10-21-10 TNA IMPACT! Thoughts



The opening segment with RVD, Anderson and Bischoff was convoluted and felt all over the place. Hardy’s video promo just seemed out of place.

Did TNA just fake a TMZ video!? I don’t care about the Jersey Shore nor this angle. Stupid.

Robbie E w/Cookie jobs Amazing Red with an RKO.

Did The Pope just cut a promo from a strip club!? That’s the illest shit right there. This dude is motherfucking money. TNA and the WWE need to recognize it.

Mick Foley and Brian Kendrick are using too many big words over his book.

Fortune got jokes… but I don’t get this Smirnoff Ice shit.

Tessmacher wants to learn how to wrestle from the Beautiful People. BAH!

Is that Katie Lea Burchill as Angelina’s ghost stalker!?

In a Street Fight match where Fortune couldn’t get involved or AJ Style would lose the TV Title, AJ Styles beat The Pope when Abyss gets involved. Too bad they fucked that up, that was actually a decent match.

Maybe its time to change Samoa Joe’s lone wolf shit. I hope that’s what they are leading to but again, its TNA so… no faith.

By “hanging it up”, does that mean that Team 3D is heading back to the Fed? I smell Russo swerve here.

Jeff Jarrett says he’s headed to the ring to apologize to Kurt Angle. How much more predictable do you want to get on the outcome of this shit.

Sad Face Double J doesn’t fool anyone when he cuts a promo on Angle in the ring. Joe comes out to start some shit only to get handcuffed by TNA security, beat up and thrown off the stage. Mike Tenay tries to yell some sense into Jarrett but Jarrett just smiles the shit off.

Beer Money beat RVD and Sabu. They try to go at it but ECW EV2 breaks it up.

Mickie James cuts a promo on a fake bull. I hate country.

Mickie James (dressed like Daisy Duke) beat Serita with a superkick. Still shocked that the WWE let her ass go. After the match Tara beats Mickie’s ass.

Apparently beat downs is the theme tonight. Anderson gets beat up by Fortune before his match.

Kazarian beats Mr. Anderson in an Ultimate X match when Fortune comes out again and stops Anderson from getting the big ass X. After Fortune helps Kazarian win Jeff Hardy comes out and bloodies up Anderson.

The show ends with Bischoff and Flair trying to leave when Angle (with an arm wrapped up just like Anderson) stops their car and bashes in the windows with a baseball bat.

The theme of tonight is same ol’ shit. It seems like TNA keeps doing the same angles over and over again.


Line of the night “this is tough to watch” by Mike Tenay. You ain’t lying…





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