Smackdown Thoughts & Review [9. 3. 10]


Albany, NY

Kane-‘Taker feud highlights.

The ring looks festive. There are balloons and Mexican regalia in every corner.

Alberto Del Rio’s personal ring announcer is introduced. Alberto Del Rio comes out in his car. Alberto’s adorned in all white. HUGE HEAT.

Alberto grabs the mic:

My name is Alberto Del Rio, but you, you already know that. Do you remember what I did to my little amigito…to that little chihuahua, Rey Mysterio? If you don’t? Here’s for you again!

Tonight I’m throwing this celebration because I removed Rey Mysterio from the WWE. And I proved to everybody that Mysterio is weak. That Mysterio is a pathetic representation of my people, the Mexican people. Because Mysterio is a chicano and he’s ashamed of that. That’s a reason he uses that horrible mask.

In fact, for me, Rey Mysterio is just like an animal. It’s…it’s…it’s like this burro. [ADR points to a little donkey pinata] Like this. Like this donkey! [They show a closeup of the donkey and it has a Rey Rey mask! I want one.] Rey Mysterio, how are you? He’s handed a large stick painted with the colors of the Mexican flag and swings at the pinata and shatters it.

And at the end, Mysterio is nothing but a broken burro. Champagne por favor. Let’s make a toast…for me. For Alberto Del Rio. Because I’m the man. I’m handsome! I’m powerful! I’m rich! I’m EVERYTHIIING!

Christian interrupts. Alberto Del Rio looks pissed.

Christian has a mic pauses to stare at the shattered pinata and slowly enters the ring.

Sorry to interrupt you there but I just wanted to come out and introduce myself. My name is Christian. [Good Pop] Captain Charisma. And you are…[ADR is about to tell him but gets interrupted again] I know who are you. You’re JBL right? Yeah yeah. ‘Juan Bradshaw Layfield’. Nah I’m just kidding. I do that from time to time. I know who you are, in fact, the entire WWE Universe knows who you are. You’re a huge huge international superstar. Enrique Iglasias! Man I love your music. What’s that one song you had a couple years ago. [Christian goes all full retard karaoke here]


Ahahaha. You think you’re pretty funny huh. This clown thinks he’s really funny! I’m gonna tell you what you are. You American ‘naco‘!


I’m sorry I don’t really know what…Ooooh! That’s what these things are! I was wondering this whole time. Do you mind? [Christian goes over to one of the servers holding hors d’oeuvres. He tries one…but spits it out.] Look. It’s like this alright? I come here to taste your crappy hors d’oeuvres. I didn’t come out here to marvel at your expensive cars or your tailor-made suits. I came out here to tell face to face, man to man, that I don’t appreciate what you did to a friend of mine, Rey Mysterio. An already injured Rey Mysterio at that. Now I’m standing in the back and I saw you hit this donkey pinata with a stick. And let me tell you something – you can hit all the donkey pinatas you want whatever blows your hair back. But you, my friend, you are the only jackass that I see!


Hey! Who you think you are. Who think you are? You think you can come out and ruin my fiesta? Ruin my party? Disprespect me? Oh I see. You want to end up like Rey Mysterio. You want to end up in the hospital. Crying and crying and crying.


Woah woah. Hold on a second there, Juan. Are you challenging me to a fight? Is that what you’re doing? Because you know something, I already have a scheduled match tonight but if you want to fight I have no problem fighting you right here, right now, in front of all my peeps in Albany, New York!


[ADR tells his servants to get out of the ring in espanol] Are you sure? Are you sure you wanna do this? [ADR swiftly throws off his blazer and goes face to face with Christian. He backs off and grabs the mic.] There’s gonna be another place and another time. And you, you’re gonna pay for this.

–‘Juan Bradshaw Layfield’. Really, Christian? Christian is prone to doing promos from time to time with racial undertones. I don’t really dig them personally since there’s a hundred other ways to make fun of an opponent.

Anyways this segment further cements just how great Alberto Del Rio is. He’s 100 percent immersed in his character when the camera is on. His delusional rant before Christian came out had the spirit of Tony Montana and the fury of Nino Brown. Hopefully, the WWE won’t unify the World Titles because it would be nice to see Del Rio wearing the World Heavyweight Championship sometime after Wrestlemania. I’m a mark for ADR…but you already know that.

Drew McIntyre attacks him from behind and kicks him out of the ring. ADR pours champagne on Christian’s head and walks off.


They show clips of McIntyre throwing Christian in the steel steps. The ref asks Christian if he wants to wrestle and Christian persists even though he’s already favoring his ribs.

