How I would change the NXT Brand…


With the end of season two tomorrow night I thought I would put up something I’ve been thinking about, what I would have done with the NXT brand that would have kept it fresh, alive and not burying talent while keeping things exciting.

What I would do is create an NXT Championship. Now I know what you’re thinking, not another title but here me out.

Load the show with 15 new guys and have a tournament for the NXT Title. Once the champion is crowned this is where the drama begins. The champion has the advantage. When the champion ends the “season” he will move up to the main roster. Others remain in NXT until they win the title and end the season with the title to move up. Each season starts with another tournament for the title since the title will be vacant at the end of the season. You have five seasons a year guaranteeing that you move up 5 new stars a year. Also, every time someone moves up, you bring in someone new to the show to take their place. This keeps talent moving in and out of NXT and also gives the audience a chance to get use to seeing them as someone credible that could move up to take on the WWE’s best.

The title changes hands during the season creating compelling stories with guys fighting for a title that means something, a move to the main rosters. Combined with feuds, the NXT stars will challenge each other in matches that will determine if they are the next person to challenge the champion. Once a challenger loses, he moves down the ladder unless he beats one of the top 3.

With this format I think you can really revolutionize television, something Vince McMahon promised and never delivered. Also it gives the audience something to look forward to 5 times a year to see which one of these NXT stars finally breaks out of the pack and heads to the “big leagues”. These five big shows a year could be built up as mini pay per views with not only the championship match to finish the show but top feuds on the brand.

Hopefully someone in Connecticut reads this and steals this idea, don’t worry I wont complain or sue.

–  Mascara De Fuego

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