Why is the ring announcer chick so damn buff?! She’s scarier and more muscular than the WWE Pros and that’s just nasty. She intros the pros then the rookies.

Striker asks the rookies how it feels to be in the final three..

Hennig says this is the greatest job in the world and shout outs Kofi and says that getting to perform in the same ring as his dad makes it worth it.

Riley says this show is about finding the total package which he is. He threatens Sheamus if he wins the show.

Kaval thanks the fans for the support then cuts a promo on Cody Rhodes about being upset Harris got eliminated and says he got to the WWE cause of his father. Cody and Kaval argue back and forth and Kaval is killing it! Cody then calls him the gum on the bottom of his boots and no he wont take on Kaval. MVP gets involved and calls out Cody being a pussy. This leads to MVP challenging Cody tonight and he accepts.

While the segment is ending Riley’s stupid ass is behind Kaval making short jokes. Seriously, are we ever going to get to a point in the fucking WWE where height isn’t a fucking issue and we can just go off of performance?? Riley cant even come CLOSE to how dope Kaval is! FUCK! Ok sorry, just tired of this bowlshit.

Here we go another stupid challenge…it’s a trivia challenge… interesting questions and answers here. Too much to type but for the most part its all Hennig and Kaval and Riley hasn’t gotten shit until there is a HHH question.

Kaval 700 points

Hennig 500 points

Riley 200 points (one fucking question this fool gets right)

Kaval gets a feature on WWE.com. Riley couldn’t be any more lame.

Cody Rhodes vs. MVP

Good back and forth back for the two, they actually gave these guys a good amount of time. Its too bad you can’t get this length of match on RAW. Cody has it! This dude will win MITB next year, I’m calling it now!

Winner: Cody Rhodes via Crossroads for the pin.

Next week is the finale of Season 2. Voting starts tomorrow if you think it matters or actually counts…


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