Christian vs. Drew McIntyre

  • Drew controls early with methodical heel offense, including a bear hug.
  • Christian fights back. He jumps off the second turnbuckle for his flying euro-cut but is caught and then smashed with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker. Cool spot.
  • Drew counters a Killswitch, lifts Christian up on his shoulders and brings him down hard on his knee with a gut buster.
  • Both men grimace in pain. Drew tries to pick Christian up. Christian sweeps Drew’s legs forward, grabs them and flips over for the modified jackknife pin. One…two…three.

WINNER: Christian

–Christian sold his ass off here. I’m always a big fan of non-finisher pinfalls and this definitely delivered. I’m not a Drew fan at all but I would say his moveset has already surpassed Cena’s moveset this early in his career. Sorry for the sidebar but Cena hasn’t shown a new move since the STF while Drew has been growing every single week. I hope Christian gets his come-uppance sooner or later…or at least holds a world title once more before he retires. Christian has a talent for getting the crowd behind him and few wrestlers can match his ability on the mic. I’m assuming the WWE does not like his very average “look”. So much for ability and undeniable charisma.


Kelly Kelly vs Michelle McCool

  • McCool starts off with a flurry of strikes.
  • McCool does a decent belly to belly backbreaker.
  • Kelly hits her extended headscissors.
  • McCool catches Kelly on a ‘rana attempt and turns it into the Faith Breaker/Ms. Taker Clash. That is all.

Winner: Michelle McCool

–Decent Divas match. Layla got a lot of close up time with the camera since she joined the announcers so that’s always a plus.


You see a psychiatrist of some sort putting electrodes on Hornswaggle’s head. Teddy asks what’s going on. The shrink says it takes extreme measures to help people to talk. Horny protests but Teddy tells him to relax. The shrink turns up the dial. Swaggle takes off the electrodes and puts them on the shrink and turns the dials up. Teddy and Swaggle leave.

–No comment. Really, just make the dude talk already. He’s talks at every public appearance and he’s more well spoken than half of the roster. It’s not like he’s earning his money putting on five star matches in the WWE.


Chris Masters vs Dolph Ziggler

  • Masters hits a HUGE chop in the corner.
  • Masters also drops Dolph with a gorilla press slam.
  • Dolph counters the Masterlock by running up the turnbuckles.
  • Dolph hits Masters with the Zig Zag and we’re done.

WINNER: Dolph Ziggler

–Very quick match. Masters looked good and it just goes to show you how time and training can make anybody so much better. Masters looks a hundred times better than his first run in the WWE. He looks like he can carry a match now. His finisher gets a huge reaction from the crowd and I think the WWE should look into pushing him…even if for a little bit.

Big Show vs CM Punk & Luke Gallows

  • Very cool pose by the S.E.S. Glad the producer finally caught that.
  • Punk and Show start the match off with strikes. Nice.
  • Big Show with a nice go behind reversal and a takedown.
  • Show throws Luke into the ropes and hits a nice reverse elbow.
  • Show clothesline Punk in mid air when he goes for his springboard clothesline.
  • Punk tries to drag Show closer to their corner and screams in pain. He gives up and tags Luke in. Funny moment.
  • Show does a little Choo Choo before he Bundy splashes Luke in the corner. Wow.
  • Show with an alley oop powerbomb into a modified clutch/crossface for the tapout.

WINNER: Big Show

Punk looks frustrated. He picks Luke up and hits him with the GTS and leaves with a maniacal look.

–I’ve never seen Show do that move before and I marked out for it. This feud has been entertaining but I’m ready for both wrestlers to move on.


Jack Swagger’s VIP All-American American Lounge

  • Swagger’s VIP guest is his father, Jack Swagger Sr., who’s now in a wheelchair.
  • Swagger introduces him with tons of accolades and titles including “Perry, Oklahoma arm wrestling champion”! They give each other compliments and Swagger does push ups for his father and crowd.

MVP interrupts:

  • MVP clowns on the Swagger men and calls them squares and says there’s nothing ballin’ about this edition of the VIP Lounge. He wrecks the set. Swagger hides behind his dad and catapults him onto MVP. MVP back body drops Swagger over the rope. MVP then gives a Ballin’ Elbow Drop on Jack Sr.

–Swagger’s pops is sporting a very sharp-looking Jack Swagger t-shirt. I like it but I’m sure there’s some stupid slogan on the back. I wonder if it’s “I’m an All American American” or some shit like that. Wait – I just looked and I was right. Lord. Oh well at least it looks nice. I’m guessing Jack Swagger Sr. is playing the Pete Rose Wrestlemania role where he gets beat up every time he makes an appearance on Smackdown.


Matt Hardy makes his way to the ring.

