Hayabusa Wrap Up


Mascara De Fuego: Welcome to another edition of the Hayabusa Wrap Up, how goes it Puma?

Great Puma: It goes well.  HHH hasn’t returned to ruin CM Punk or Alberto Del Rio’s careers so I think things are a-okay!

Mascara De Fuego: No shit! Lets start the petition to keep HHH off TV!

Mascara De Fuego: So it seems Matt Hardy to be in deep trouble.

Great Puma: Yeah but I think he’ll be fine in the long run.  He’s not losing it as much as Kevin Nash is at the moment.  He’s a good talent but I don’t think the WWE would miss him if he were to be future endeavored and I don’t mean that in a ‘mean’ way.  I also don’t think a Hardy Boyz reunion in TNA would fair any better than Mr. Anderson or Team 3-D as far as the box office goes.

Mascara De Fuego: Do you think he is doing this on purpose to get fired? I am getting that feeling…

Mascara De Fuego: Its a shame the guy couldn’t get the break he probably deserved but he is coming off like a bitter vet right now.

Great Puma: That’s what it looks like to me.  All they need to do is put Matt, Christian, Rey and Kofi in some sort of program where they all battle each other for the World Title and they’ll have great match after great match.

Mascara De Fuego: Big group of talented guys there and yeah its important to build up these new guys (something you needed to do a long time ago) but you cant forget guys like the ones you mentioned. They could have been given the opportunity to run with the big title as well.

Great Puma: A year is a long time in the wrestling business and if Sheamus can have a world title, there’s absolutely NO reason to keep Matt, Christian, Kofi, and Goldust from having their shot.

Mascara De Fuego: Oh Goldust. The worst thing about ECW folding was guys like Goldust Christian and William Regal not having a place to actually WRESTLE. And not just a 2 minute match but a 15-20 min match. Fuck I hate to say it but I miss ECW for that.

Great Puma: I hear ya.  Superstars is almost the WWE’s official ‘wrestling’ show.  Chavo and Kofi tore it up on there a few weeks ago.

Mascara De Fuego: So before we get into our Night of Champions predictions, what do you think of the rumors that by next WrestleMania the WWE will have only one set of titles meaning all of them will be unified with their counterparts.

Mascara De Fuego: I think its a good and bad thing. It’s good because it will bring things back to when titles meant something. But on the other hand it means some shows like the house shows wont always have the World/WWE Title on it. Maybe thats a good thing but in this day and age we’ve been conditioned that the top title should always get top billing… even over a fucking John Cena match.

Great Puma: I hate the idea.  The golden boy, John Cena, himself said it would hurt the midcard wrestlers since they wouldn’t have anything to wrestle for.  The tag team belts and the Diva’s belts are the only ones that should be unified.  Not only that, the four major titles (US, IC, WWE, Worlds) all have way too much lineage to be unified for the sake of selling toy belts or to feature more main eventers across the brands just to increase ratings.

Mascara De Fuego: Yeah, good points. It just doesn’t seem like a good idea except for the tag belts and Diva’s mostly because you dont have alot of the two.

Great Puma: Yeah and we all know that tag team wrestling ain’t what it used to be.

Mascara De Fuego: Not in the WWE but its good to see ROH and yeah sometimes TNA keeping it alive.

Mascara De Fuego: Ok so lets get to this months Night of Champions pay per view…

Mascara De Fuego: Women’s Champion Layla (or McCool) vs. Diva’s Champion Melina to unify the women’s titles…

Great Puma: They like to send the crowd home happy and Melina just got back so my brain wants to go with Melina but my gut is telling LayCool since they’re the most popular divas right now.  I’ll say Melina for the hell of it.

Mascara De Fuego: I don’t know about this match. The only person that deserves this type of win out of these three is Melina although I would have preferred someone like Beth Phoenix in this match. I could totally see them going with McCool in the match thus giving her, her own belt so they would each have a part of the Unified Titles. So I guess that’s my pick.

Mascara De Fuego: CM Punk vs. The Big Show

Mascara De Fuego: This match has to go to Punk. He’s been bitched out at the hands of Show too much lately. Worst of all when they are making Show the “goofy” guy again instead of the monster he should be. Punk needs to get back into the main title picture and they need to have this match lead to that.

Great Puma: I want it to go to Punk but they always book the opposite of whatever I want.  Agreed.  Punk and S.E.S. need this victory not only to give Punk the push he deserves but to give the S.E.S. a little boost since they’ve sort of become a joke lately.

