Mascara De Fuego here stepping in for the Great Puma who is in the Ugandan Forest looking for the secrets of the red cave spider monkeys.  Lets see how Team Smackdown shapes up..

Show starts with a shot of Taker on the roof of the arena waiting for Kane. It looks windy up there man, you might want to just come down and wait in the locker room…


Fucking Michael Cole is back.


Teddy Long starts the show announcing that Smackdown will have their own qualifying matches tonight. There is something to be said about having a real life figure head on a show.


Rey Mysterio beat WWE Tag Team Champion Dashing Cody Rhodes to qualify for Team Smackdown. Really good entertaining match. One spot saw Rey going for the 619 and Cody heading out to ringside pointing at his face playing up his gimmic and how he had to protect it. Thought that was a good touch for Cody. That springboard kick off the ropes that Cody does is as solid as it gets with new style moves. The finish comes when Rey finally hits the 619 and the springboard splash for the win. Fresh new match.


In case you didn’t know Legendary is now at Walmart… figures.


How I am suppose to take Big Show seriously when he’s fucking hanging out with a “Flavor Flav” Hornswoggle? Kaval comes in and wants on Team Smackdown. Kaval says everyone starts off slow and then asks Show what he did in his first match, a quick Show states win the World Title on is first match. Well shit. He pleads his case but Show wants “big” superstars. Show says Kaval cant hang to which Kaval Challenges Show tonight and if Kaval can last more than 5 minutes he’ll be on the team. Show accepts.


Pre packaged segment with Paul Bearer and a LOT of effects. Person who set that up HAD to be beat. It’s a “buried alive” match at Bragging Rights… whoopee.


Show comes out to commentary and Cole starts to dig on Show for turning on RAW last year at this ppv.


Jack Swagger beat MVP to qualify for the Smackdown team. Quick ok match. Most of the emphasis was on Show and Cole arguing.


Alberto Del Rio with Ricardo Rodriguez beat Chris Masters to qualify for the Smackdown Team in a short match. After the match Show tried to shake ADR’s hand, instead he gets a wink of the eye. Hey, this isn’t that kind Show fellows.


It seems like you would have to be full retard to go see Knucklehead in the theater, the two days that its out in theaters that is.


Edge beats Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler to be the 5th person to qualify for the Smackdown team. Ziggler doesn’t have Vicki or Kaitlyn on the outside but they are in the back together wanting in on TV. Great spear from Edge to Ziggler who was coming off the ropes. Good match but I just don’t feel Ziggler. After the match Edge and Edge shake hands.


Taker is still on the top of this building looking over an empty court yard. People are inside fool.


Kaval last over 5 minutes with Big Show but Show beat his ass for most of the match. Kaval finally lands a flurry of kicks and the time ends which adds Kaval to team Smackdown. Show lifts Kaval after the match and raises his hand before taking off.


After the break Kaval’s still in the ring when Tyler Reks now sporting a beard trying to look like a surfer dude version of Rob Zombie. He wants to be on Team Smackdown. Long comes out and says he cant let Kaval wrestle but Kaval wants the match… bad move. Reks beats Kaval in under a couple minutes with a Torture rack backbreaker slam. What’s this bullshit about!? Are they really going to try and make this fool a star..and now?! Whatever.


Dashing Cody Rhodes is showing us how to keep our finger nails kept. You should listen.


Kofi Kingston beat WWE Tag Team Champion Drew McIntyre in another short match to qualify for team Smackdown with Trouble in Paradise. I was scared they were going to try and put McIntyre in this shit specially after the crap with Reks.


Taker is off the roof and in the back. Good, it was dangerous up there.


World Champion Kane with Paul Bearer come out to cut a promo on the fans and Taker. Kane brags about Takers failing to beat him for the World Title. No special effects during this promo which means the WWE blew their load on Paul’s promo segment earlier. Kane confirms it will be a Buried Alive match. The crowd chants for Taker and he finally comes out and beats up on Kane. Kane takes off and Taker does Kane’s ringpost pyro thing. Taker then plays up some effect of lightening almost hitting Kane. So I guess Taker is “super” again?


Not a bad night. Most of the night was spent building up Bragging Rights.





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