*Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston (If Ziggler gets DQ’d he loses the title)*

Before the match Vicki comes out with Kaitlyn to intro Ziggler. They go to outside shortly after the match starts and Vicki is sending Kaitlyn to the back, oh well for the eye candy.  Match picks up steam slowly and is peaking right now with Kofi hitting the Ranhei . Ziggler finally gets the sleeper on with the crowds chanting for Kofi to “hulk” out of it which he does and reverses the sleeper. Ziggler quickly gets out of it and Vicki looks to slap Kofi but Ziggler stops her. Kofi goes for Trouble in Paradise, Ziggler moves and hits the Zig Zag for the pin. Good match but over this feud. Although the hesitate at first, Vick and Ziggler celebrate.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Edge in the back with Todd about the disadvantage about his match tonight.  He says stuff.

CM Punk comes out to a huge ovation from the Chicago crowd.  He starts off by saying he loves Chicago but he hate the inhabitants of Chicago and how the ruined his city. He runs down EVERYONE in Chicago! He said it should be burnt to the ground so he can build a new Chicago. He then runs down The Big Show, he said he’s David and Show is Goliath. Cole of course has to say some stupid fucking shit to ruin another great Punk promo.

*The Big Show vs. CM Punk*

In the early goings of the match Punk gets Show to the outside and lands a senton from the ring trying to get a count out victory. Great move.  Punk keeps the momentum keeping Show down… Until Show tackles Punk then punches him for the pin….!? Less than 5 minutes, really!? Fuck you WWE.

Winner: The Big Show

Josh with Jericho how runs down beating multiple greats in one night. He guarantees winning the match… uh oh.

*United States Champion The Miz w/Alex Riley vs. Daniel Bryan*

Please don’t “Kofi” Bryan in this match! The video package is solid and plays Bryan up seriously like he should be. Fuck why not just do that instead of the smiley shit you’ve been doing. And of course Miz comes out all serious with Riley and Bryan is all shit grin about this. Ugh. Short exchange to start the match that ends with Bryan almost getting the LaBell lock on. Cole of course goes in on a tirade on Bryan sucking and how much he wants to suck the cock of Miz. Riley gets involved with the ref’s back turned. Miz is no selling moves he should be putting over, dammit. Bryan sidesteps Miz, Miz ends up on the outside which leads to Miz landing the dive to the outside. Bryan now hits the top rope dropkick and he’s on top! Things level out with a series of “boo, yay” punch exchanges. SOLID head kicks from Bryan, dude is serious looking like he aint fucking around. This is what you need to be doing. They go to the top  but Miz fights off Bryan, Bryan takes the ropes to the nuts and Miz lands a dope ass clothesline from the 2nd rope. Miz is now in control and tries to go for the SCF but Bryan rolls for a close TWO. LaBell is coming Riley on the ropes but Miz hits him Riley, rollup… 1…2….KICKOUT! Bryan sent to the outside but Riley misses the clothesline. Bryan back in by Miz is on top now…. But LABELL LOCK IS ON!!!!!!!!!! MIZ IS IN TROUBLE HE TRIES TO FIGHT…..HE TAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DANIEL BRYAN WINS THE TITLE!!!!!!!!!!!!  He stands in the ring with the title before it hits him and he starts to celebrate. The Miz in on the outside of the ring looking like he’s crying.

Winner: Daniel Bryan, new US Champion!

*Unification Lumberjack Match*

*Diva’s Champion Melina vs. Women’s Champion (representative) Michelle McCool*

Striker sees Jillian come out with the other Diva’s and the fool says “Jillian is still here!?” haha damn dude. Funniest shit was McCool slapping Eve on the outside. Ha. Back and forth shit with McCool leading most of it. Soon enough the Jill’s are fighting within themselves. There’s a few good exchanges here I have to say. McCool isn’t as horrible as usual here. The Jill’s keep jumping McCool while the ref is turned Layla comes in but gets dumped on the outside. McCool with a big boot…1..2…three… McCool unifies the titles… oh man. LayCool leave with with one title each.

