Smackdown Thoughts & Review [9. 10. 10]


Starts off with an evil Kane promo.

Undertaker is in the ring.

  • He says he’s going to stop Kane’s reign of terror. No rules can contain them. He wants their match to be No Holds Barred.

>>Nice Taker chant from the crowd. I love all of Undertaker’s awkward pauses and strained delivery. Saying that this match will ‘open the gates of hell’ is really setting the bar for this match. I really do hope they can deliver. I do have doubts since their previous matches were solid but not mind-blowing. I was expecting him to announce their match as a Hell in the Cell match so this No Holds Barred deal is somewhat of a letdown. But yeah, that’s just nitpicking

CM Punk’s music interrupts Taker’s promo.
Punk comes out applauding him.

  • Punk asks the crowd to give the Legend the respect he deserves. He mocks Taker’s Creatures of the Night and asks them to applause him even more. He says he enjoys a good sibling rivalry. He says Taker is looking old and has taken one too many fights he can handle. Punk says Taker’s threats just don’t have the same ‘panache’. He goes on to say that there’s no power that can compare to the power of Straight Edge.

Taker retorts and says all Punk is going to do is fail.

>> Great exchange between the WWE’s great cornerstone and a master heel. Punk seems to be rejuvenated this week and it was nice to see him come out solo on stage. Huge big ups for mentioning “Creatures of the Night”. I love it when wrestlers reference the rich history of any opponent.


Jack Swagger vs MVP

  • Swagger looks beyond pissed.
  • MVP hit two rolling Germans on Swagger.
  • MVP with a beautiful flying knee to the back of the head of a kneeling Jack Swagger. Awesome.
  • MVP hit a very nice Otani running boot in the corner.
  • Swagger rammed MVP’s leg into the post, then hit the chop block. Ankle lock time…MVP taps.

WINNER: Jack Swagger via tap out.

>>If they wrestle like this every time they wrestled I wouldn’t mind it at all. It was a well-balanced match with a little of everything. I really liked the offense that both of these wrestlers brought. Swagger used a lot of high impact attacks like turnbuckle splashes and running clotheslines. I can’t say enough about MVP’s flying knee. It looked great and I hope he uses it again. Any match that begins with amateur take downs then goes to Kawada big boots and then to rolling germans is dandy to me.

I don’t mind this feud but I’d rather see both of these guys fighting someone else for a top-tier title. MVP is long over due and Swagger’s best work was when he was the World Heavyweight Champion.

LayCool is arguing about who’s going to wrestle in the Divas’ Unification Match at Night of Champions. Kaval tells them to chill out but LayCool shuts him down and tells him that people only voted for him so they could see LayCool. Moded. Ouch.

>>For some reason it would be cool if Kaval was still an associate of LayCool for future story lines and continuity. I know the WWE would like to show different sides of Kaval’s personality but I don’t think it’s necessary. Why fix something that isn’t broken? Hopefully that segment signaled a temporary split for Kaval and LayCool so that he can be featured as the World Warrior and not LayCool’s mascot.

Alberto Del Rio’s announcer is introduced.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Matt Hardy

  • Alberto Del Rio comes out in a white Bentley. Classy.
  • Matt Hardy comes out limping and I don’t think he’s selling some sort of old injury. He looks beat up. Poor guy.
  • Nice spot where ADR falls through the ropes feet first.
  • Lovely enziguiri to Hardy on the outside of the ring apron. Textbook. Extremely dope.
  • Huge arm ringer on MATT over the top rope – ADR rams Matt’s shoulder into the steel post, which leads to ADR’s Cross Arm Breaker. Matt taps.

WINNER: Alberto Del Rio

ADR attempts to lock on his submission again but Christian plays Cap’n Save-a-Ho.

>>Good match as always and it told a good story in and around the ring. Prick smile was in full effect tonight. Also, his condescending mannerisms are unreal. It’s like he’s pissed that his opponent had the audacity to fight back. Brilliant stuff right there.

ADR and CM Punk are prime examples of heels that maintain serious heat and still use very technical movesets blended with occasional heel tactics and nuances. As I’ve said before, ADR is going for it and there’s no reason why he shouldn’t be World Champion by next May. Did I say that already? Oh well.

Drew McIntyre vs KAVAL

  • First of all…F*CK. My first thoughts are why are they going to feed Kaval to Drew McIntyre? That’s the last thing I’d do if I wanted to debut the latest NXT Breakout Star in a positive way. Okay…we’ll see how this match goes.
  • Drew sells Kaval’s leg kick big time. Nice.
  • Very dope suplex on the ring apron by Drew.
  • HOLY FUCK! Dope sequence. Kaval rushes Drew – Drew counters and throws Kaval over his head, only for Kaval to land on the top turnbuckle, jump off, turn around and blast a flying round house to Drew’s dome.
  • Kaval launches from the ring apron on to Drew but is caught. Drew delivers a VERY SICK powerbomb to the ring rail. It just didn’t look right.
  • Drew drags Kaval into the ring, Futureshock DDT. One…two…three.

WINNER: Drew McIntyre

>>I didn’t hate this at all. Sure Kaval lost but he looked amazing in doing the job. There more than a few moments where he looked as though he was about to win, which is a sign of a great match. Drew sold his ass off for Kaval’s offense so I applaud him for that. Hopefully, Kaval will be given a meaningful program so he can shine bright on SyFy. Seeing LayCool rush out and tend to Kaval at the end of the match was a very nice touch.

