They recap last week’s show and Michael Cole having his coronary about the show. Josh starts the show with an empty chair and all of a sudden CM Punk comes down to the ringside in his ring gear but wearing a sports coat. Haha He sits next to Josh and he hands Punk an 8×10 of himself. He calls NXT a car crash but he wants to watch it and not be part of it. Haha

Striker brings out the Diva’s to the rings. Josh says Naomi looks like a Slammy Award cause she’s all in gold and Punk says Jamie looks like Kaval! Haha Vicki stops things and comes to the ring and said Kaitlyn was pretty impressive last week but only because she showed her how she did the course first. Vicki is putting her in a match against Jamie and said LayCool is here to coach her. Punk mentions that Cole is probably corresponding on a war right now. Haha McTaker and Layla go on to list their accolades. They then talk shit about the rookies. Kelly Kelly gets involved when they start talking shit about Naomi. Kelly wants to tag with Jamie and Naomi vs. Kaitlyn and LayCool. It looks like its going to be a brawl when we FINALLY go to break.

We are back and the challenge is… musical chairs. Yeah I said musical chairs… with chicks in dresses. Kaitlyn is out first. Punk said they did this in wrestling school. Haha Jamie is out next followed by Maxine who then brawls with Aksana for a sec. Aksana is out. Naomi and AJ are the last two… AJ sits first she wins.

They show a package on Aksana who was a female Arnold in her past life.

Goldust tells her the video was awesome. But she is sad cause there are issues with her work visa… oh god here we go… He gives her a pep talk that she can still do this and win NXT to stay in the country. They do breathing exorcises which is Goldust’s inhale chest feel. Haha

Maxine w/Alicia Fox vs. AJ w/Primo

Punk and Josh are kind of funny on commentary together. Punk says “this is vintage Maxine” when she puts AJ in a headlock. Haha! He then calls NXT the greatest television show on earth! Haa. AJ wins when Maxine suplexes her and she floats over.

Winner: AJ

Michael Cole shows up on the stage he has seen the writing on the wall that people want him BACK on NXT….? Cole said NXT without him is unwatchable and bad. He calls his fans the “Cole-miners”. Punk says the show is bad with or without Cole but he’s glad to see him. Funny shit. And unfortunately Cole is back on NXT. Punk says a handshake isn’t enough and hugs Cole. Fuck you Michael Cole, why bother doing that angle last week!? CM Punk was working, a waste of his talents but was working…

We are back from break and its Cole, Josh and Punk.

We’re off to the next challenge… talk the talk… oh Christ.

Jamie’s topic is teeth. She goes off topic and talks about herself and winning NXT. Punk calls her a “little boy robot” oh my god!

Naomi’s topic is toupee. I don’t think she knows what it is. Haha She said she’s here to wrestle.

Jamie and Naomi are DQ’d for not being on topic.

AJ’s is caffeine. She does ok, not great but ok.

Aksana’s is llama. Striker tries to explain her what a llama is… She wants Striker to show her what it is. TRAIN WRECK.

Maxine’s is foot. She’s going to squash AJ with her foot…

Kaitlyn’s topic is ignition. She goes on about people’s underwear’s. what the fuck!

Punk said he ain’t wearing pants which is how he watches NXT every week. Haha

AJ wins this cluster fuck.

Unified Diva’s Champions LayCool & Kaitlyn vs. Kelly Kelly, Jamie and Naomi

How the fuck is Kelly the voice of reason for her team!? Cole, Josh and Punk are all acting a fool at ringside. Naomi looked good in the match even when wrestling a hack like McCool. Naomi ends up pinning Kaitlyn on a reversal of a pin. LayCool gets in Kaitlyn’s face but she pushes McCool. LayCool end up fucking up Kaitlyn then talking shit over her with Vicki.

CM Punk has saved yet another thing… NXT.


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