Vicki Guerrero starts the show on the stage with her rookie Kaitlyn. She’s invited someone to the show to make her proud, not like her rookie. Its Dolph Ziggler…

Dolph Ziggler & Kaitlyn vs. Primo & AJ

Both sets of genders have their moment in the ring, the rookies do ok. There’s a moment where Ziggler corners AJ but she fights him off to make the hot tag. Ziggler does end up hitting the Zigzag for the pin. Ziggler and Kaitlyn celebrate and Vicki looks like she’s jealous or some shit. Both rookies look “ok” in this match.

Winner: Ziggler and Kaitlyn

Video package on Mazine. This chick needs to go back to the curly hair. Oh shit she’s got some Cuban in her. Dammit does this shit mean I gotta pull for her now… The video is all fluff.

The first challenge of the night? A fucking Joke Off… The crowd hates on all this shit until AJ and Maxine cat fight when Maxine cuts a promo instead of a joke. Another cat fight breaks out with Kaitlyn and AJ. Its pick on AJ night apparently. Jamie wins this shit.

Cole rings some gong that’s at ringside!? He’s he all pissed off about what the fuck is going on. He gongs NXT and all of this bowlshit. Ok man relax before you end up in the Welness Policy.

Jamie w/The Bella’s vs. Aksana w/Goldust

This match is all wrestling basics 101. Cole calls a hair pull a beal, now I’ve heard it all… Jamie gets the win with a roll up. Jamie is kind of scary but you’d probably let her fuck you with her dick… wait what?!

Winner: Jamie

Video package on Naomi. She was a drunker and a dancer for the Orlando Magic. So far she’s the most athletic of these chicks.

I don’t get what Cole is doing he’s trying to hate on NXT now (which I get) but he isn’t playing it up the whole time. They replay the look on Vicki’s face after Ziggler and Kaitlyn win.

In the back Vicki tells Kaitlyn to hit the bricks so she can brow beat Ziggler about that hug and tells him that if it happens he’s going to lose all of “this” while she points at her body. Shit was so funny I actually laughed out loud for that shit. Fuckin’ Vicki.

Obstacle course challenge is next…

Kaitlyn is about to go when Vicki comes out. Is Vicki wearing Shape Ups?? Vicki tells her she’s going to show her how to do the course first… oh my god. She starts to stretch to waste time. Ha! Striker wants to start but she keeps stopping him she finally goes. She had troubles getting over the bigger wall and has trouble on the balance beam. She then trips before she can get to pushing the equipment box up the stage and starts to cry the rest of the way up. Haha her time… 1.27.2

Kaitlyn 36.5

Aksana 37.2

AJ 46.0

Maxine 39.1

Jamie 36.8

Naomi 57.4

Kaitlyn wins. Vicki is now comes back and she’s happy.

Cole is back on his gong. He’s all pissed off about this show again. This fool says he’s got a journalistic integrity…!? Bah. You!? Cole walks off the show like people are going to miss his ass.

Peace out man, they shoulda taken you off this shit a long time ago and let Josh run this.

So what have we learned tonight? AJ and Kaitlyn need a threesome with a certain FightHayabusa correspondent. …cough…cough…

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