The Hayabusa Weekly Wrap Up [8.19.2010]


This week the two writers of FighterHayabusa went midnight bowling sporting matching yellow jerseys. After the bowling alley closed for the night, the guys went to Norms and discussed the world of pro wrestling. Here’s a transcript of that event:

Mascara De Fuego: WELCOME to another Hayabusa Wrap Up! How goes it Puma?

Great Puma: It goes well! HHH hasn’t returned yet so all is well in the world of pro wrestling as far as I’m concerned, brotherrr!

Mascara De Fuego: No HHH but it looks like we are headed to another Taker vs. Kane feud. oh well…

Great Puma: True…but I think Kane is finally going to go over. This may be the supernatural passing of the torch between the two WWE phenoms.

Mascara De Fuego:
Really? It would be awesome if that did happen but I don’t know if I have that much faith in the WWE to pull it off.

Great Puma: Well, if they can bring back Daniel F*ckin’ Bryan, the WWE can do anything! No Mark.

Mascara De Fuego: I will keep my fingers crossed then, so lets get to it…


Great Puma: While most folks seemed to crap on the undercard I liked Summerslam as a whole. Nothing was booked out of desperation and the outcomes made a lot of sense. Any pay per view that features 8 relatively unknown wrestlers in the main event gets a gold star in my book.

Mascara De Fuego: Agreed. I give the show a thumbs up. I think the build up to the show was awesome and the main event did the job to get Nexus over even if they did not win the match. Taker’s return was prediction but still exciting to watch.

Great Puma: I love that they sacrificed Kofi Kingston’s match with Dolph Ziggler to emphasize how powerful the Nexus is. It also added a possible encounter with Smackdown and the Nexus.

Mascara De Fuego: Yeah I think it was a good statement to start the show like that. I would like to see a Smackdown chapter of the Nexus but only if they can do it right.

Darren Young gets Booted from Nexus

Great Puma: I think it was an interesting move on their part. I would have rather put the Nexus over at Summerslam and kept them at 7 members strong for the Survivor Series.

Mascara De Fuego: I think they got rid of the wrong guy if they were going to get rid of someone. Slater should have gone. BUT! This does open up for possible Harris to take the 7th spot.

Great Puma: So how much is Husky Harris paying you to be his manager and cheerleader again?

Mascara De Fuego: He got The U.S. Express to sign a few things, what of it?

Great Puma: Just making sure you’re getting something in return, brother.

Mascara De Fuego: This masked reporter doesn’t work for free, that’s for sure! That brings us to our next topic…

NXT Season 2

Great Puma: I like this season a lot better than NXT season 1. I’m hoping they put McGillicutty over instead of Alex Riley. Riley doesn’t need to win this season of NXT and neither does Kaval. They already seem to have a following while McGillicutty doesn’t.

Mascara De Fuego:
I enjoyed this season more than season 1 as well but I wish they would get rid of the stupid challenges and find something better for these “future WWE superstars” to do. I think Hennig is solid in the ring but I do think he needs to step it up outside of it. Kaval’s rap was taking a chance and I think it paid off. I don’t think Hennig has taken any chances yet.

Great Puma: I can’t say enough about Kaval’s freestyle. He showed another side to his personality and it was refreshing as hell. Honestly, Kaval or Riley deserve to win the season but McGillicutty NEEDS the win the most.  Not to mention, I’m down with anybody who shells out a TNA diss. That was awesome.

Mascara De Fuego:
Yeah, I hate to say it… or actually I don’t but not only did I mark out, I rewound it and watched it again for Kaval’s diss on TNA.

The new WWE Tag Team Titles and the thought of just having one pair of belts

Great Puma: I think it’s good for the champions since they only have to deal with one pair when they’re traveling. As far as the design goes I think it’s okay. The whole Roman styling is a nice departure from the usual globe themes that we see on most title belts. For me, I’ll take any belt above that spinning abomination that was made for John Cena. I wish the design was a little more complex with some jewels to make it look more prestigious but not all belts can look like elaborate K-1 title belts.

Mascara De Fuego: I’m a little bummed to see the “Smackdown” Tag Titles get the boot and that fact that Smackdown won’t have their own individual titles but it does make sense. Seeing as Smackdown IS the only show with other tag teams they will need to spend sometime sending the Hart’s there to defend the titles. It’s an interesting design but its a little too simple and the belts don’t have the name plates on them which concerns me. But you are right, at least its not the spinner belt.

Great Puma: Yes, ANYTHING but a blinged-out spinner belt.

Mascara De Fuego: Do you think they will change out that damned spinner belt anytime soon? What do you think it will take for them to switch it out finally!!?

Great Puma: The spinner belt is going to stay until kids stop buying it. Period. That hurt me as I typed it. Damn.

Mascara De Fuego: God I hate that thing and I hope the right guy comes around soon where it makes sense to change it out. But I’m sure it cost enough for them to keep it around longer than they need to.

Paul Heyman’s Interview with Ariel Helwani

Great Puma: That was probably the biggest event in Pro Wrestling this week for me. That was better than any shoot interview Paul Heyman could have done. He displayed that he’s one of the greatest minds in the business and that he has the golden touch with anything he decides to do. As much as I want him to return to pro wrestling I look forward to seeing him succeed in whatever he pursues. If he works with MMA, I’m excited to see what he’s going to do in that business.

Mascara De Fuego: I think it’s the most insightful interview that anyone in the wrestling business could have gotten. I think Heyman is a genius in whatever he ends up working in but I think Heyman’s days in wrestling are FAR from over. I think with the right company, Heyman can pull off his vision of a half pro wrestling, half MMA company.

Great Puma: Very true. I also want to give serious props to Ariel Helwani for asking the hard questions and totally holding back from marking out big time (well…as much as he could). He approached Heyman with the same no-nonsense questions and cool demeanor that he does with people in the MMA world. Nothing like a great interview given by a true fan of the wrestling business.

Mascara De Fuego: A wrestling fan yes, but not a hardcore mark either which helped keep the interview on point and insightful.

Lance Cade Passes Away

Great Puma: Basically, all I have to say is just rest in peace, Lance Cade. Too much has already been said on his passing. Way too many notable people who make their money off the wrestling business love to air its dirty laundry. Chris Nowinski could have used a different approach to address the situation but what’s done is done. Hopefully, we won’t have to hear the news of a wrestler passing away again this year.

Mascara De Fuego: It’s a god damn shame that the guy was so young. I also hope we can get to the end of the year without another death.

Great Puma: Seriously.

Mascara De Fuego: And on that note we are at the end of another Hayabusa Wrap Up.

Great Puma: I’m out like Bobby Lashley haters!

Mascara De Fuego: I’m out like Darren Young… Until All Are One….

*all images courtesy of the wwe

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