Smackdown Thoughts & Review [9. 24. 10]


Bloomington, Illinois

Kane comes out.

Kane vs Chris Masters

  • I like this new incarnation of Chris Master and it’s unfortunate that Masters is about to be fodder for the Devil’s homeboy in this match. By ‘new’, I mean Chris Masters, the seasoned veteran, and not that very green Chris Masters that they tried to push down our throats when he first broke into the WWE.
  • Kane actually breaks the Masterlock. Wow.
  • Kane does the Deadman Duo of the Chokeslam into the Tombstone for the dub.


–Damn. I’m surprised Kane didn’t do ‘Takers Old School Rope Walk. It’s about time Kane was given a decent title run. This match was longer than I expected and Masters got a lot of offense in, including his finisher at the midpoint of the match.

Masters was in the corner at one point and the camera crew did an awkward close up of his expressions at one point. Odd, yet interesting to see a wrestler’s face zoomed in on like that. It was a decent match that made Kane look like he’s going to be holding onto the World Heavyweight Championship for a long time.

Kane gets on the mic:
Kane says Taker couldn’t stop him and that he took everything he had to offer at Night of Champions. He says there’s a stench of fear in the arena. Everybody’s afraid of what Kane’s capable of and that he’s an invincible monster in the WWE. He speaks about a challenge he’s going to give the Undertaker that he can’t deny.

Dashing Cody Rhodes comes out and introduces Drew McIntyre.

Dashing Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre vs Hart Dynasty

  • Tyson Kidd hits a nice baseball slide headscissors that sent Drew tumbling on the outside. Dope.
  • DH Smith hit all of power moves nicely, especially a belly to belly suplex on Drew and an electric chair drop on DCR.
  • Tyson Kidd almost goes all Stone Cold on Drew and stomps a mudhole in his Scottish ass.
  • Tyson Kidd hits a very sick springboard blockbuster on Drew for a two count that was broken up by DCR.
  • Drew hardly sells Kidd’s blockbuster, tosses Kidd into an exposed turnbuckle and then hits the Futureshock DDT. One…two…three.

WINNERS: Hall and Oats DCR & McIntyre

–Please. Drew can’t get over by himself so they send in the emergency help in Cody Rhodes so Drew can get residual heat. It’s a damn shame since Rhodes should be going for more prestigious singles titles instead of allowing Drew to ride his coattails.

I’m not saying Drew McIntyre sucks. I’m just saying the dude needs DCR way more than DCR needs him at this point in their careers. Nah. Drew McIntyre sucks.

‘Taker is looking seriously depressed on a dimly lit stairwell.

They cut to Alberto Del Rio hovering over a grimacing Christian. ADR reminds Christian that he was going to get him back at ‘another place and another time’.

–Awesome to see Undertaker looking so distraught. Like I said last week, a vulnerable Undertaker is a much more interesting Deadman.

It’s too bad Christian injured his shoulder. I was looking forward to seeing ADR whup his ass on his path to his inevitable first World Heavyweight Title.

The Dudebusters are with Hornswaggle and Teddy Long. For whatever reason, the Dudebusters are dressed as douche mechanics but they explain to Teddy that they’re helping Smackdown ‘move’ to Syfy with hopes that he will return the favor.

–Not sure what that was all about but I do love the fact that Teddy Long told Trent to “please be careful” with the portrait of Martin Luther King. Cool.

CM Punk is writing his trademark X’s on his hand wraps in the locker room. Festus Luke Gallows walks in and Punk tells him that he was never worthy to be straight edge. Luke grabs Punk by the throat and slams him against the wall and tells him that after he beats Punk tonight, he’s going to celebrate with a beer.

–Crap. It’s an end of an era I guess. I really wonder how much longer the Straight Edge Society could have lasted if Serena Deebs didn’t get fired. I hope Luke Gallows finds his niche in the WWE and has a decent career after the S.E.S.

KAVAL vs Chavo Guerrero

  • Fuck yeah. Kaval is intro’d as the winner of NXT Season 2. Nice.
  • Kaval comes out without LayCool, which is a good thing.
  • Kaval hits his short kick to the back of Chavo’s neck when Chavo was on one knee and I actually heard some boos from the crowd. Really? I didn’t know having innovative offense was a bad thing.
  • Chavo hits his triple verticals into a brain buster.
  • Chavo misses the frogsplash but rolls through, only to get hit with a sick running dropkick.
  • Kaval goes for a superplex, gets pushed off and Chavo hits the frog splash. One…two…three.