Mascara De Fuego: For the millionth time… Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston…

Mascara De Fuego: I’m over this feud and I think that is mostly because I just don’t like Ziggler’s character at all. I don’t care for him and the only thing getting him over is being aligned with Vicki. Ziggler retains.

Great Puma: I hope not.  I’m tired of Ziggler as well.  The character is okay but for some reason I don’t find myself excited to watch his matches.  I actually don’t want Kofi to get the IC belt since I feel he more deserving of the World Heavyweight title eventually.  But yeah, my inner-mark wants Kofi to win this.

Mascara De Fuego: Me too but I feel they took forever to get it on Ziggles (haha) so they are probably keeping it there for a little while.

Mascara De Fuego: United States Champion The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan

Mascara De Fuego: Fuck man, its make it or break it time. The Miz is shooting up fast and right now would be a perfect time to shed the US Title off of him so he CAN cash in the briefcase for the WWE Title. Problem is, I still think the WWE is dropping the ball on Bryan. They need to quit all the jokey shit and get this guy to look serious like everyone should fear this dude, even guys OVER 5’9. I’m hoping he goes over and its the beginning of dope Bryan and not more of the bullshit we’ve seen so far.

Great Puma: Daniel F*ckin Bryan.  It has to happen.  The build up has been just to great and too long to just have Bryan lose.  Not only that Miz needs to focus on the WWE title so the U.S. title should be the least of his concerns.  Having Bryan hold the belt gives the title legitimacy and restores prestige.  For real.  I didn’t like Bryan’s wide ass grin while he was putting Miz in the Lebell Lock.  That didn’t sit well with me at all.  Basically, I’d be pushing Bryan as the next Benoit…without actually saying ‘it’.

Mascara De Fuego: Yeah since saying it is taboo apparently… Don’t say the “B” word Puma!

Great Puma: Not only that – I’m still pissed that the Miz didn’t slap on the figure four properly.

Great Puma: Ummm…okay…Bryan should be pushed as the next Wild Pegasus?

Mascara De Fuego: agreed. shit we’ve been slapping that shit on since we were kids and you know he had too yet you couldn’t get the figure four right!?

Mascara De Fuego: There you go! ha

Mascara De Fuego: Have they announced a Tag Team Title match? I don’t think I’ve seen one?

Great Puma: Seriously…that shit pissed me off.  But I did mark out for the Figure Four reversal that Bryan did.  That was a sight to behold and fill a cup with.

Great Puma: No.  I think the Uso’s have fallen off the tag rankings and they didn’t bother to have a contingency plan if the Uso’s didn’t go over.

Mascara De Fuego: oops. I’m sure they will throw some sort of bullshit Gauntlet match together with made up teams for this. oh well, we shall move on…

Mascara De Fuego: World Champion Kane vs. The Undertaker

Mascara De Fuego: Honestly, I think Kane is doing the best promo work of his career here. I think the guy is finally going to get some main event respect, at least for a little while longer. I see Kane going over, playing off this whole “I have the power” (like He-Man) shit to beat Taker. Possibly even fair and square for once in his career.

Great Puma: You just have to go with Kane.  He’s been fueling the feud all by himself for the past four months.  Kane deserves this and they need to pass the torch anyways.  As I’ve mentioned in my Smackdown Review – a vulnerable Taker is a more interesting Undertaker.

Great Puma: Seriously.  Undertaker can go ahead and win the feud at Survivor Series or even get a win at Hell in the Cell but the first encounter of this series definitely should go to Kane to make it interesting.

Mascara De Fuego: They definitely don’t have to kill this now. It’s got legs so juice it!

Mascara De Fuego: And Finally… A 6 Pack Challenge Elimination match for the WWE Title…

Mascara De Fuego: I think I’m going to be pissed off here. It’s going to either Cena or Orton although they don’t fucking need it. I would love to see Jericho get it but as even more shock value have Barrett go over and win the Title. SO many more ways this match can go and they are surely going to fuck it up.

Great Puma: True.  If they really want to sell more Nexus t-shirts and keep Raw interesting, they have to give it to either Barrett  or Jericho.  That’d be great if Jericho retires or doesn’t resign and they hold a tournament for the WWE belt.  That’s my own wishful thinking.

Mascara De Fuego: Indeed.

Mascara De Fuego: Ok so that brings us to the end of this Wrap Up, any final words Puma?

Great Puma: Nothing much.  I hope Matt Hardy gets well and earns a title run before he retires.  I’m out like Kevin Nash’s sanity.

Mascara De Fuego: Until All Are One.

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