The shows starts with a recap of last week… only showing the challenges. No ring work, just the stupid fucking challenges…

No CM Punk!?!? Fuck!

Striker brings out the rookies to the stage. Matt reminds us that the first vote can be done tomorrow on WWE.com. tonight’s challenge… the wheel barrel. Before Striker sends Maxine out first he stops her and brings out Hornswoggle to sit in the barrel. If he falls out you are DQ’d.

Maxine – 14.7 she gets bit in the ass for dropping Hornswoggle after she passes the line.

Naomi – 15.2

Jamie – 14.4

Kaitlyn – 12.0

AJ – 17.7

Aksana – 13.9

Kaitlyn wins. The whole time Cole is talking shit how this show sucks. Way to get over your product WWE. Hornswoggle puts Kaitlyn on his shoulders, wow he’s strong!

AJ video package. Cute than a motherfucker. She is def a wrestling nerd, HOT!

WWE.com gets NXT starting next week. I guess they couldn’t secure TV for the show. This could fuck up the future of this show!

Kaitlyn video package. Much hotter now than when she was bodybuilding.

The show the entire video segment of Kane, Undertaker and Paul Bearer from Friday… guess no one is wrestling tonight folks. The WWE has officially given up on this shit.

Next challenge is Diss the Diva…

Aksana – she talks about herself in 3rd person. She tries to diss but she uh… fails.

AJ – she isn’t putting them down but deserves to be in the WWE more than all of them. She said she is the new diva that doesn’t fit the mold.

Kaitlyn – she’s going to do an impression first and sticks her ass out to which Naomi kicks her down…

Jamie – she lightly talks shit and said she’s the best here.

Naomi – she said her mama said not to talk smack but she’s got all these diva’s beat. She gets in Kaitlyn’s face.

Maxine – she’s tired of the typical diva. In the back AJ and Kaitlyn are doing the broken robot. She said she’s not a nice girl. Jamie is made at AJ and Kaitlyn. Haha

No one wins… oh wait, AJ won. She jumps into Strikers arms! Haha Vicki is pissed and comes down to the ring. Cole calls her “Anna Nicole Smith-like”….dead!? Too soon? Vicki only trying to make Kaitlyn like her and wants her to step it up. Kaitlyn says she’s only been brought down by Vicki. She steps it up by challenging Vicki to a match. Vicki accepts and slaps the shit out Kaitlyn… CAT/COURAGE FIGHT! Haha. Striker is trying to pull them apart but Vicki keeps attacking. Haha oh Christ what am I watching?! Yeah I am thinking what Cole is thinking but I don’t work for the Fed so I don’t need to get them over!

And the show ends… and hell it might end for good now. We’ll see how it does on the interwebs.


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