Winner: And Unified Women’s Champion Michelle McTaker

Wade Barrett in the back with Todd comes in to ask him about the match tonight. He’s asked about his chances, he says he’s the future of the WWE and that the winds of change have come.

*World Champion Kane vs. The Undertaker (no holds barred) *

Match starts fast with Taker coming up the ramp to brawl with Kane.  Taker throws Kane off the stage on onto a pillar. So far the match is still on the ramp as the two brawl leading towards ringside where Kane hit Taker with the Title. Kane is now on top with Kane hitting a top rope clothesline. The match goes to the outside again and into the crowd with both gaining the advantage. Its finally back in the ring and Kane keeps telling Taker to give it up.  Taker finally fights back and hits the chokeslam.. he goes for the Tombstone… BUT KANE REVERSES IT! 1…2… THREEE!!!!! Kane beats Taker CLEAN! Dope! After the match, Taker takes his time leaving the ringside area. Some cheer and some chant “Undertaker”. Lawler asks if this is the end of an era.

Winner: Kane

Another commercial for Cena’s next movie. Still fucking cracks me up that this motherfucker is going to teach ANYONE how to wrestle. Haha

Todd stops Orton and wants to know if he has anything to say, he stalls and finally says no. Well thanks for wasting out time.

*Tag Team Turmoil match for the WWE Tag Team Titles*

The Hart Dynasty start the match with The Uso’s…. wow The Uso’s beat The Harts and we are definitely getting new champions tonight! Santino and Kozlov are out next!… But they are taken out fast. Oh well. Mark Henry and Evan Bourne are out now. Henry hits the world largest slam which leads to shooting star press for the win! Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes are out next. This match is lasting longer than the others with Cody and Drew keeping the advantage. Evan finally makes the tag to Henry who takes both guys out, then makes the tag to Bourne who gets hit with the Crossroads for the pin, the win and the tag team titles.

Winners: New WWE Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre

The do an abridged vignette on Alberto Del Rio.

Josh asks Sheamus if he is concerned about tonight. He ain’t sweating this shit.

*6 Pack Challenge Match for the WWE Championship*

*WWE Champion Sheamus vs. John Cena vs. Edge vs. Chris Jericho vs. Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton

These matches are hard as fuck to transcribe so I’ll just post highspots and pins… and the first one is Orton hitting the RKO on Jericho for the pin. Fuck. This shit happened minutes into the match. The match basically stops as Jericho is in SHOCK that he has to leave the match. Y2J chant begins, fucking Chicago knows what’s up. They all watch Jericho leave. They go back to the ring and Wade is surrounded, the all gang up on his ass dumping him out to the outside. We end up with Cena and Orton in the ring for a hot second before Barrett, Edge and Sheamus come in to stop this. Wade tries to tell Sheamus and Edge what to do but then they take him out. We are back to Orton and Cena again briefly while they counter all their moves. Sheamus takes out a few fools at ringside and has Cena to himself in the ring. Sheamus and Edge are now ganging on people hitting a double superplex to Cena, throwing Wade into the barricade and now bringing Orton into the ring to gang up on him. Sheamus catapulting Edge into Orton to hit the spear on him. Good spot. Wade keeps trying to get involved but they are keeping him on the outside. Edge finally tries to turn on Sheamus but Sheamus sidesteps Edge to hit the Irish Curse. Cena takes out Edge with the FU, god dammit. Wade and Cena go at it for a while until Sheamus comes in and gets locked in the STF… Sheamus gets to the ropes though. Nexus runs in to attack Cena is distracted which sets up for Wade’s Fireman’s Carry Slam!…1..2… THREEE!!!! Cena is OUT! Nexus jumps Orton and throw him into the ring leaving him for Wade. Nexus up on the apron now. Cena is back with a steal Chair to Nexus. God dammit. Orton is setting up the RKO for Wade and he hits it…1…2…three… fuck’n bowlshit. Now its only Sheamus and Orton. Sheamus tries to put Orton away but Orton hits the RKO for the pin and the win… whoopee… He celebrates and Chicago cheers.

Winner: New WWE Champion Randy Orton

Well at least Daniel Bryan in the United States Champion.


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