TNA IMPACT! Thoughts…


As you know I am usually hit or miss with reviewing TNA but after their nWo style ppv, it seems like it needs to be done…

Jeff Hardy’s promo wasn’t bad considering its not his strong suit. But it is stupid to turn a TNA cash cow into a heel.

Not feeling this nWo style group. Why do they need to keep rehashing shit that was 15 years ago!?

Opening segment is now going on half an hour!?

Sting calls Hogan’s crew a “no win situation”… no true words were spoken on TNA television.

Dixie Carter slapped the shit out of Eric Bischoff for reals. The only legit thing I’ve watched so far tonight. At least she’s been going to her acting classes.

Madison Rayne with her new dyed hair looks more like Melina and Mickie James’ bastard child.

The old rehash idea’s continue. Tara lays down for Rayne and she wins the title.

Mickie James in TNA just looks…. Odd.

Fucking Jersey Shore people are now on TNA?! I think one of them is real, the other two probably not. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to make it the whole show folks, this is stupid.

Watching this Jarrett/Angle promo right now is uncomfortable.

Remember when Samoa Joe WAS the man… TNA killed that.

Hey look another match, Fortune beats The Pope on a 5 on 1 match. It only took an hour and a half.

This Jersey Shore shit is so fucking stupid. You really think this shit is going to improve your program or get you ratings that will last?!

The show ends in the middle of Mr. Anderson vs. RVD forcing you to watch yet another hour of TNA?! No thanks, I’ll tap out here and read later who won.


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