All the new rookies and their pros are brought to the ring. Vicki’s new rookie is some chick named Kaitlyn who looks like Velvet Skye in TNA. This shit is going to go THREE months?! Fuck… Striker lets these bitches get on the mic…

Kaitlyn is first. She said some shit about exploding your mailbox and some shit about being a class clown and homecoming queen. She got booed.

Vick gets on the mic and says she is disappointed with Kaitlyn’s promo and wants her to do it again…so she does!? She shills Vicki and she likes that.

Aksana got a heavy ass accent, fuck. She uh, follows her dreams and her heart then starts speaking gibberish. This is going to be painful its like a worst version of Kozlov.

Maxine who don’t look like she did in the video promos makes fun of Aksana. She’s got “sense” then calls herself a triple threat in a skirt. Not a bad promo honestly. Fool needs to go back to go back to the curly hair.

AJ says someone needs to hug Maxine. Ha. She shills working for 13 years to get here and of course he goes Cole talking shit. Idiot. Ok but bubbly promo.

Jaime wants to speak from behind the mic to give 110% to win the next diva. Ok promo but a little too stiff.

Naomi gets ghetto quick and says the WWE is missing a Naomi. Ok promo but hold back the ghetto-ness.

Their first challenge is next… Diva dance challenge…Jesus Herbert Christ. Striker then tells them they need a partner and brings up Michael Cole whose wearing leg warmers. Kill me now. Luckily Cole only lasts 2 rookies but then Tony Chimmel is brought up to take his place. Poor Josh takes HIS place who slow dances with Aksana. Haha. Josh saves himself at least. Kaitlyn does the broken robot with Josh. They then go for Kid n Play! Haha

This was painful but at least Kaitlyn was funny at her shit.

Naomi wins this shit.

Kelly2 & Naomi vs. Maxine & Alicia Fox

Naomi needs ring gear that don’t look like it came up out of the 80’s. Naomi can move in the ring! I’m kind of shocked and surprised. Nothing special about Maxine yet. Basic rookie moveset. After Naomi wins she goes for the finish again!?

Winner: Naomi wins with a small package on Maxine.

ANOTHER challenge!? Its capture the flag. Jamie doesn’t get a flag so she is out. AJ is out next followed by Aksana, Kaitlyn, Maxine. Naomi wins this one as well. Crowd marked out for her winning. She’s given the mic all out of breath n shit.

Video package on Jamie she works out a lot and looks up to Trish Stratus…

Goldust & Aksana vs. Primo & AJ

Aksana is bad, green as fuck. Shitty clotheslines, shitty leg drop. She’s making AJ look bad. They have to run the finishing spot again so AJ can get the bulldog victory. Fuck.

Winners: Primo and AJ.

After the match Vicki brings Kaitlyn back out to the ring so she can do her intro once again. Primo’s gets in Vicki’s face about letting AJ enjoy her win. AJ gets in Vicki’s face so Vicki sicks Kaitlyn on her who ends up spearing Vicki. She’s pissed and walks off with Kaitlyn trying to catch up to her and apologize.

… and the show ends.

Painful isn’t the word for what this season is going to be, holy shit. At this point it looks like Naomi has skills. AJ might but wasn’t able to shine because Aksana was SO bad. She’s gonna be the first to go.

Break down:

Naomi – most potential of all of the rookies but it will be interesting to see if the WWE puts anything behind her since she doesn’t fit the mold… mostly because she actually IS athletic.

AJ – cute as fuck and they could probably make a lot of money on her even if she couldn’t wrestle but rumors are she is solid. We shall see.

Kaitlyn – her angle will probably all around being the rookie of Vicki and not the competition. It will be interesting to see if she can work. The WWE’s version of Velvet Skye, without the bad tattoos

Aksana – bad, real bad. The accent is really thick so no one will understand her ass.

Maxine – didn’t see what she can do as she had a basic move set but looks like she could be valuable on the mic.

Jamie – not sure what her strengths will be yet other than being in front of WWE crowds for a while now.

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