Dashing Cody Rhodes comes out on the stage with a mic:
DCR starts bagging on Matt and his grooming habits. He rags on Matt’s nose, chin patch and weight. He takes off his jacket and shows Matt the mirror on the back of it.

“Do you even see Matt Hardy Version One? No. All I see is Matt Hardy version…done. That is not DASHING!”

Matt Hardy vs Dashing Cody Rhodes

  • Matt starts off with shoulders in the corner and clubbing forearms. Matt looks like he twisted his ankle somewhere in the action.
  • Holy shit! DCR came off the ropes and did his brother’s drop down punch. Awesome.
  • Cody hits the Crossroads. Done.

WINNER: Dashing Cody Rhodes

–Good bout that told a story. Matt got most of the offense in but it was still entertaining. I really liked seeing Cody using his brother’s move.


CUT THE BACK – Kane Promo:
Big Daddy Kane talks about  how the battle with his brother will be like the apocalypse. He says his brother’s very existence will end at Night of Champions and that will be his crowning moment.

Druids come out with a casket while Kane does his evil laugh on the Titantron.

The arena is lit with Undertaker’s blue hue. The casket opens and it looks like Undertaker is supposed to come out but it’s Kane. Kane comes out with a mic:

He says ‘Taker now walks in his shadow and nothing can stop him.

The gong sounds and the crowd goes apeshit. Undertaker appears and slowly makes his way to the ring. He rushes through the ropes but the gong sounds again. The lights come back on and Kane is gone.

Taker looks at the red casket that the druids brought out. He coughs a little bit is still staring at the casket. He lifts it up and gets ready to stomp on Kane but it’s empty. Kane shows up on the Titantron.

Kane says he still has a lot to learn about evil.

“We were called the Brothers of Destruction. After Night of Champions you will be simply known as the brother I destroyed.”

Kane laughs and flames burst up around Undertaker as the show ends.

–Cool segment I suppose. They’re hyping this feud up well enough to make you actually think that Undertaker is the underdog. Undertaker’s little coughs and subtle moments of vulnerability make this feud compelling. Kanes been cutting career-highlight promos for a few months now and I hope it doesn’t end.

Observations and Notable Points

Dashing Cody Rhodes
The kid absolutely killed his promo on Matt Hardy. He’s the love child of Adrian Adonis and the Model Rick Martel and I’m a mark for that. I think DCR could play the old WCW Ric Flair role and be a great draw as a champion defending the belt against popular wrestlers. The audiences’ want and desire to see DCR get his ass beat combined with the possibility of seeing someone take his belt would put asses in seats in my opinion.

As I said above, Undertaker’s little coughs and signs of weakness are so crucial to this feud being successful. It’s interesting to see Undertaker perform at around 80 percent to put forth the idea that Kane can win over with the crowd. I still wish Taker was feuding with somebody else, but this angle has officially grown on me thanks to Undertaker seriously selling his Kane beatdown.

Alberto Del Rio
Need I say more? He’s the Nexus of Smackdown and he’s only one man. How often do you get a heel that possesses excellent ring ability that matches the quality of his promos? As I’ve said many times before, there is no limit to what ADR can accomplish in his tenure with the WWE. He’ll go pretty far as long as he doesn’t run into the concrete ceiling called Triple H.

The Show Overall
I liked this show more than last week’s episode. There was more wrestling and the wrestlers seemed to step up their in-ring game. Seeing wrestlers being built and not buried is quite a refreshing sight. It seems that new stars are being built at every turn (DCR, ADR and McIntyre) and the feuds are developed in a nice and efficient manner.

I still want NXT to feed the bulk of the rookies to Smackdown. Kaval vs Rey Mysterio is a money match waiting to happen. I’m also expecting Rey Rey to make his triumphant return when Smackdown debuts on Syfy. I hope the legendary Hornswaggle will also be able to speak by then so he can cut promos and feud with Vicky Guerrero. I can dream can’t I?

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4 Responses to “Smackdown Thoughts & Review [9. 3. 10]”

  1. Vicente Obregon Says:

    I kind of feel that wrestlers are improving since ADR arrival. But maybe it’s just me, and my mexican pride.

    • Great Puma Says:

      I wouldn’t discount that notion, Vicente. ADR rocks and I’m glad the WWE signed him. It’s nice to see great wrestlers like Bryan, Kaval and ADR on the biggest pro wrestling stage in the world. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Mascara De Fuego Says:

    I am marking out to your photoshop of Kane. Hilarious.

    This could be an exciting time for the WWE IF they are really going to put steam behind these next stars.

    Lets hope the actually commit to it!

    • Great Puma Says:

      Thanks brother! They four new world class workers in Bryan, Kaval, Alberto Del Rio and Bourne. That’s a dope future for the business right there if they book them cautiously.

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