WINNER: Chavo Guerrero

–Striker makes Kaval sound like the second coming of Jesus in the squared circle. And I don’t mean Jesus from Los Boricuas. He said Kaval’s style is a mix of martial arts, lucha libre and puroresu. I couldn’t have said it better myself, Striker, you damn wrestling nerd!

Wasn’t expecting Chavo to get the ‘W’ but I’m fine with this I guess. It’s funny how Barrett gets pushed and racks up cheap victory after cheap victory over major top-tire talent, while Kaval gets jobbed to Drew McIntyre and now Chavo. I’m not sure what the hell that means but it just doesn’t feel right.

Odd match since Chavo seemed to no-sell a lot of Kaval’s moves. When Kaval hits a corner stomp, Chavo comes right back with a big boot to the belly. When Kaval slaps on the Dragon Sleeper on the ropes and Chavo just rubs his chin for a bit and boots Kaval off the apron. Weird. I’ve never been a fan of WWE’s ‘break them down and THEN make them into something’ approach with certain wrestling stars that come from other companies. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth and feels as though they have no respect for the accomplishments of wrestlers prior to their tenure in Vince-ville.

Alberto Del Rio’s personal announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez, is introduced.

ADR comes out in another Bentley, the turbo edition, according to Striker. Rodriguez slaps on some extra rolls on the r-pronunciation.

ADR waxes on the mic:
He discusses how Christian kept hounding him for a match. ADR says how tonight he was ready and now Christian is crying and will end up at the same place Rey ended up, the hospital. ADR replays his beating of Rey Mysterio. ADR says Rey is coming back to Smackdown next week.

Christian comes out, enters the ring like a tough guy, but is treated like a Canadian piñata. Even Ricardo Rodriguez adds some muscle as ADR becomes Chris Brown to Christian’s Rihanna and beats him down something silly. ADR with a sick round house to Christian’s head into the Cross Arm Breaker. Where are your fajita jokes now, Christian?

–GOD DAMN this fucking crowd. There was no reaction to anything that ADR said. Seriously, did they think this was America’s Got Talent? Were they expecting Kaval, Christian or Chavo to entertain them with some neon ball juggling or some bmx stunt riding? For real, this crowd is the anti-Madison Square Garden crowd. I hope the WWE never comes back to Bloomington again. Jesus Christ…and I don’t mean Kaval.

Undertaker is looking a distraught, if not a little psycho on the stairwell.

HBK Curt Hawkins & Giant Sabin Vance Archer

  • Show with a HUGE chop to Hawkin’s back.
  • In a nice spot, Hawkins dodges Show’s booty/hip avalanche, comes back for a possible running clothesline and is smacked down with a HUGE chop across his chest. Hawkins tags in Vance Sabin.
  • Show destroys him with a huge belly to back takedown into a modified Show Clutch. Tappy tap.

WINNER via submission: Big Show

–If you’ve been reading us long enough, you know I’m not crazy about The Show Stopper and Giant Sabin. Glad to see the Show dismantle them with ease. The huge CHOP on a flying Hawkins was very nice to see.

Josh Mathews is interviewing Jack Swagger. He points out his old 1992 lettermen jacket and brags about it. In the background, you see Hornswaggle and the Dudebusters putting away his lettermen jacket in the Smackdown moving box .

CM Punk vs Luke Gallows

  • Gallows comes out to quasi-hip hop. Great.
  • Gallows catches every Punk strike attempt and hits him hard with big clotheslines and strikes.
  • Huge beil toss by Luke.
  • Nice set with Luke hitting a big running avalanche into a short-arm clothesline. Nice.
  • Luke misses another running avalanche and gets caught in the GTS. That’s all.


–Punk made Gallows look like gold here until the finish. Hell, they should have let Luke go over. Why not? Punk could job every week and he’d still be over. Luke still looked strong but he needed the win more than Punk did. Oh well. Sometimes predictable booking is the best thing to.

More depressed Taker on the stairwell.

KAITLYN, in a very tight violet dress, accompanies Vicky Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler to the ring.

Dolph Ziggler vs MVP

  • God damn. As much as I want MVP to win a belt, I just don’t care to see Ziggler on my TV. You know MVP is going to get jobbed here and it’s just another case of the WWE holding down yet another more deserving wrestler in my opinion.
  • DOPE Japanese arm drag by MVP.
  • Kaitlyn pushes Vicky G. down after Vicky got all insecure and slapped her arm off of Dolph. Drama, son!
  • Nice Drive By counter into a school boy by Dolph.
  • HUGE Otani boot by MVP for a two count.
  • I hate big gimmick moves like the Peoples’ Elbow or Kofi’s Boom Drop but MVP’s Balling Elbow receives as much of a reaction as any of them.
  • Ziggler leaves the ring and heads to the entrance ramp and says he’s never losing the belt.