Dashing Cody Rhodes Grooming Tips
Tonight’s segment was devoted to acne and blackheads. DCR discusses the importance of facials.

>>Great. Now we’re all one step closer to dashing.

Vicky and Kaitlyn come out.
Kaitlyn introduces Vicky but Vicky interrupts her and berates her. Vicky introduces Dolph Ziggler himself.

Dolph Ziggler & Chavo Guerrero vs Kofi Kingston and Chris Masters

  • Nice play on Masters’ strength with Dolph. It was nice to see a well executed gorilla press slam.
  • Very hard double clothesline from Dolph and Kofi on each other.
  • Trouble in Paradise. One…two…three.

WINNER: Kingston & Masters

>>Kaitlyn is a beast and I mean that in a very good way. Short match just to promote the upcoming IC Match between Kofi and Dolph. I just want to mention again just how fly Kaitlyn was looking on my TV screen.

CUT TO THE BACK: Big Show does a self-interview playing himself and Josh Mathews. Comedy ensues.

>>Nice little diss on Serena. He called her one of the bald headed dudes in the S.E.S. It’s great that he can go from Stand Up Giant to Destroyer Giant at the sound of the bell.

CM Punk vs The Undertaker

  • CM Punk comes out with the S.E.S. but he berates them and sends them to the back.
  • CM Punk reacts to Undertaker’s lethargic start. The announcers also talk about Taker’s lack of a strong start. Nice.
  • I loved how CM Punk quickly tried to counter Taker’s rope walk.
  • Taker lost his balance doing the rope walk for the first time in a long time! Great crowd reaction.
  • Punk hits his high knee into the corner with perfection.
  • Nice jumping heel kick by CM Punk.
  • CM Punk kicks out of a HUGE CHOKESLAM! Beautiful.
  • CM Punk manages to get Taker up for the GTS and he hits it!
  • Punk goes for the cover and gets caught in the Hell’s Gate Gogoplata. Tap.

WINNER: The Undertaker via tapout

Kane’s laughter swarms the arena as the ring posts ignite and the house lights go fire red. End of show.

>>Wow. Great match and both men certainly brought their A-games. CM Punk did not lose any steam here and looked great in this loss. The sight of Punk kicking out of the chokeslam was almost surreal and the gogoplata finish was pretty spectacular.

I really enjoyed the MMA aspects of this match. CM Punk started heavy on the strikes with hard leg kicks. For the Night of Champions match with Big Daddy Kane, I can imagine Taker being influenced by the UFC 117 Sonnen-Silva finish where Anderson Silva gets his ass beat for the entire match but wins with a triangle at the end. However, I hope Taker saves it for a later encounter since I’m looking forward to seeing Kane finally get a ‘W’ on his big brother.

Observations and Notable Points

Alberto Del Rio and his white scarf of greatness
Smackdown now has 4 major heels that are all great in their own way. Kane, ADR, Punk and Swagger all receive major heat from the audience. Hell, I might as well include Vicky in this elite bunch. By this time next year, ADR might be the top heel in the company.

Great debut despite the loss. The corner balancing act into the flying roundhouse spot was a sequence to behold. Drew and Kaval sold their asses off for each other tonight and it made the match ten times better than expected.

Loved the subtle undertones of CM Punk reacting to Taker’s noticeable loss of aggression and speed. Taker is taking his game to a whole new level and his acting has been top notch since he came back. Even Undertaker’s throat slice gesture looked off. Every match and every word spoken within the Kane-Taker feud has been so finely tuned and crafted to build up to the big match at Night of Champion. It only points to Kane defeating Taker for the first time. If that does happen, this huge feud and its elaborate plot will have paid off and both wrestlers will be better for it.

I must add that this new vulnerable Undertaker is just as fascinating as the new and dangerous Kane. I’m more into the Undertaker character now than I have ever been. This feud is the end of a dynasty, the rebirth of a phoenix and it’s the changing of the guard. It doesn’t get better than this.

The Show Overall
Great show for the simple fact that it featured Kaval. Heh. I enjoyed every match and there were no cheap victories gained on this episode.

I think it’s great that Smackdown can revitalize the career of any wrestler. Big Show and Kane have been nothing but phenomenal this year and are a huge reason for the show’s overall success. I realize it’s considered the ‘B’ show but I look forward to Friday nights a lot more than Monday.

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2 Responses to “Smackdown Thoughts & Review [9. 10. 10]”

  1. Vicente Obregon Says:

    Alberto Del Rio ruined Raw for me… I just wait for tuesday night spoils of smackdown, for youtube smackdown videos friday morning, and for televised smackdown at night. But don’t get me wrong, as a mexican, of course i’m proud and happy about ADR success, but i think CM Punk is phenomenal as a heel. I love watching faces of SES members when they are lectured. It’s a shame SES tends to disappear.

    • Great Puma Says:

      I agree, VO. CM Punk is the WWE’s top heel at the moment. He’s been nothing short of brilliant this year and he continues to get better. His promo Friday night was spot on and we all know his match with Taker was as good as it gets. I really hope the S.E.S. doesn’t become an afterthought.

      And yes, ADR rocks! I can’t wait to see him have a lengthy feud with Christian and other established faces on Smackdown. Thanks again for stopping by!

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