’m wrong.

Although I still prefer a Smackdown only show, this episode was filled with intriguing match ups throughout the episode. Punk vs. Edge and Morrison vs. ADR are two matches that I definitely want to see again with much more time allotted to them. I look forward to next week when they’ll solely focus on the Smackdown roster and all the great possibilities that stems from their wealth of talent.

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