WINNER via countout: MVP

–What? I saw Kaitlyn and that’s all that matters here. Anyways, this match was okay. I’m a little disappointed that they didn’t bother to give at least some pre-match interviews to hype this encounter. There’s no reason MVP shoudn’t be involved in a major feud or gunning for a major title. So we established a new feud for Ziggler. Let’s hope it’s shorter than his feud with Kofi

The Dudebusters pack Rosa Mendez’s jump rope in a moving box. Hornswaggle sends Vicky G. into the Smackdown moving truck. Nice.

They cut back to the forlorn Undertaker. A door opens in front of him and a bright light shines on him. Taker tells it/him to get out of here. His eyes roll back as if he’s gaining some sort of power from the bright light.

Kane comes out to the ring with a mic:
He calls himself the new beast of the apocalypse. Okay. Kane challenges ‘Taker to a Hell in a Cell match.

The gong sounds. The Druids come out with a casket in the black light. Gotta love the Druids, son.

Kane opens the casket and PAUL FUCKING BEARER is holding the urn! Kane freaks. The gong sounds and the houselights go out. ‘Taker appears behind Kane in full phenom mode with his eyes turned up behind his head.

Taker hits his flurry of punches and rocks Kane with his flying clothesline.
Kane leaves in a hurry in disbelief.
Taker looks at Paul Bearer and kneels down before the Urn with verve.
Kane is pissed and the show ends.

–I want to say that I mentioned I had a feeling Paul Bearer would show up but if I can’t pull it up I guess it never happened. I just hope Bearer doesn’t double cross Undertaker again. Mankind isn’t in the company any more and it would be really trite if Bearer turned on Undertaker to side with Kane. Let’s hope this leads to a better match at the Hell in a Cell pay per view.

Observations and Notable Points

So what gives, WWE? Kaval wins Season 2 and gets treated like some rookie that needs to pay his dues while NXT Season 1 winner, Wade Barrett, is given the angle of the decade and manages to get victories over top-tier talent. Daniel Bryan is the current U.S. Champion, and he didn’t even place in NXT Season 1. Why bother having NXT if you’re going to treat its winners like Funaki or Aldo Montoya?

You can’t say that Kaval doesn’t have a strong following. Even if he isn’t involved in a hot angle, you can easily get a talented worker like Kaval over with smart booking and strong matches. While the McIntyre-Kaval was great, this week’s match with Chavo just didn’t seem to have as much energy nor chemistry. I’ll blame the zombie-like crowd for this occasion.

One can only wonder how long the Hart Dynasty will last and how successful they will be. In a perfect world, the Harts will gain multiple WWE tag team championships and dominate tag team competition for years to come. They’ve consistently improved in every match and their matches have been pretty solid considering that some of their opponents include the very green Uso’s.

Is Kane the dominant brother now or was this just an elaborate angle to pair Undertaker back with Paul Bearer? Even if ‘Taker gets the win at Hell in a Cell, Kane should win the feud at the final blow off match at the Bragging Rights pay per view in late October or even Survivor Series. Undertaker’s legacy will still be intact if he passes the torch to Kane. Kane still has a few more years of wrestling left than the Undertaker and it’s only fitting that he carry on the tradition of having at least one supernatural superstar in the WWE. Only time will tell.

The Show Overall
So it took an old character from the pre-Attitude Era in Paul Bearer to get this piece of shit crowd to go apeshit? Lord. Anyways, I welcome Bearer’s return and it’s ironic that MDF and I were just discussing the need to get managers back into the scene again. I think it’s great that Undertaker ends his career the same way he started it, with Paul Bearer in his corner. If and when Undertaker retires, I do hope he ends his career with the good old kneel down salute to the Urn held by Bearer.

With Kaval being jobbed week after week, will a Kaval vs Rey Rey match be compelling to the casual fans? I know the well-informed fans still want to see it, but seeing Kaval not get the same treatment and push as Wade Barrett is a hard pill to swallow since Kaval is so talented in the ring.

Decent show with a huge emphasis on storylines than wrestling. I don’t mind since it all sets things up for the big debut on Syfy. I’m glad Rey’s returning to fill the wrestling void left by Christian. I’m wondering which wrestler out of Kofi, Swagger and MVP will be allowed to step things up and be one of the main guys. I think it’s absolutely amazing that Smackdown has been a strong wrestling show despite having one-fifth of RAW loaded roster. One more thing, with Smackdown you don’t have to sit through two hours of Michael “Tool Shed” Cole. That’s always a win win situation.

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