Joey Styles – “When do I get my wedgie, Kaitlin?”


Because we’re marks for Joey Styles, I’ve decided to post some highlights of the highlights to Mr. Style’s Live Chat Commentary from the NXT Replay.  Yeah it’s a little absurd but I don’t care it’s our site dammit. Check out the full post – it’s an entertaining read!

Kaitlin was voted as NXT Season 3 hottie by the male staff.

Because many of these women have little to no wrestling experience, I am looking for charisma and a sense of humor while wrestling skills are developed. I think that’s realistic and fair.

AJ worked as a WRESTLER (dirty word) for 13 years to get to WWE. She’s not just a model or fitness competitor we found. (ouch)

AJ wrapped the tie around the neck. She’s fired!

WWE has a new movie coming out? Really? What’s it called? Who’s in it? I wish myself the best in my future endeavors.

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