Night of Champions [Live Updates]


Keep refreshing every 15 minutes or so as we give you live updates from WWE’s Night of Champions!

1. Dolph Ziggler retains his IC Title via the Zig Zag.

Mascara De Fuego: Good match, the crowd was into it in some spots. I hope this feud is over now I am really over it. ha

Great Puma: Good curtain jerker.  Love the Ranhei and sleeper reversal by Kofi.  Nice finish with Kofi getting caught up in the ropes after a missed Trouble in Paradise.

2. Big Show defeats Punk in a short ass match via KO Punch.

Great Puma: Loved Punk’s promo.  Nice the see the crowd still cheer CM Punk despite his HUGE heel promo.  Awesome “Teamsters” diss!

The Straight Edge Slingshot Senton was a sight to see.  Liked the high flying striking attacks by Punk in the beginning of the match.  IN Chicago?!? Really?  Stupid stupid finish.

Mascara De Fuego: Match had so much promise and even kept Punk on top until Show hits one move for the win in a short ass match. Fuck. I am so tired of these matches than end with the face winning after getting their ass kicked with ONE fucking move.

3.  Daniel Bryan wins the U.S. Championship from the Miz via Lebell Lock-Tapout!

Mascara De Fuego: Solid match that played with your emotions. So far it’s the match of the night. The WWE does Daniel Bryan right tonight.

Great Puma: Nice Kenta kick by Bryan.  Any match with a backslide pin attempt is money to me.  Miz no sells three forearm smashes?  Odd.  Love how Bryan sold the left arm the whole match.  Sick sick two count false finishes.  Really great match!!!!

4.  Michelle McCool becomes the Unified Divas Champion via big boot ambush/pinfall

Great Puma: Decent match.  Liked the matrix counter to a head slam by McCool.  The Faith Breaker counter by Melina was also nice.

Mascara De Fuego: Better match than I thought it was going to be but still a Diva’s match. McCool wins giving LayCool one title each, that’s all I gotta say about that.

5. Kave defeats Undertaker via Tombstone from a Tombstone reversal

Mascara De Fuego: A little longer than it had to be and it definitely had TOO much brawling on the outside but what counts is the outcome. Kane reverses the Tombstone and pins Taker clean. Solid victory… and the feud continues.

Great Puma: Decent match – awesome finish.  There’s nothing like the last 5 minutes of any Undertaker match.  Really glad to see Kane go over cleanly.  Hurray!

6.   Dashing Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre win the Tag Team Turmoil Match and win the WWE Tag Team Titles via

Great Puma: Glad I got to see the Cobra tonight.  Chicago was hot for this match.  I wish the Harts would’ve retained though.  Glad Dashing Cody Rhodes gets another title run.

Mascara De Fuego: What you expect from a Tag Team Turmoil match, quick victories. I suppose it was time to take the Titles off the Hart’s and its cool that Cody has a title but he’s had this shit before and god damn I don’t want to watch Drew on Monday nights.

7.  Randy Orton wins the Six Pack Challenge and gains the WWE Champion

Order of elimination:  1) Jericho via RKO.  2)  Edge via Attitude Adjustment.  3)Cena via Wade’s Firemen’s Carry Slam & Nexus distraction.  4) Wade Barrett via RKO.  5)  Sheamus via RKO

Mascara De Fuego: Exciting main event but Jericho getting pinned off the bat? Orton winning the Title?! Only good pin was Cena getting pinned by Wade. Whatever, I don’t want to see Orton with the title again… just as much as I want to see Cena with it.

Great Puma: Nice Y2J chant from the Chicago crowd when he was eliminated.  Nice double teaming by Edge and Sheamus.  Really hard to stay interested in this match with Edge and Jericho out first.  Sick Attitude Adjustment counter into a DDT by Wade Barrett.  Glad Cena was taken out of the equation early.  Barrett should have won this match.  Another belt for Stone Cold Orton.  Thank god Daniel Bryan got the U.S. Title!

Have a good night, everybody!  Be sure to read Mascara De Fuego’s Night of Champions recap coming up next!

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